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Vari Standing Conference Table
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Vari Standing Conference Table
  • Lift Type: fixed
  • Height: 42”
  • Tabletop: 72" x 42"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb.
  • Materials: steel frames, wooden shelves
  • Accomodates 6 people with room for 8
  • Easy to relocate thanks to its roll-and-lock casters
  • Offers cable management through the center openings
Vari Standing Conference Table is a big 8 person conference room table that has its style. When compared with similar fixed height tables, this industrial conference table is far superior in durability, usability, aesthetics, and flexibility in movement. The desk price is slightly on the expensive side, but users get good value for the money they pay for it. This industrial standing desk is a perfect upgrate for any business, which makes writing meeting for chat much easier.
72 Crank Adjustable Standing Conference Table
72” Crank Adjustable Standing Conference Table
  • Lift Type: Manual
  • Height: 29.75" - 49.75"
  • Tabletop: 72" x 36"
  • Weight capacity: 154 lbs
  • Materials: steel frames, melamine with PVC
  • Accomodates 4 people
This desk is a high-quality US product. Collaborative, productive, versatile — if this is what your dream workspace looks like, this table is right what you need. This ergonomic desk is large enough for free movement of workers, has a smart design, convenient hand crank adjustment thus is quick in regulation.
Solid Wood Height Adjustable Conference Table
Stand Up Desk Store Solid Wood Manual Height Adjustable Conference Table
  • Lift Type: tool-adjustable
  • Height: 32.25" - 47.25"
  • Tabletop: 59" x 29.5"
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Materials: steel frame, wood tabletop
  • Accomodates 4 people with room for 6
This table with industrial legs is a perfect modern-style option for those who value their comfort and love the opportunity to use standing desks in various ways. This desk allows convenient storage, fits perfectly for writing and is a smart upgrade for any industrial space.
Jennifer Rothman
Jennifer Rothman

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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

What Are A Conference Desk And A Sit-Stand Conference Table?

Fortunately, in today’s world, each customer tends to concern and care more about one’s health. Office managers create ergonomic workplaces both comfortable and designed to support our health. This approach has led to a recent popular innovation from the industrial field in the form of stand up desks. Now you can easily buy an adjustable height conference table promoting healthy and comfortable collaboration in your workplace. Indeed, it is a more complex lifestyle issue, and buying ergonomic solid furniture solely will not work out the whole problem but will do at least three crucial changes: upgrade the routine office environment and increase ergonomics, help you monitor your health and keep in better shape, and generally contribute to your own and your colleagues’ overall well-being. This is one of the solutions which inevitably leads to the change of your style of life. When you do not have to sit at the desk anymore, when your office furniture (and, probably, home furniture) encourages you to leave the chair and stand up, you literally stop needing seating. Chairs now become something you can easity survive without. But, of course, every expert will say that swivel office chairs with casters might also be important components of a better health condition — standing entire day in front of the standing desks will bring little upgrade to your body. So, the balance, the confluence of two paths is perfect: you gain extra power from such style of life, improving your general health condition and providing personal “healthcare service”.

Standing Meeting

What Are Standing Height Conference Tables' Benefits?

According to the most recent statistics, an average modern person spends sitting down about 13 hours a day mainly working at the desktop, pressing the buttons on the keyboard, or staring at the monitor. The matter is that our bodies are not designed to lead such a stable inactive work style and simply not meant for sitting at the same place for hours (they are meant to be more mobile), a fact that eventually does not go unnoticed for our health. This has been a “commercial custom” for years — to work, sitting on the office with casters, having one break (or a couple of them), without asking questions about the health. And we can clearly see the side effects of this common post-industrial lifestyle with our own eyes as the time goes by. Since more and more jobs make people stick to their desk and computers throughout the day (we analyze data, monitor the corporate efficiency, do multiple business-connected issues, and so on), we get the increased rates of multiple health issues such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, problems with posture and cervical spine, early osteochondrosis, and even diabetes which is commonly called the plague of the 21st century, say certified professionals. Regardless of whether it is a high-quality large desktop screen with additional eye protection or an ultra-quality screen resolution laptop the matter is that your eyesight, neck, and spine are continuously overstrained and fixed to the same position for too long, so the overall problem remains the same. But what is a typical life beyond the office? The situation does not improve at all during leisure evening and weekend hours since our most common entertainment is a sofa-related one supported by all kinds of displays and devices leading to eye strain and, due to prolonged interaction, deterioration of vision, black spots in the eyes,headaches, and many spine issues. These symptoms indicate the increase of the so-called computer visual syndrome or simply computer syndrome (CS) affecting 90% of sitting desk users applying tablets, computer monitor, and other devices on a daily basis. And, at this point, we did not even start to discuss the inconvenient seating: hard office chairs, incorrect armrests construction for human arms, and other countless issues which require ergonomic steps to be performed. But, luckily, the industrial world came up with several ergonomic solutions of such kind. One of them is a height stand up desk, which does not require office chairs. An ergonomic height standing conference desk is a type of office furniture, and also our way out of the aforementioned trouble.

How Do I Know What Type Of Height Adjustable Conference Table I Need?

A great variety of the original ergonomic standing desk models and their sit-stand combinations (a stand up desk plus office chair) is offered at today’s industrial market – the amount of commercial decisions will surprise you — and each one has its own style, you just have to select the fitness solution you need and custom it. There are neutral-colored desk models perfect for the rigorous office style, classical white and black options, and those with a brighter touch adding a color splash to your office interior design. Besides, there is a range of materials to choose from – a stylish glass, wooden or laminate desktop, high-tech looking aluminum desktop, or even both classy and environmentally conscious bamboo desk. These stand up conference room, collaborative tables encourage employees to move during meetings, thus becoming an amazing protection from back-related deseases. In plus, this not only improves the well-being of employees but also fosters an increase in their productivity. If you have a a business you know how important it is to make sure your workers have enough power to function. You do not want your employees to live at the workplace, but you want them to be productuve during the working day. The use of a height adjustable conference table also benefits the company in a way that a healthier worker is a more productive and active worker that is more valuable for the company. So make sure you take advantage to improve your working efficiency and at the same time the overall atmosphere in your office with the advanced options we propose. An ergonomic standing desk, thanks to its construction allows workers to straighten up to their full height, forgetting anout the office chairs (and not every office furniture element allows that), which is a warranty that your back will get some rest. So, you’ll monitor the positive changes both in your health and your boardroom environment quicker than you expect.

Given the versatile nature and design of today’s office furniture market, let’s be prudent customers and see how the land lies before buying an ergonomic standing desk or other related piece of furniture. Obviously, it is not that easy to choose proper adjustable height conference tables for your office. There is a wide range of various standing desk models and styles by different trademarks on the market all maybe looking the same at the first sight. This may complicate things but do not worry, the mission is possible. We are here to help you out. Here you can find several tips that will guide you if you decide to select an original standing desk.

