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imovr standing desk foot rest
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iMoVR Standing Desk Foot Rest
  • Suitable for both sitting and standing
  • Tilt angles of 6°, 12°, 16°, and 25°
  • Anti-fatigue rubber topsheet
  • Will suit your kitchen or bathroom
It is one of the highest-rated standing desk footrests in the market and will suffice any desktop of any height. This little helper on amazon is good for both sitting and standing positions. This footrest is a transformer: the height is 15.7 inches tall and the width is 10 inches. The surface of this under desk footrest is made of non-skid material, so your feet do not slip while you rock or balance. And the price is great! When you buy iMoVR Standing Desk Foot Rest on amazon, you will not remember any aches after a long working day. You will not need to spend a huge amount of money on treatment and recovery if you think about your health now.
Humanscale FR500
Humanscale FR500
  • Wooden top
  • Non-slip surface
  • Solid support
  • Ergonomic design
Our next desk footrest option on Фmazon is the Humanscale FR500 Foot Machine Footrest. It feels like a great option for those who want to rock and maintain an active lifestyle while sitting on an office chair. This steel, metal and strong footrests are designed to repeat your ankles’ movement while you balance or rock, offering a significant advantage in providing foot rest.
Humanscale FR300 footrest
Humanscale FR300
  • Attractive ergonomic design
  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Gentle rocking
  • Very sturdy
Our third item on amazon is a comfortable under desk footrest with adjustable tilt agle. This beauty is a tall wooden footrest of over 8.7 inches of height and over 10.6 pounds of weight. This footrest offers its users top-level support for your feet, have ergonomic foot, durable, and comes in an outstanding design. Buy it to the office or home to suit all types of your needs.
Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

It is no wonder footrests are popular these days. Sitting jobs and a sedentary lifestyle have many drawbacks and can eventually cause some serious health problems. According to last research, office workers sitting at their desktop suffer from severe back pain, headache, and poor blood circulation. With the right under desk footrest,you will stop feeling back pain and these issues can be eliminated. Into 2021, it feels like under desk footrest items are becoming part and parcel of an ergonomics plastic furniture sets: made from sustainable materials like plastic, metal, and foam, a footrest lets the users who constantly sit give their feet some rest. The user base of under desk footrests is expanding due to the advantages for health and beauty the pieces of furniture bring about. And the price is worth the value; at least, concerning the options we’ve tested. When you work at a desktop computer, it feels better to sit rather than stand; however, the beauty and well-being are compromised. On the other hand, standing for too long at your desk can be taxing, as well, being although much better off than perpetual sitting. Sit or stand, once you have obtained an under desk footrest, your working experience will never be the same: a foam footrest lets you relax your muscles right in between the working hours, minimizing orthopedic hazards like back pain and restrained ankles, reducing stress from continuous seating, and being a smart piece of furniture to have. A quality footrest you have in your flat, home, or office feels like a comfy cushion for the feet of its user. The ground rule is you need to find th eone that suits you perfectly.

Find Out About Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rests

This article discusses the most ergonomic plastic under-desk footrests and will help you decide which foot stand is worth purchasing. In the guide we will cover the topmost standing desk foot rest options and tools available on the furniture market, that we tested and compared according to metrics and factors such as better price, usable and sustainable materials, ergonomic factor, design features, and many more! When your feet are already flat from continuous standing and feel like hard metal, you should consider buying a footrest: the reasons why, the further descriptions of the best footrests in 2021 and their features you will discover in the following chapters of the guide. The wall of text below provides valuable and unbiased info!

What is an Adjustable Height Under Desk Footrest?

A woman is using a footrest while working

Every ergonomic desk user knows how important it is to provide proper foot rest working all day long by a desktop computer at your home office. Plastic or wooden footrests and standing desks help people sitting on the office chair at their jobs exercise without leaving their workplace and changing the frame of their conventional regime. Under desk Footrests warm up their lower limbs, and, in turn, exercise improves blood circulation and posture and prevents the development of multiple diseases directly connected with having a sedentary lifestyle. Varicose veins are only one example of many, let alone faulty knees and ankles. So, these devices boost your comfort and care for your health at the same time. To learn more information about the best massaging footrest options for your health and beauty, sit comfortably back and read our article up to the bottom line.