Standing Height Conference Table: Tips To Select And Custom The Best Desktop

Tip 1: Purposes of your height adjustable conference table

A first tip would be deciding on the purposes and required facilities of your original standing desk: are you in need of a standing desk for a small office, a large boardroom, or even for school education, a standing desk with no storage underneath or maybe a complex one with extra drawers for more ergonomic management and storing? These settings will help you choose a compact solution to complete any task: be it a business monitor issue, educational purpose or a standing desk for the breakroom. Are you more keen on an adjustable height standing desk? All these questions will guide you on the way to the ergonomic maximum of the standing desk for the individual or collaborative sets.

Tip 2: Material, style and design of your standing height conference table

The next key point is setting the desk material, style and design preferences: would a monochrome or a black-and-white one fit your office or a boardroom more and enhance its minimalist style? Or would an industrial style of the stand up desk, great for the breakroom, be more ergonomic? Would you rather go for an industrial style? Would you rather go for a bright desk model or prefer a standard black colored frame design with a dark or not bright desktop? The material is also of high importance — it defines the nature f construction of the conference table. Do you want it to be a wood standing desk (bamboo is one of the most popular solutions), or do you prefer laminate or aluminium standing desks? The wood solutions are always rather elegant and luxury, whereas laminate or aluminium are more relevant for the industrial style of the desktops. We assure you, there are items on the market that meet all demands and fit all these styles – from industrial to classical and let your preferences guide you!

Tip 3: Cable management solitions for the standing height conference table

The following step is minding the cable management solutions for your standing desk. Cable storage issues are often overlooked and underestimated whereas in fact hiding and fixing cable under or on the standing desk requires attention, creativity, and time. Every additional crossbar, every vertical addition, each thick or not really thick complement of the standing desk might have influence on the cable system — the ergonomics in construction matters. Adjustable height desks represent a solid investment, and to prove that desktop storage issues are not of secondary importance, will consider the most searched, and check the available options for most of electrically height-adjustable desks. In this article we hope to cover some things you might not have thought of, provide some extra tips not to get lost anong the variety of offers, help you learn some specs of the stand conference tables, grade some of the available for sale options and, in gerenal, guide you on this thorny path to your personal standing height conference table.

Our Review Process For Boardroom, Office, And Education Standing Conference Tables

Today we will consider the most searched and best standing desk options, including their key characteristics, the profits and drawbacks of bamboo and glass models, laminate and wooden tables, height-adjustable desks, proper options for large office space, and their more compact alternatives, and so on. We will consider the materials, why you should or should not choose the wood, aluminium, laminate, which parts of the standing desks are made of stainless steel, metal, what the casters are. We will elaborate on the topic of office furniture and why some collaborative desks are considered to be industrial and some — classic. Read on and find all the necessary information and our sit-stand meeting table reviews.

We regard every standing conference table and desk as a product that promotes people’s well-being and reduces sedentary lifestyle health risks. Although we found that all these standing height conference tables seem to have very similar features, we also know that many of them provide you with awesome extra features. That is why we studied each product to a tee using our detailed evaluation method. Before suggesting any standing conference table or a desk, we do full research. First, we study all product reviews by trusted editors and real users. This allows us to make a preliminary list of good meeting tables and other related furniture. Second, we monitor the reviews, then we sort out the best products and test them in a complete and thorough manner. We understand that the topic of office funriture is widely discussed, especially among the business owners, and we are ready to share our results for free. We hope that our free results will help people in planning the workstation peculiarities by changing the traditional office into a comfortable collaborative commercial space, where people’s bodied will not need a break — they will not simply get tired. We are trying to be objective in our research and provide not all black and white opinions – so, let’s start now.

Key Selection Criteria For Standing Conference Tables And Desks

Here are the main selection criteria for our list of best standing height conference tables and other related furniture items.

Furniture Safety & Comfort

  • Quality Of Furniture Material (laminate, wood, metal, glass, and so on)
  • Stability
  • Lift Speed
  • Сonformity with hygiene norms and standards

Furniture Ergonomics

  • Conference table design, style, and frame construction
  • Customization options
  • Height adjustment range
  • Useful features and extra furniture capacities
  • Size and color variety: small to large, black to white

Overall Trust Score

  • User reviews
  • Clients surveys
  • Unbiased desks testing


  • Quality-price ratio


  • Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Support

As you see, we conduct a complete analysis to deliver reliable sit-stand conference tables reviews. These characteristics allow us monitor the dynamics of the new, just appearing standing height conference tables, which allow people’s bodies remain more mobile and well-shaped. Hopefully, we have evaluated all important factors to present only the furniture items which are best of the best.

How To Choose A Good Sit Stand Meeting Table For Your Office And Boardroom?

Boardroom ergonomic desks are a fine choice for both working on collective projects and as meeting tables. That is not it yet: this piece of office furniture may be used as an ordinary desk for those who wish to have more individual workspace.The Boardroom Standing desk items with height-changing capacities are even more practical and universal serving for work gatherings and used when seating as well (as chairs are easy to adjust). But, seating is not always required, because chairs make our spine overload, and these ergonomic standing desks provide a nice “healthcare service”. Whatever hard it may seem at a first glance to choose the right direction in this endless range of available furniture, buying a standing height conference table for your office is a pleasant and hassle-free process if you use our professional help. We agree that it is natural to feel a little confused when choosing a product with the right features since there are so many different furniture items. While some standing desk models look more visually attractive and have a distinctive style and design, their desktops may wear out faster over days than the standard solid wood products. One standing height table helps to save space. Instead, the other ergonomic standing height desk offers more working opportunities. You can place a computer monitor on the standing desk, put a keyboard next to it, a system unit with USB under the desk, and it will become a perfect working space. Some desks’ advantages end in having an attractive style while other tables have more simple-looking design yet adjust much faster and due to their transformable frame serve as converters from stand up desks to large conference tables. Some pieces of furniture own a desktop which is not fancy-looking at all and has only black and white color options but is scratch resistant and offers efficient power cord management due to extra trays and compartments available underneath. What is better to choose for your meeting room, office room, education space?

Start with making a list of your requirements for your office meeting desk. How should this standing-height table look? Black or white? Or maybe something brownish? What style do you prefer? Modern or traditional? What are the materials of your choice? Do you want a laminate desktop or a desktop made of wood? Would it fit the surrounding furniture well? Do you want to adjust the height? Do you need your standing desk item to become a table converter? When you have an approximate idea of what you want, check out our extended reviews of related furniture items. All these meeting and conference tables are already the best of the best. Just choose which one fits your requirements the most.

Standing Height Conference Table: The Main Reasons To Buy One For Yourself

No matter what kind of standing desk you want to set up at your house: be it an industrial or classic desk, made of wood, aluminium, or laminate, whether you plan to use it for work or education, you, as a customer, definitely win because of getting a warranty of improved healthcare. How does it work? Why is it better than an ordinary wooden table with the chair? Let us try to answer these questions.

First of all, let us shed some light on the fact that standing desk helps your digestion — sitting on the chair slows this process down. Secondly, industrial standing desk will protect you from insomnia because sitting on the chair in front of the monitor is perceived by our bodies as relaxation time, but we do not relax, and this causes a collapse in the brain. This is also a point for education because insomnia might lead to additional stress, and those who are now getting education should avoid it. Thirdly, problems with cardiovascular system, arising from not being mobile enough reduce poductivity, which is essential for any business. A good employer tried to monitor the health conditions of one’s workers, and provide healthcare service if needed. But the best healthcare service in this case is changing traditional office furniture to the ergonomic standing desks.

Mind The Desktop And Frame Material When Choosing A Standing Conference Table Or A Standing Desk

Bamboo Desktop Height Adjustable Conference Table

Bamboo is in fact a Chinese perennial grass, not a wood as many people still do think. But still, let this fact not confuse you. Both short- and recent long-term water and condensation tests made by the professional testers have shown that today’s height adjustable desk models made of Bamboo are quite durable and resilient ones. Why would we doubt that at first? Because natural Bamboo is a very soft material in its essence, though is known as 40% harder than an oak. Today bamboo is widely applied in furniture manufacturing and design. And, fair enough, this has proven itself during the scratching and writing tests – contrary to the wooden or laminate desktop, its surface is far more prone to visible scratch traces so if you wish to get yourself a Bamboo sit-stand conference table, mind this desktop aspect and handle it with care ever since. Bamboo height adjustable ergonomic desks may be somewhat best in terms of light laconic design shapes and aesthetic qualities: the material which is naturally of a light color and has a smooth surface touch is valued as sustainable, budget-friendly, and practical one at the same time. There are some bamboo desktop models colored in black or white, but in our opinion, its natural tone remains the best design option. Some of its brightest representatives have been named by The Wirecutter the best standing desks for five years in a row. Another advantage of a bamboo desktop is that most popular bamboo models usually come with plenty of design accessories to combine (for instance, a desktop tray or a drawer for some necessary stuff like a keyboard or a cable) and rearrange your workspace if needed.

Metal Desktop (Aluminum, Steel, And More) Height Adjustable Conference Table

Along with other desktop materials, there are desktops machined from various metals, including solid aluminum. Due to advanced modern manufacturing technology, steel furniture items and those of brushed and anodized aluminum equal resilience, strength, and quality. Such a desktop can add a cold high-tech or an industrial accent to your office interior and make their design look cutting-edge. There are some options of both adjustable height rectangular tables and sit-stand workstations that are very demanded on today’s furniture market. However, in certain cases, a whole metal standing desk may give the opposite visual impression: its sharp lines and a touch of cold silver in this desktop may slighly remind of a surgical table and not foster a friendly non-formal conversation. Therefore, it is crucial to accommodate and combine it right with the resting furniture. To do so, there are usually various tabletop colors and coatings, other than cold silver, light as well as dark, black as well as white, and the desks’ plate thickness may vary (the most common is 13-15 mm). In terms of quality, such a desktop design is very durable, some of metal desktop models are even supported with a five-year warranty (or even longer).

Glass Desktop Height Adjustable Conference Table

These are probably a bit less widespread than the wooden or metal ones but will surely give a futuristic and classy look to your office environment. There are plenty glass filters to choose – from classic transparent glass to black, white, or even bright tones to get the best-fitting item for your home or office. Among the benefits of a glass standing desk surface, there are its resilience (especially if you turn your eye towards Airlift Tempered Glass height adjustable desks), its elegant yet discreet style, smooth and sleek surface of its desktop, and easiness in terms of cleaning and caring. Wiping the dust or removing some accidental tea stains from such a desk would be easy as pie. However, regardless of the promised resilience of its advanced glass-tempering technology, we assume not to try standing both feet on its surface or rubbing the desktop fiercely – what comes unnoticed on sturdy wooden table or high-polished laminate, may lead to cracking or breaking the sublime glass surface. Some of the latest electric height adjustable glass desk models already come with an extra drawer, are quick and easy to assembly, and are even supplied with a child protection lock.

Laminate Or Solid Wood Desktop Height Adjustable Standing Desks?

Laminate desktop office furniture is a popular option since most laminate items are flame retardant, affordable, sustainable, rather light, and known to have some antibacterial properties on its protective coating. Another advantage is that their panels are easy to clean. They allow monitor the working process as it is, and stainless steel casters help make it movable. All this makes them a fine choice for high traffic and crowded spaces like waiting rooms and boardrooms. But, a customer can place it in the boardrom as well — each ergonomic laminate desk will fit your design and become a self-sufficient piece of furniture. What is a laminate itself? If we look closer we will see several layers made of heavy-duty paper with a compound known as melamine which hardens into a resin, all pressed together into tight tiers or layers. This creates a solid veneer, which then is traditionally covered in a thin decorative coating. Basically, there are two core classifications of laminate products: a high-pressure laminate (HPL) and low-pressure laminate (LPL). Both of them result in a durable product, but low-pressure laminates usually cost less since they are initially less expensive to manufacture. Durability and scratch resistance are another two assets for a high traffic office space conference tables used intensely day by day. However, when it comes to comparing them with solid wood adjustable desktops there are some aspects in which they can not really outpace the traditional wooden ones. First of all, solid and durable industrial height adjustable conference tables do send this specific message of authority, trust, and stability to your clients, — they have their style — and this matters much for the overall impression of your company. A solid wood height adjustable desk provides better durability and resilience. Secondly, a wooden standing desk fosters your style and design fantasies as they have multiple color and stain options to finish the impression. Apart from the price, which is commonly higher than for a laminate desk, each desk requires a more thorough care: you will have to polish or wax your standing desk panels on a regular basis. Traditionally, solid wood stand up desk is heavier, larger, and sometimes bulkier, a fact that also means such desk can be consistently heavier, so keep this in mind if you plan to move your office in the future or seek a more flexible and rearrangeable office boardroom with the furniture that is easy to transform and replace when needed. Remember this feature if you are planning to attach casters to your wooden standing desk legs (if they are not included in the pack).

Another important aspect is that wooden height adjustable standing desks are more prone to warpage compared to laminate ones. There may occur some scratches on the desktop over time, which is especially true for flat panels and desks with a thinner protective layer on the surface. So, if choosing between laminate and solid wood is a massive dilemma for you, we advise you to estimate your budget first and set your priorities before deciding on a laminate or a wooden sit stand conference table.