Why People Buy This Ergonomic Device

Various surveys show that sitting with one’s feet on the ground for an extended time can create extra tension in the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. When you are seated in an office chair with hard metal frame all day long, your blood pools start to accumulate in the lower limb areas of your body. This, in turn, causes all kinds of pain and major discomfort, decreasing your wellbeing and beauty, as a result. To prevent these, people who care about their health would search the market footrests to discover the one suitable for their needs and preferences. In 2021, there has been too much of sitting, even apart from job-related activities, which has created in many a base for the development certain health issues like obesity, aches, and strains. Having a standing desk foot rest in your flat lets you cut down on the side effects of non-active lifestyle. We chose between and tested several options for our readers, and created a list of standing desk footrests, in which we cover the most reliable models only.

Why Are Memory Foam, Cushion, and Mattresses so Important?

Our search for the best option has revealed: choosing the best plastic footrest is not an easy task. Basicly, one should base their choice on their own circumstances and wishes. Some people prefer a comfortable cushion for their feet, and others like more active ankle movement. Overall, a good desk footrest option lets people with different mind frame and preferences fulfill their needs. And luckily, the modern furniture market can satisfy almost all your demands. Modern footrests are adjustable in height, tilt angle. While vary in material, foot positioning, and function, the majority of footrests we tested are mostly made of plastic, plus a foam cushion to dip your tired feet in. However, all people are different and need different care for their feet. That is why we say that a proper footrest and a standing desk are flexible and can adjust to your personal needs. Just between us, in the guide below, we will give you a dependable list of the best under desk footrests to choose between. Read on!

How to Maintain Your Health

It is not necessarily that you should cover the wooden or laminate flooring in your bathroom, kitchen, living room or a dining room with a layer of soft foam or a pile of standard mattresses or rugs in order to maintain the health of your leg, prevent back pain and fatigue. To keep the beauty and strength of your body without a mat or pillows to step on, you should consider purchasing an under desk footrest, a piece of plastic or wooden furniture with ergonomic design, adjustable height and angle, pet friendly, and with a fair price tag and warranty. Besides the ergonomics, this health-promoting gear is becoming a great buy for customers in America. You just put it on the floor near your office chair at work or in any room of your flat and exercise the benefits of a massaging mat with memory foam to suit you the best. You can keep it on the floor, put it away in one of your drawers or shelves on the wall.

Criteria to Encourage the Choice of the Best Under Desktop Footrest In 2021

When choosing the best under desk footrest options for you, we had to work out the criteria to respond to most of our customers’ demands. Proper portable footrest mattresses have to effectively reduce feet swelling, help you deal with lower back pain, and provide enough under-desk movement to improve blood circulation and posture. And also the price is worth it. Unfortunately, not all footrests, flat or half-cylinder-shaped, are equally effective in completing those tasks.

An Additional Device For Standing Desks and Chairs

Assessing the ergonomic gear in our search for the best desktop or under desk footrest, we read through a ton of information and considered many different factors to accommodate our readers with the topmost options. The information we checked included the price, size, height, tilt angle, position, clearance, materials quality (metal, textured hardwood, density foam), ergonomic design, gear, comfort, safety, and warranty. Below we will tell you a bit more about each factor and our assessment technique. So, in other words, the price must be fair, the height must be adjustable, and materials, durable.

Desktop Footrest Price Range

The reviewed under desk footrest options vary greatly in terms of price. We made sure to pick something for every budget, from luxury items to affordable plastic office devices. The item’s price depends mostly on its functionality and capabilities and the materials it is made of. The price matters for most householders, so it is best to keep the factor in mind.The main thing is height and tilt angle being adjustable.