Laminate desktop furniture is a popular option for offices since most laminate items are flame retardant, affordable, sustainable, rather light, and known to have some antibacterial properties on its protective coating. Another advantage is that they are really easy to clean. All this makes them a fine choice for high traffic and crowded spaces like waiting rooms and boardrooms. What is a laminate itself? If we look closer we will see several layers made of heavy-duty paper with a compound known as melamine which hardens into a resin, all pressed together into tight tiers or layers. This creates a solid veneer, which then is traditionally covered in a thin decorative coating. Basicallym there are two core classifications of laminate products: a high-pressure laminate (HPL) and low-pressure laminate (LPL). Both of them result in a durable product, but low-pressure laminates usually cost less since they are initially less expensive to manufacture. Durability and scratch resistance are another two assets for a high traffic office space conference tables used intensely day by day. However, when it comes to comparing them with solid wood stand up desks , there are some aspects in which they can not really outpace the traditional wooden ones. First of all, solid and durable conference tables do send this message of authority, trust, and stability to your clients, and this matters much for the overall impression of your company. Solid wood ergonomic desks provide better durability and resilience, though these two factors affect the resulting price consistently. Secondly, wooden standing tables foster your design fantasies as they have multiple color and stain options to finish the impression and perfectly fit into your office environment. Apart from the price, which is commonly higher than for the laminate products, such furniture items do require a more thorough care: you will have to polish or wax your standing table on a regular basis. However, it will last you centuries and eventually justify all the costs. Traditionally, solid wood stand up desks are heavier, larger, and sometimes bulkier, a fact that also means they can be consistently heavier, so keep this in mind if you plan to move your office in the future or seek a more flexible and rearrangeable office boardroom with the furniture that is easy to transform and replace when needed. Also, mind this feature if you are planning to attach casters to your wooden standing table legs (if they are not included in the pack).

Another important aspect is that wooden standing desks are more prone to warpage compared to laminate ones. There may occur some scratches on the desktop over time, which is especially true for flat panels and desks with a thinner protective layer on the surface. So, if choosing between laminate and solid wood is a massive dilemma for you, we advise you to estimate your budget first and set your priorities before deciding on a laminate or a wooden sit stand conference table.

The lack of extra storage space often leads to working in a constant paper mess, and this is one of the reasons we eventually decided to improve our office ergonomics and find a proper storage solution for a standing desk. The Internet has dozens of articles on the profits and deficiencies of height-adjustable standing desks. However, one crucial aspect of sit-stand conference desk is regularly underestimated: the storage issue. The first thing that attracted our attention when we started browsing the current storage options was that in fact there were not very many options available. Storage place is, of cource, not only the matter of style, but a large comfort issue. You often have to get a custom collaborative stand up desk to make sure it will have a storage opportunity.

Of the results we managed to find on the Internet, most would fit into four categories:

  • Trays and boxes
  • Hanging storage solutions
  • Floor Pedestals
  • Mounting suspended storage

We kindly advise you to think over each aspect before making a decision: what is this storage space meant for? Is it a style decision? What is supposed to fit into it? – a huge keypad and a set of papers may require different storage volumes. Mind that the hanging storage is not aimed at keeping piles of heavy stuff.

10 Best Height Adjustable Conference Tables On The Market

Buying a standing height conference table is not very hard if you use our professional help. We know that choosing the right product might be confusing because there are so many different furniture options that customers can choose from. Choosing the right furniture item is easier due to our extended review. Many unique conference tables on the market that add special features to help make meetings more productive and the lives of employees significantly easier – such as by adding a couple of power outlets to the table directly. Regardless of what type of adjustable standing height desk or a conference table you eventually decide on, here is a pro-tip: feel free to invest in some additional accessories coming with your conference tables or ergonomic desks, such as the anti-fatigue standing mat for tiredness and strain reduction, monitor arms, special trays for cable management (if not included), and other useful required products.

After we took a look at many of these options, we came up with reviews of some of the best standing height conference tables and their accessories available for companies who would like their employees to stand up more during conferences and meetings.

Vari Standing Conference Table
1 Top rated standing conference table

Vari Standing Conference Table


This adjustable conference table occupies a superior position in this rating. Overall, this is a good standing height table for your boardroom or breakroom. This desk is a beautiful mix of modern industrial-looking shaped elements and a traditional style. Its black frame and wooden tops are a perfect combination for any office furniture. Though, this office furniture item doesn’t have the height adjustment function. It is a 42” high standing desk for the meetings. So, to switch between standing and sitting, you need to combine it with a special bar height chair. This is probably the only con of this desk. Also, you might not like that this desk doesn’t offer many customization options. Though, it is still a great item of modern design office furniture for stand-up meetings. It allows the customer to adjust each piece to one of three different heights (39″-45″) to meet the particular demands of your office space and better match the rest of the office furniture.

What is on the good side? This stand up height desk offers you a couple of cool features like storage and resting a foot. Due to the QuickGrip hand-bolt system, this stand up height desk is a heavy-duty office furniture item that can support 300 lb weight. Another asset of this piece of office furniture is its easy assembly and adjustable height options. This office furniture item has a solid style and design providing 10-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Lift Type: Not available
  • Max Length: 72”
  • Sizes Available: 1
  • Shapes Available: 1 (Rectangle)
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 300 lb
  • Color Range: 3 (including classic black and white style)
  • Warranty on this standing conference table: Overall 10-year warranty
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72 Crank Adjustable Standing Conference Table
2 Best Price Height Adjustable Conference Desk

72” Crank Adjustable Standing Conference Table

Stand Up Desk Store

Do you need a piece of furniture that adjusts quickly depending on the height and other circumstances, and which has a practical design? This is a 72” adjustable height solid wood desk with a hand crank that gives much space for creativity in design. Its frame comes in basic colors and has a modern style and design that will add some pleasurable atmosphere. If you choose the white desktop instead of a classic wood furniture tone you can write down your ideas right on it. In plus, it is super easy to clean this piece of commercial furniture.

This desk is a high-quality US product (all rights reserved). Though, its design is budget-friendly. What is cool about this standing desk? First, its solid and durable construction of both, frame and board. Second, you will love that this desk comes with a dry erase top board.

What are the downsides? First of all, this desk is not too large even though the design of it is rather functional. Practically, this modern style conference desk can accommodate only 3-4 persons at a time. And, logically, this piece of office furniture won’t work well, if you load it much. The max weight this standing desk can carry is 154 lbs. In addition, the max standing height of this conference table is low for people taller than 6’. So keep in mind this design peculiarity before making a purchase.

  • Lift Type: Manual hand crank
  • Sizes Available: 1 (36” x 72”)
  • Max Length: 72”
  • Shapes Available: 1 (Rectangle)
  • Color Range: 2 (Charcoal Black Frame And White Board Top / Butcher Block Top)
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 154 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years for the tabletop
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Solid Wood Height Adjustable Conference Table
3 Heavy And Sturdy Solid Wood desk

Stand Up Desk Store Solid Wood Manual Height Adjustable Conference Table

Stand Up Desk Store

The Manual Height-Adjustable Standing Conference Table is a perfect option for those who value their comfort and love the opportunity to use standing desks in various ways. If you already have a stand up height desk but you don’t have a frame for it, you can purchase a frame only. You can easily adjust their telescoping leg in 1″ increments that are crucial for those who care about the easiness of the stand up height desk assembly. Fifteen minutes, and your standing desk is ready. This model is also famous for its sturdy steel design and affordability, which increase its ergonomics. Perhaps, it’s one of the most affordable furtinure items on the market of standing desks. Feel free to try its panels on your own — it is large enough to call colleagues and work on a joint project.

What else can you like about this stand up height desk? It can be the wood these standing desks are made of. And wood is not only about practicability but also about versatility and style. Their solid wood tops made of Antique Birch, Natural Birch, and Natural Walnut make standing desks look more expensive than they are, and it also guarantees the longitude of their utilization. These two factors are something that makes you like them even more. Solid wood is also an environmentally-friendly choice. Buying solid wood stand up height desks is approved by the ecologists. Feel free to try this commercial furniture element by yourself.

Other great features of these standing desks include a resistant powder coat finish and solid construction, which will allow you to place the stuff you need for work or education. The verification of the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA) proves the endurance and high quality of this model of standing desks. And the 30-day return policy of the manufacturer expressed in the opportunity to return desks if you changed your mind or decided to purchase a model of another wood or color makes these desks even more attractive. You have 30 days to return your desk to the manufacturer and get your money back, but the desk must be in the original carton, without active using before, remaining the panels, the board, all arms (if present) remaining undamaged. Note in some cases, and you may need to pay $199 to return the desk. Feel free to ask corresponding questions about other commercial components of the deal.

  • Lift Type: Manual
  • Sizes Available: 2
  • Max Length: 60"
  • Shapes Available: 2 (Rectangle; Frame Only)
  • Color Range: 3 (Natural Birch, Antique Birch, Natural Walnut)
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 145lbs to 430lbs
  • Return policy of this standing conference table: 30-day
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luxor electric conference table

LUXOR 72" Electric Adjustable Conference Table


First, this machined conference stand up desk from a renowned Luxor brand can handle every office gathering as it easily adjusts from 26” to 51.6” in the vertical plane (which is impressive for an electric standing desk). Iif the meeting lasts too long and everyone is too tired to talk, simply pushing the button on its programmable keypad capable of storing two user preference heights, you would lower the desk for seating group discussions in a free manner. Such an electric sit-stand conference desk features a large 72” x 36” desktop fostering team collaboration and a resilient steel frame supplied by a telescoping leg system. The three-stage aluminium leg columns with an anti-collision mechanism raise and lower the tabletop rapidly at the speed of 1.2” per second. This height adjustable conference desk makes your work process far more productive. The stand up height desk has a smart design and convenient panels. If you’re a fan of healthy standing meetings, here it is, if you are eager to relax and sit down in a boardroom during the break, it will adjust in a blink of an eye — with its 256 lb. lift capacity and a 7-year warranty on its dual motors, there is nothing to worry about at all. This model complies with all the required ANSI/BIFMA standards.

Moreover, this stand up height desk will satisfy you not only in those three core aspects — due to its laconic yet stylish design with melamine top and eye-pleasing fair oak desktop color, and it will also fit into almost every office, conference hall, any breakroom, or home and match the interior perfectly whatever the interior style you prefer. This office furniture item will help colleagues contact easily, giving them additional power to work.

What are the cons? The price of this stand up height is a bit higher than the most practical models on our list and maybe closer to premium class tables, but this standing height desk is absolutely worth it.

  • Lift Type: Electric
  • Sizes Available: 2 options
  • Max Length: 51.6"
  • Shapes Available: 1 (Rectangle)
  • Color Range: 1 (black frame + white oak tabletop)
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 256 lbs
  • Warranty on this standing conference table: 7-Year Limited Factory Warranty
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NewHeights Elegante XT Conference Table
5 Big Standing Desk for Big Meetings

NewHeights Elegante XT Conference Table

New Heights

NewHeights Elegante XT is a highly customizable meeting stand up desk. First, this furniture unit comes in quite a large variety of sizes, from modest 36″ x 60″ x 36″ to giant 48″w x 120″l x 48h″. Second, you can choose from one of three available shapes: rectangle, oval, boat. Third, for now, there are ten color options available: starting from basic ones (which are black and silver) to cherry, mahogany, hard rock maple, and others. Feel free to mix and match to create the perfect stand up height conference desk! You can choose the avaliable design of the panels, check the materials which the furniture elements are made of — aluminum/ steel/ metal. Additionally, you can include a power receptacle to your furniture piece if necessary.

Elegante XT desk uses an electric motor to adjust the standing height from 24 to 48 inches. The transit speed is 1.5 inches per second. Thus, the users go from sitting to standing position fast and stay comfortable all the time. Though, pay attention that a 48 inches high table might be not that comfortable for very tall people. As a truly advanced model, this desk has Push button, and Bluetooth™ with optional voice control, for effortless height adjustment and expanded height range. Due to the recent update of NewHeights Mobile App, its users may control and manage their NewHeights standing workstation right from their cell phones – and even custom voice commands. When it comes to this advanced piece of furniture – the future is almost here.

Elegante XT standing height conference desk is a trusted USA-made furniture unit with all the hygiene and safety certifications. Its material and built quality are proven by a long-term warranty. The manufacturer is sure that it produces top-notch furniture. So, it provides a solid warranty on its each column, feet, and support brackets (10 years) — if you do not try to break these elements of furniture on purpose, it will live a long life; 5 years for the other accessories. Commercial shipping price for this piece of furniture is $99.

  • Lift Type: Electric
  • Sizes Available - 16 options
  • Max Length - 120''
  • Shapes Available - 3 (Rectangle, Boat, Oval)
  • Color Range - 10 (black, mahogany, cherry, galaxy white, etc)
  • Weight Carrying Capacity - 162.5 lbs (lift capacity per column)
  • Warranty on this standing conference table: 10 years for columns, feet, and support brackets. 5 years for other parts
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Height Adjustable Conference Table by UPLIFT Desk
6 Best value standing desk for meetings

UPLIFT Height Adjustable 30" Conference Table V2


The Height Adjustable Conference Table is both a standing desk and a sustainable high standing table for your conference room. UPLIFT office desks are famous for their stability and durability. This company uses only high-quality materials (aluminum/ steel/ metal) that make their furniture really long-lasting. Conference table by UPLIFT has all the best UPLIFT office furniture ‘s characteristics. The height adjustment speed is 1.5 inches per second. The height ranges from 23.5 inches to 50.0 inches. The Advanced Digital Memory Keypad includes four height memory programs to memorize the preferred heights of the desk. To control the current height and change it, use its one-touch LED display. And have you heard of the Height-Adjustable Conference Ping Pong Table, which is much more than a multi-purposed furniture piece but a team-building and corporate culture booster? Why not try killing two birds with one stone since the price for this furniture item is more than friendly? Call your colleagues to play ping-pong on this commercial stand up height desk to create a base to set up friendly relationships.