Surface or Wall Adjustment

You would probably prefer both your feet to fit on the ergonomic under desk footrest , even if you are looking for a small and compact plastic footrest. It is important to understand how a particular piece’s surface would pivot, which is quite difficult to do when shopping online, so take that into account. Opt for an under desk footrest with textured non-skid surface and angle and height adjustability for more sustainability and effect on your health. The quality of the surface affects the price.

Ergonomic Design

The overall product beauty, design, and ergonomics of wooden or plastic massaging footrests is something to consider. It is no wonder footrests are becoming more and more popular these days. As we have mentioned above, sitting jobs and a sedentary lifestyle combined can cause small drawbacks and even some serious health problems. Research has revealed that most office workers suffer from stress severe back pain, hip pain, problems with knees and ankles, headache, and poor blood circulation. The right under desk footrest with safe massaging features, normal height and great ergonomic desk that any room can comfortably accommodate helps reduce the outcomes of constant sitting or standing on hard flooring. It promotes your health and beauty greatly and make you feel ease. The higher the price is, the more features you generally get. When comprising this comprehensive guide on the topmost standing desk footrest options on the US furniture market, we tested and considered such metrics as an ergonomic factor, price and price-quality ratio, usable and sustainable materials, design features, based on them, we have picked the most ergonomic options for you.

Materials Quality

Choose the material of under desktop footrest mattresses that responds to your demands and feels great. By far, not all materials are the same. Some of them are used for producing portable footrests, and others serve to make the item more durable and textured. Moreover, footrest materials will affect your posture, rocking angle, feet position, and therefore comfort. Wooden or plastic, all the under desk footrest platform options we cover in our article embrace quality and sustainability of the materials used. The quality of materials has its significant effect on the price.


Among other things, you should feel comfortable using a footrest. Both your feet should fit well on the piece of furniture without slipping, even when you are rocking the piece. Optional footrest functions can make the piece more flexible and add comfort to the user, and that is the beauty of it. The ability to change the height will also add comfort. According to our research, the higher the comfort, the higher the price is. What also matters is the simplicity of keeping the device: you can pin it on the wall of your office, study, kitchen of bath room to free the space. Pick the height to suit whatever room or wall you pick to fit the footrest.

Height and Angle Adjustability and Ergonomics

When choosing the best footrest options for you, we had to work out the criteria to respond to most of our customers’ demands. Proper footrest mattresses have to effectively reduce feet swelling, help you deal with back pain, and provide enough under-desk movement to improve blood flow and posture. Unfortunately, not all footrests, flat or half-cylinder-shaped, are equally effective in completing those tasks, let alone the wellbeing and beauty perks. As to the height and titl angle: if they are adjustable, the price usually goes up. You can sacriface this parameter if you are planning to set it on the wall. However, with the height adjustable piece, you can make out more positive footrest experience.

Safety in Use

Ergonomic under desktop footrests or rugs should be safe in use. If the construction is not stable enough, you can traumatize yourself by getting a minor sprain or a bruise. Low-quality materials can cause some troubles too. If you have opted for a footrest with adjustable height and tilt angle, make sure the leverage is secured well so that you wouldn’t get pinched by it. The safety of you and your dear ones is worth any price.

Footrest Mattresses Warranty Issues

From our experience, we claim: you can recognize the quality under desktop footrest mattresses or rugs by the warranty period. If you are not satisfied with the quality you will be able to contact the manufacturer. The longer the warranty is valid, the better quality product you have. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

Things You Should Know About The Under Desk Footrests and Mattresses

Having the best standing desks or under desk footrest mattresses in your home bedroom, kitchen, or office is crucial. Here are the most important reasons a reader should keep in mind:

  • Seated work requires a lot of concentration. Sometimes, we get so carried away that we forget to move at all. As a result of prolonged sitting at the desktop, we can’t feel the leg and feet hurting badly. It happens because of strain and muscle hypertonia. The longer excessive pressure retains, the faster the pain migrates further in the body, causing lower back pain and joints pain. You will definitely like how a good desk footrest can help you relieve the pain;
  • If you keep your feet and legs in the same position for an extended time, your blood will start to accumulate in the lower limbs of your body, increasing the risk of swelling and getting pains in your lower back. Under-desk footrests significantly reduce these risks especially when the height and tilt angle are adjustable;
  • Blood circulation creates additional pressure on your lower limb area, which, in turn, causes hyper tone and strain in tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Simply rocking a footrest back and forth (practicing the so-called active sitting) makes such outcome unlucky;
  • Muscle hypertonia is not the only bad thing that can happen to your lower limbs. Your joints need to get nutrition too, and it is not possible without movement. That is why active sitting is so important. Rocking an ergonomic footrest back and forth supplies you with much-needed exercise while doing your office work;
  • Seated work requires a lot of concentration. Sometimes, we get so carried away that we forget to move at all. As a result of prolonged sitting at the desktop on the chair, we can’t feel the leg and feet hurting badly. It happens because of strain and muscle hypertonia. The longer excessive pressure retains, the faster the pain migrates further in the body, causing lower back pain and joints pain. You will definitely like how a good footrest can help you relieve the pain. The height and the angle should be adjustable. And mind the way you keep it: hang or clamp it on the wall of your office, study, kitchen, or bathroom to free the space;

Our Personal Under Desk Footrest Platform Picks On The Market in 2021

Looking for the best suitable and ergonomic under desk footrest mattresses can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Therefore, we have decided to do the research ourselves to provide you with the ground truth. Trust us on that, nowadays, it is possible to find the perfect under desk footrest with adjustable height and angle, made of hardwood or other firm materials, with great massaging features, superb design, memory foam cushion, and relaxing effect like that from mattresses and pillows for your feet. And don’t forget the fair price. You can use the footrest at your bedroom or kitchen if you like, or take some massaging moves right while standing or sitting at your desktop computer: it really helps you maintain beauty and wellbeing of your legs; and the design suits any furniture. It is easy to keep an under desk footrest in your household: you can comfortably keep your footrest in one of your drawers, together with rugs, mattresses, and pillows. Or keep it on the floor at your desk to be able to sit on the chair and work at it most comfortably. You can also put it under your kitchen table or in a bathroom to massage your feet after the bath.

Take a look at this list of desk footrests to help you maintain your health and beauty. Top-6 under desktop footrests and mattresses at fair price that we have neatly picked out to cover for you.

imovr standing desk foot rest

iMovR Foot Rest for Standing Desk


The iMovR Standing Desk Foot Rest is simple in design yet very functional. The gear is super lightweight and embraces the ergonomic design. It has four tilt angles and an anti-fatigue rubber surface.

These under desk devices are suitable for both sitting and standing positions. Place a footrest under the standing desks in front of your office chair for improved blood circulation, or put it right at the bottom of your plastic standing desk for stretching your calves, reducing fatigue and joint stiffness, and more even weight distribution. Hang it up on the wall at a comfortable height to keep it safe from pets and kids.

It is no wonder footrests are becoming more and more popular these days. Sitting jobs and a sedentary lifestyle have many drawbacks and can eventually cause some serious health problems. Most office workers suffer from severe back pain, fatigue, headache, and poor blood circulation since they spend much time sitting on the regular chairs. With the right under-desk footrest, these issues can be eliminated. In this guide we will cover the topmost standing desk foot rest options available on the furniture market, that we tested and compared with such metrics in mind as ergonomic factor, price, usable and sustainable materials of mattresses, keyboards, design features, and more! In addition, we paid attention to the height and tilt angle being adjustable.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for both sitting and standing positions
  • Functional, will suit your kitchen or bathroom
  • Lightweight gear
  • Ergonomics
  • Good value for money
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  • Lack of sturdiness
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Humanscale FR500
2 Best value under desk foot rest

Humanscale FR500 Foot Machine Under Desk Footrest


The FR500 obtains a wooden top, rubber carpet, metal feet, and die-cast metal legs. Each rocker is equipped with rubber treads that protect the hard floor from scratching and provide more traction.

The footrest comes in two colors — black and cherry. Its elliptical base is very well-balanced, which makes the product very sustainable and sturdy. Another major comfort and ergonomic advantage is the heavy-duty cushion corps directly below your ankle with the rotation point.