What are the cons? This meeting desk comes only in one design and two sizes. It makes it harder to make it fit offices sometimes. Meanwhile, the customers are given a great selection of 80″ W x 30″ D conference tabletops without grommets to choose from: all eye-pleasing colors and materials for unique design: laminate, rubberwood, white eco design, bamboo, solid wood, maple, etc.

Height adjustable conference table by UPLIFT Desk comes with a solid 7-year period of warranty for the control box, electrical components, and mechanical parts of the frame. This furniture piece has a 30-day trial period. Free shipping to some states inside the USA. Discounted price for international shipping.

  • Lift Type: Electric
  • Sizes Available: 2
  • Max Length: 80″
  • Shapes Available: 1 (Rectangle)
  • Color Range: 10+(white, black, dark brown, bamboo, etc.)
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 355 lbs (two-leg frame option); 530 lbs (four-leg frame option)
  • Warranty on this standing conference table: 7-year limited warranty
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focal upright 1
7 Best Aesthetics Height Adjustable Conference Table

Focal Upright Confluence Adjustable Height Conference Table

Focal Upright

No more passive meetings mean no more chairs and some extra adjustability! Here is an aesthetically pleasant conference desk for those who trust manual control more than electric power in the furniture, and those who value practical design. The strong point of the Focal Upright adjustable height table is its modern ergonomic design and the materials used. The base is made of powder-coated aluminum. The feet are of powder-coated steel. This makes this series of conference standing height desks extra stable and sturdy. Focal Upright’s top is made of an 18-layer hard-plywood and three layers polyurethane top for long-lasting strength. For extra convenience, each Focal Upright confluence adjustable height conference desk includes a cable management tray for a more organized workspace. All these features do not only prove that this furniture item has a smart and convenient design, but also guarantee customers’ satisfaction!

What are the cons? First, it is pretty expensive for a furniture item with manual control and a few customization options, despite having a comfortable smart design. Then, this height adjustable conference table comes only in a rectangular shape and two sizes. And there are only three tabletop colors available: laminate, dry-erase, wood-grained veneer. Moreover, it is uncomfortable to use regular office chairs with this table as its minimum height is 36″. So, you need to buy a set of special chairs to pair it to this height conference desk. No free delivery for this piece of furniture.

In a word, the Focal Upright meeting stand up height desk is a good piece of office furniture by a reliable company. It will easily go without any power source. And its style looks truly amazing. This piece of furniture comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.Though, there are still some more advanced height top-notch adjustable height conference tables for the same or even lower price.

  • Price: from 1,900 up to 5,499
  • Lift Type: Manual
  • Sizes Available: 2
  • Max Length: 94”
  • Shapes Available: 1 (Rectangle)
  • Color Range: 3
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years for the height-adjustable desk mechanism; 10 years for laminate and wood
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iMovR Synapse Adjustable-Height Conference Table
8 Premium Quality Standing Conference Table

iMovR Synapse Adjustable-Height Conference Tables


Here is a great piece of office furniture for your meeting room. This modern style and design boardroom piece of furniture is sturdy and super durable. The producer is so sure of the quality of the steel frame that it gives a lifetime warranty for it. The design and the customization options are not deceiving either. There are some style and design variations included: four shapes, nine sizes, and ten colors are available. Mix and match this adjustable height conference furniture item to make it fit your office space perfectly.

What are the other great features? iMovR Synapse desk has a good height adjustment range, between 25” to 51”. The electric adjustment system is smooth, quiet (42 dB), and pretty fast, which only adds to its general design. The cable management includes the in-built power sockets and USB ports to fit each cable properly. The tabletop of this furniture item is made of thick (1.125”) 3D laminated blade-edge wood, which adds to the style. Free shipping. The desk comes pre-assembled, so you will need just a couple of minutes to accommodate this piece of furniture. Free shipping to some states inside the USA. Special price for international shipping.

  • Lift Type: Electric
  • Sizes Available: 9
  • Max Length: 96”
  • Shapes Available: 4 (Rectangle, Boat, Racetrack, Convex)
  • Color Range: 10
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 180 lbs to 490 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty for the steel frame, 5 years for other parts
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9 Top Ergonomic Height Adjustable Table

Xdesk Sit-Stand Conference Table


This desk was named “the Mercedes-Benz of standing desks” because of its simple but functional design. Xdesk sit-stand conference desks are easily adjustable, ergonomic, and beautiful — the best combination for a smart design of a furniture item, which needs no chair to work on. But not only. This desk is made of sustainable materials: natural bamboo and recycled aluminum promoting the sustainable style. Aluminum is a rather strong material, so if you choose aluminum furniture items, it will not only add to your design, but will also help you feel secure about the furniture condition. It has to be proudly said; this furniture item is handcrafted in the United States.

What else is important about this sustainable example of office furniture with a smart design? For sure, six nice and natural-looking color tones of the desk: from black rubberwood to bamboo shades. Next, the height adjusting motors of this height conference desk are simply great. The adjustments are silent, smooth, and quick, which adds to the external design of this furniture item. The average speed is 1.7 inches per second. In addition, this office furniture has super-efficient cable management. It not only keeps the cords in order but also hides the power cables into an aluminum raceway to keep the space neat and clean. And yes, you can load this conference desk up to amazing 630 lbs.

What is the downside? This is a really beautiful modern conference desk with a nice design, but this furniture item lacks customization options. Though, if you are fine with bamboo or black laminate board, this is definitely the ultimate example of standing height desk furniture with style. The shipping is not free. The price depends on customer’s location.

  • Lift Type: Electric
  • Sizes Available: 2
  • Max Length: 79”
  • Shapes Available: 1 (Rectangle)
  • Color Range: 6 (various bamboo shades, light rubberwood, medium rubberwood, black rubberwood)
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 630 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty; thirty day money back guarantee
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10 Affordable height adjustable meeting table

72” Fixed Height Standing Conference Table

Stand Up Desk Store

This is a basic standup height conference desk made in the United States. Using this piece of furniture you cannot adjust the height just by pushing a button. Rather the height can be fixed at a required level using the screws and bolts. Though, this furniture piece is budget-friendly. This stand up height conference desk is a great piece of modern furniture, with a simple yet slightly industrial-looking style that would surely fit almost any office.