The Humanscale FR500 Foot Machine Footrest manufacturers will give you a lifelong warranty for a $100 product. One should agree; it is a great price-quality ratio.

Of course, this wooden under desk footrest has its disadvantages as well. The FR500 tends to move slightly forward during the rocking, so you will have to pull it back towards you from time to time. It is a minor yet very annoying issue. Other than that, there are no more complaints from the customers about the piece of smart furniture. And it is easy to keep: clip it on the wall of your office, study, kitchen of bathroom to free the space. However, the price is among the downsides.

  • Wood on top surface
  • Non-slip surface
  • Solid support
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Will suit a kitchen or bath room, if needed
  • Warranty
  • Ergonomics
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  • Tendency to move during use
  • Not best budget foot stand price
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Humanscale FR300 footrest

Humanscale FR300 Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rocker


Are you looking for a device that will be helpful for your beauty maintenance? This wooden foot rocker combined with a high-quality desktop will give you the best foot support with a mat. It s an ergonomic tilt-adjustable footrest and will be perfect for office workers willing to improve their posture even while sitting on the chair in front of a monitor all day. The wooden foot rocker has an interesting surface design. Its surface comes in a natural wood color with three black stripes across it.

The FR300 provides excellent footrest under the desktop and is incredibly well-balanced, comfortable, and safe in use. It will help you reduce knee pains and lower back pains.

The wooden under desktop footrest unit is relatively cheap for its segment. You may purchase a Humanscale FR300 Foot Rocker for around $99 with a 15-year warranty. While the height is fixed, most customers underline that the product is very sturdy and can be of good service to you for years to come. While the price is a bit high, it is still an option. Pin it on the wall of your office, study, kitchen of bathroom to free the space. Keep it at a certain height to safe from domestic animals. The drawback is the height is fixed.

  • Adjustable tilt angle
  • Ergonomic Design of cushion
  • Gently rocking
  • Adaptable for bath or kitchen
  • Sturdy
  • Warranty
  • Ergonomics
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  • Fixed height
  • High budget required
  • Slips off track
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ErgoFoam Adjustable Footrest


Ergo Memory Foam will provide you with a very ergonomic desktop memory foam footrests. You can use it as a comfortable foot cushion, soft mats, or mattresses for your feet or you can flip it over and enjoy a great wooden foot rocker. This plastic memory foam footrest is height-adjustable too. It comes with an additional feet-flat cushion. You can make it from 3,9 to 5,9 inches height depending on the height of your chair by building the two cushions on top of each other.

Ergo memory foam cushion will provide you with firm feet support. The only disadvantage the footrest has is its relative expansiveness compared to other memory foam footrests in the market.

The memory foam footrest is very comfortable and safe in use. It has a black textured surface made of non-slip durable material, which, combined with its foam texture, will reduce the risk of trauma or injury during use to a minimum. That is what you get for best budget price with a lifetime warranty. Pin it up on the wall at a comfortable height to keep it safe from pets and kids. The best news is adjustable height so you do not need to worry about some chairs being unsuitable for a comfort position.

  • Ergonomic
  • Flexible
  • Adjustable in height
  • Adapts to ankle movement
  • Adaptable for kitchen and bath rooms
  • Budget price
  • Warranty
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  • The cushion design is not ergonomic
  • Too soft cushion for foot support
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5 Most ergonomic footrest

Kensington Comfort Memory Foam Adjustable Footrest


The Kensington Memory Foam is a foot pedal. Generally, memory foam is a very ergonomic material for feet mattresses. The memory foam adapts to the natural curves of your feet and mimics your every leg movement while sitting on one of the chairs or working at a standing desk. An adjustable angle and height system of the under desk foam footrest will let you set up the piece of furniture according to your personal needs, with core regulation that will allow you to adjust the tilt angle up to 30 degrees. The foam footrest pedal would be suitable for the home office, too, as the foam cushion is a very safe and non-traumatizing material.