What is cool about this stand up height desk? First, this piece of furniture has a strong and durable construction and adjustable height. Second, you will love that this furniture element comes with a dry-erase tabletop. Second, such stand up height desks have a smart design, being useful even without a chair. Third, there are foot bars that provide increased comfort while sitting on bar stools. All three contribute to the notion of truly “smart style and design” of modern furniture.

What are the downsides? First of all, it may seem pretty small. And its color range may seem not that impressive, such is sad for your general room design: it comes in only black plus either white or butcher block tone. This piece of furniture can accommodate only 3-4 persons at a time. And, logically, such stand up height desks have a very modest weight capacity. Moreover, the max height might not work well for people taller than 6’. And last but not least, the warranty for this furniture item is 2 years (it is generally enough, though if compared to 5+ years guarantee that comes with certain wooden items, it could be a bit longer).

  • Lift Type: Fixed 2” height adjustments
  • Sizes Available: 1 (36” x 72”)
  • Max Length: 72”
  • Shapes Available: 1 (Rectangle)
  • Color Range: up to 12 color combinations
  • Weight Carrying Capacity: 154 lbs
  • Warranty: 2 years; thirty day money back guarantee
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What About Single Column Adjustable Standing Desks?

We have not yet mentioned another subtype of adjustable height ergonomic desks quite popular today which is an adjustable stand up height desk with a single column. You might have probably seen such a single column stand up height desk at TED talks, or in university lecture halls. By the way, these laconic furniture pieces are becoming more trendy, so we have decided that these stand up height conference desks with a single column are worth mentioning along with other furniture items. Firstly, we have to say a few words about the space-saving design of these stand up height desks, sturdy construction, and simple yet solid configuration. Next, there are various price rates for these furniture items – from truly economic desks (the desks you most likely see in ordinary classrooms) to more pricey and tricked-out style and design desks (used for full-fledged presentations and official speeches) whereas the quality usually stays trustful – a fact proven by multiple satisfied customers’ reviews. Single-column desks may foster closer face-to-face communication and thanks to the progressive ergonomics of these furniture items fit great into some smaller negotiating rooms, presentation halls, and so on. One of the finest examples is Single Column Crank Adjustable Stand Up Desk (40″ model which comes in a design of traditional black-and-white combination of a white/black frame with the black or wood desktop).

What Are Standing Conference Tables' Benefits?

Whether we are talking about a single-column stand up height desk or a classic four-column standing height desk, it is crucial to realize this is not a current fashion or a temporary trend. For those, who did not completely get the idea of single-column piece of furniture versus four-column stand up height desk: a single-column desk is an ergonomic desk, which has a design of one “table-leg” usually made of metal or steel. A four-column deask is another type of ergonomic desk which has four legs, may be with casters or without them. Be sure, the standing height conference tables are here to stay. Here are the main reasons why businesses worldwide say “no” to sitting-only meetings and “yes” to standing height conference tables, adjustable standing desks, and other related office furniture.

Bamboo And Other Wooden Furniture Is Health-Beneficial

Creating an ergonomic space helps prevent all the health issues connected to excessive sitting. An industrial standing height meeting table will turn your boardroom into a “playground”. The conference guests will be able to stand up, move more, change posture. Such activity improves blood flow, reduces fatigue and health risks. Standing four-column construction of height conference desk and standing single-column construction of workplace desk combined give you even more. This different-column desk combination is one of the smart solutions because it works against carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, etc. Many satisfied users confirm egronomics and claim their standing desk helped them reduce belly fat, mildly decrease cholesterol level, and burn a few more calories daily compared to sitting. Summing it up, it is always wiser to invest in the proven style of furniture that is both sustainable and health beneficial instead of compromising on your comfort and well-being.

Besides, if you choose natural materials like bamboo, laminate or solid quality wood for the table board, the overall atmosphere in your office will be healthier. Furniture made of solid wood or bamboo won’t be as toxic as many artificial materials. Of course, you can always consider aluminum or metal for your ergonomic stand up height furniture item, but bamboo and laminate are cleaner and often look fresher. Besides, bamboo solutions are better for places with high humidity, when aluminum furniture items are not that resistant. Bamboo stand up height desks will never get rotten, which is debatable for the aluminum pieces of furniture. Usually, bamboo is even cheaper than aluminum, and yet, it depends on design, construction and other features of the furniture item, so chek them carefully when choosing a new stand up height desk.

Design feature 1: ergonomic standing conference desk improves interaction and brainstorming

Most people tend to be overprotective about their personal “territory”. The working process is shaped by the desire to make a border to the personal territory. It does not help collaborative work. Add here the inability to freely move within the conference room because of too many massive furniture. What will be the result? You will witness many inefficient meetings, which is bad for any commercial act.

When it comes to creativity and brainstorming, it is better to be mobile. A large stand up height desk allows many people to contact each other in a quick way, regardless of the shape of the desk — be it rectangular or circular. Moving means more interaction, and not only with the people sitting right next to you.

Also, modern style conference stand up height desks are super comfortable furniture items. Instead of worrying about how to place their laptops or find space for their stuff, your office will feel relaxed. And a relaxed person is more creative. The standing height conference desks inspire! And, also, these furniture items with smart design are great in enhancing communication between the employees.

Design feature 2: modern stable conference table saves time

Standing up meetings reduce meeting time by up to 35%! First of all, when everyone is standing, the speaker feels more attention concentrated on them. Second, when we stand for a while, we want to sit faster. And third, while standing at the desk, we are less likely to get distracted by messengers. Agree with us on this: it feels awkward to send emails or chat while standing. This is the way the modern industrial design helps us become more concentrated and proactive.

Design feature 3: office conference table improves Your Space Ergonomics And Enhances Your Office Furniture Style

When developing a certain adjustable desk model ergonomists always meticulously think through physics, biomechanics, healthcare facets, and other scientific aspects (not to mention design issues) to get the optimal stand up height desk enhancing both the overall furniture convenience and working potential of its user. Firstly, when choosing office furniture (and especially an adjustable height or a single column standing desk), mind its physical parameters: for instance, a furniture item that is too low or high will not only make you feel slightly uncomfortable at once but may result in muscle overstrain, posture and spine issues in the long run. The same goes for sitting on your chair looking at the monitor for hours. Let’s assume you are done with it and have decided to buy a standing desk – what height should it have? The optimal height of your standing desk is the one reaching your elbows’ height. Next, always mind your neck and your shoulders – ideally, when standing at the desk and looking at the monitor your neck should be tall and straight and your arms and shoulder muscles relaxed. Keep the monitor at the level of your eyes, and if it is a laptop you plan to put on your standing desk you will have to acquire a set of accessories such as a separate keyboard, mouse, usb charging port and an extra monitor to lift the screen to your sightline. When using a monitor screen on such furniture pieces mind the distance between your face and the monitor and keep it at your eye-level, as well. The optimal height for your computer desktop standing on the desk is when your wrists are parallel to the desk surface and lying straight and you do not have to bend your knees at the same time. And do not forget you can always buy a sit stand conference table and add a chair to make this combination more comfortable.