The price of the ergonomic under desk footrest is reasonable: the bottom price for the footrest for around $50 with a one-year limited warranty. However, the customers tend to complain about footrest pins holding the angle adjuster of the footrest , which seem to fail from time to time, making it difficult for users to pick their feet’ right angle. Keep it pinned to the wall at a comfortable height to keep it safe from pets and kids.The adjustable height is the best feature for sure.

  • Adaptable for bath, kitchen, or office
  • Ergonomic cushion design
  • Adjustable in height and tilt angle
  • Non-skid material
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  • Pins quality
  • Warranty
  • High amount of money required for its segment
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6 Leg swing for your office desk

HOVR Floor Stand Leg Swing


Our last pick may earn you trust and sympathy as well. It will be a perfect asset to improve your blood circulation and posture. The HOVR floor swing for legs will help soothe your tired feet and eliminate pressure points and muscle strain.

The leg swing is basically a foot hammock with the power of swaying. Some people find it very satisfying, and some think the device is not very ergonomic and opt for more traditional devices. The foot hammock may not be as safe and comfortable as its competitors, but it truly is a unique asset that allows a wider range of foot motion than any other device. Pin it to the wall at a comfortable height to keep it safe from pets and kids.

You can buy the HOVR Floor Under Desk Leg Swing for a minimum of $74 with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

  • Active foot movement
  • Allows swaying
  • Quality cushion materials
  • Generally fun
  • Suitable for bath, kitchen, home, or office
  • Ergonomic gear, ability to change the height
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  • A lot of money needed
  • Easily breakable
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Best Under Desk Footrest and Foot Stool Options Beyond the Guide

To prevent accusation of bias and present our reader with a much broader scope of great height-adjustable options for footrest gear with adjustable height and durable materials, we have had the nerve to add several more footrests that go beyond most reviews. These wooden footrests belonging to different categories will easily be in the right place at your home and office desktop. One can be using this most comfortable footrest while standing, sitting, working at a desk computer, drafting graphs, and more! Read on to discover which one you feel like using: whether you want a soft cushion, stretch your legs fully, or you want footrest to have firm bumps (which enhance massage, by the way), or you seek a high density foam and wood as materials for the footrest— you can easily make your choice on the piece of furniture with the help of the guide.

Under Desk Footrest With A Warmer Function by Toasty

The Toasty ergonomic footrest for home and office use is renowned for its size and adjustability. The cushion is ergonomic and the price of wooden footrest is fair. The downside is only one color option and size; however, the footrest has much to offer, too: a 30-day warranty is provided by the manufacturer. The price of this under desktop footrest is worth the value, and the option is most comfortable to use in cold time of year. To use footrest most comfortably, you can adjust its height. The weight of five pounds adds up to the bright sides.

Under Desk Foot Stool For Active Resting by Webble

Among the advantages of this under desk footrest are the following: the price tag, cushion ergonomic design that helps to improve your health, compactness, weight of four and a half pounds, suitability for people of various tallness, and the fair price of footrest. As to the construction of the Webble Active footrest, it comprises quality ABS material; and it also has an opportunity of 360-degree turn, and it allows sideways movements.This under desk footrest can make a perfect resting place for one’s feet: stretch out your legs, ease your knees, give a little massage to your feet with cushion, and enjoy the footrest effect, which will improve the health of your feet.

Under Desk Rocker Foot Rest by Humanscale

FM100 footrest wasn’t included in the categories we revised earlier, but it offers much of advantage. The very look of footrest encourages to purchase it right away. Good both for home and office use, this footrest has a unique positioning system and a lifetime warranty! Available in natural wood color, the footrest is open for shipping to 48 states of America; and the price range starts from $59.99. Its base is made from a solid hardwood, and you can easily fit it into any kitchen or bathroom, it will look great, even with its small height. Its non-slip cushion surface with rubber and wood finish provide a perfect footrest experience.