Besides, always mind the setout of the light sources by your workplace and your computer monitor – a lamp fixed in an improper position may increase the eye strain and even cast the unnecessary glare on your monitor. Among other useful options to improve your space ergonomics and provide extra healthcare there are standing desk converters. In case adjustable height standing desks are too costly for your budget now, there are some alternative options. Consider buying a standing desk converter (for instance, the popular Vari Converters) and put it onto your standard office desk. On the plus side, they are mostly less expensive than standard height adjustable standing desk models, much more portable, flexible, and easy to assemble. How about a standing mat or a keyboard tray, you may ask. A standing mat and a keyboard tray are relatively less required but do add additional comfort: for instance, a keyboard mat lessens the upright strain on your back, hips, knees and ankles if you have to stand for a long while. And buying a keyboard tray is said to reduce the stress on your wrists during typing for hours. However, it is more a matter of your individual desktop ergonomic preferences (besides, you can always make up a keyboard tray from your old standard office desk – it’s easy if having enough skills).

Design feature 4: standing Conference Desk Contributes To Your Overall Healthcare And Better Life Style

It contributes to your overall healthcare and better lifestyle apart from all the above-mentioned healthcare benefits, these pieces of furniture may substantially contribute to improving the overall lifestyle of your office collective especially if combined with collective sports,10-minute exercise pauses in the breakroom, and other team-building corporate activities. We have to say that using a standing desk instead of a traditional desk will not cause a miracle effect overnight – you will have to get used to these furniture items and gradually increase the time you spend standing at your desk because such a design may seem a little unusual at first. Besides, we always warn potential customers that such desks are not meant to be a complete replacement of all the traditional sitting office desks for spending a full eight-hour office day solely on your feet since standing for hours has proved to increase blood pooling in the legs. Better use these desks as an advantageous sit-stand furniture combination in your office and do not forget to develop a few healthy active habits in your daily life, during boardroom activities, and the positive outcome will not be long in coming!

Standing Conference Table FAQs

Should I sit or stand more in front of the conference table during the working day?

The answer is not that original: the best training would be is the maximum balance. No fitness exercise will bring much result if you do not rest well — standing in front of the height adjustable table works the same way. If you want your body to be healthy, get strength, and, generally, decrease in size, you should mix the movement: sit down and stand up. In order to gain power for your body and, in general, monitor its condition, it is better to stand up from the chair sometimes — leading this “mixture” way of life is much more beneficial.

How long should I stand in front of the standing height conference table?

There is no unambiguous answer to this question. Of course, there is no “maximum” limit for standing in front of the standing height conference table, but standing for the whole day might bring trouble. This is not the type of fitness training that will bring your body to the superior health position. Neither is sitting on the chair. People have a “custom” that work is associated with sitting in the office chairs, but this is a wrong approach. If we grade this approach, it will get 2 out of 10 for the human health: sitting does not bring srength, neaither does it promote safety on a working place (siting is not safer that standing!). If you have a balance of sitting and standing in front of the standing desks, you manage to monitor your health while working and while on a break. The research offers to stand at least half of an hour each hour to make your body back pain resistant. But this time is optional: it is even better to start with no more than 15 minutes per hour.

What if I stand in front of the height adjustable conference table for the whole day?

Standing in front of the standing desks for the entire working day is harmful as well as sitting on the chair. No matter where your standing desk is located: be it a boardroom, or office, or even your home — standing without a break brings harm everywhere. Your body needs movement to get strength: learn to make correct breaks during the working day and do not forget to sit on a chair on at least 5 minutes every hour. You can also find our review on an ergonomic chair set, where we discuss the best ergonomic chair solutions for the working boardroom or for the home, the construction of each chair and the meahcnism of choosing an appropriate chair for your standing desk.

Can the adjustable conference table help with the back pain?

Health is not for sale, and if at this point you already suffer from serious back-related deseases, like osteochondrosis, for instance, even the best adjustable conference table will not cure the illness. However, high quality standing desks with the proper construction are indeed capable of preventing from the back pains. Ergonomically selected, these stand up conference room tables that can change the size of the height from the floor do lower muscle fatigue and improve the posture. Lifting, achieved via the desk converters, lets your back experience less stress during the working day. You can alwas monitor arms position and elbow degree for better effect. Having such ergonomic standing desks from stainless steel, bamboo or any pther material in the boardroom will protect workers and become the base for their healthy way of life.

Are there best standing conference tables for any tastes?

A modern standing conference table comes in multiple models. There are various options for sale: desktops with a different crossbar location, easy to install and with a more complicated mechanism of the assembly. Lifting can be either manual or performed by strong motors (motors, of course, also differ in their nature). Many height adjustable conference table units come with the “desk accessories”: cabinets, bookcases, a standing mat is also sometimes included. Orders of the customers differ, and manufacturers try to provide the desk accessories, corresponding to these orders. A standing desk might be folding or not folding, for better ergonomics of the space of your house of the boardroom, it can be made of the stainless steel or aluminum, can be of any shape, be it rectangular or the “L-shaped” (an ergonomic solution to put in the corner). Thus, the offer varies depending on the demand, but we guarantee that in our top we provide only certified manufactorers that suggest the best ergonomic solutions for your space.

Will my adjustable conference table be delivered for free?

To ship a standing conference table might cost money. Whether the company will ship your office conference table for free or not — it depends on the manufacturer and the shop you make your order in.

How do I install my standing height conference table?

The mechanism of installing any standing conference table is not that complicated. You usually do not face any problems with cabinets or any other sub-elements, the instruction comes with the device as well. Dealing with the standing mat does not cause any problems either.

How is stainless steel (SS) adjustable conference table different from the bamboo conference table?

The main advantages of SS is that is does not rust, and it can serve the owner for years. It also has a high pressure point, making it perfect for keeping things on. As for the bamboo, it is also a strong material (stronger than the oak), and, besides that, it is eco-friendly. But it is always totally up to you which material to choose for your adjustable conference table.

An adjustable conference table is becoming more and more popular because it has a positive effect on the back of the human body. Since a huge share of work now is done in front of the computer, the skeleton and back muscles are under the constant pressure. And adjustable conference table allows a person to spend some working time standing, thus giving one opportunity to exercise without much effort.

Is an adjustable conference table a good solution during the Covid-19 pandemic?

An adjustable conference table is a perfect solution in the current circumstances. The virus locked people at their homes, making them do their work on a distance. Sitting all day has negative effect on the back of the human body and its general health condition. A modern standing conference table solves this problem. Now people can make breaks with the fitness effect without interruptions from their work. All they have to do is stand up and continue working while standing in front of the standing conference table.


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