Ottoman Footrest With Ergonomic Foam Pillows

The Ottoman under desk footrest with an ergonomic cushion and a fair price is easily cleaned and stays new-like for a long time: all to provide maximum comfort, thanks to the changing height, and convenience with footrest. Soft under desk footrest feels like a very different ball game, rather than wooden footrest or plastic ones. Its weight is petite, and the applications are many: from foot resting to massage and improvement of blood circulation. The design of the footrest encourages to take a closer look at the features: it is a compact desk footrest; the design is soft; if you remove the cover to wash it, the beneficial effect stays the same. This footrest comes at a fair and affordable price, around $30; lean it on the wall, put it in the bath room or kitchen to adjust your environment and make it more ergonomic.

Under-Desk Footrest FAQs

Should I use a footrest at my desk?

Physical therapists strongly advise you to use height-adjustable standing desks footrests while sitting. If your work requires a lot of concentration and you spend most of your time sitting by a computer, you will definitely enjoy proper footrest benefits. You will notice the positive change in your posture, blood circulation, state of vessels, and general muscle tone. Lack of movement can cause serious health conditions, and a good footrest can help you prevent them. Adjust the height of the ergonomic standing desks footrest if you can, and enjoy the comfort. You might as well use it in your kitchen or after taking a bath or put on the floor, you decide near which standing desk and chairs to place your footrest.

What to look for in a footrest?

Some people like small and compact pieces of furniture that they can put in any corner, includuing a kitchen or bath room, and some prefer luxury multi-functional items. The modern market has something to offer for all tastes. But there are essential features that one should look for when choosing a proper footrest, including quality, height and angle adjustability, design, price, ergonomics, comfort, and safety. Look for an anti-slip rocker for feet to exclude trauma.

How do I choose a proper footrest?

Use our advice and recommendations when choosing an ergonomic footrest. Consider all the parameters we mentioned, such as height, weight, softness of cushion, material, your legs’ comfort, and position on footrest, as well as compatibility with other interiors (kitchen, bathroom), furniture (table,chairs), despite their height, and the impact on your health. It really depends on your needs, financial capacity, and expectations, but try to choose a high-quality product that will keep your feet safe and comfortable. And ensure the adjustability of the footrest’s height. You might as well like one of the best footrests listed above.

How does footrest improve my health?

You, as a user, most definitely need a footrest for health, if you are working in an office and lack physical activity. By practicing active sitting, you can improve your health, blood circulation, and general spine and joints condition. You can avoid neck and lower back pain, limb swelling, joints pain, headaches, and even stop the varicose vein progression by just rocking a footrest back and forth. If you can adjust the height, the benefits maximize.

Are footrests ergonomic?

A good footrest is ergonomic. It should provide a solid support for your legs and adapt to the movement of your feet. You can adjust the footrest in height, transform it, and use it for various occasions. A perfect ergonomic footrest depends greatly on your personality and body constitution. Whether you like a high-density foam footrest or an ergonomic hardwood footrest, it should fit your feet and working environment as if it has always been a part of it. And be sure to pick the one with adjustable height. Weight matters a lot: you can easily hang the lightweight models on the wall using a pin, which is impossible with more hefty footrests.

Should I choose an under standing desks footrest with fixed height or adjustable height?

Height adjustability is a very important factor for some users. While the height of the footrest can be either fixed or changeable, customers mostly opt for height-adjustable models. However, the footrest options with fixed height or with limited possibilities to adjust the height are in demand as well: besides the height, there are many factors worth considering. While the height adjustability gives you more freedom of movement and comfort, most of the fixed height options boast their reasonable price and durability.

Where do I keep the footrest?

You can keep footrest under your standing desks, hide under the chair, pinned on the wall of your office, or put away to the drawers of your ergonomic furniture, and it will be combined with the kitchen chairs, regardless of their height. While clipped to the wall at a certain height, the ergonomic footrest will be safe from the hazards posed by your domestic animals or playful children. You can hammer a nail into the wall to maximize the reliability of the method. Besides hanging it on the wall, one can come up with individual storage ideas.


Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years. She has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. She uses her extensive knowledge in this area to educate others through well-researched, scientific, and informative articles. Her passions include helping others and inspiring each person she meets to get the most out of their life.