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iMovr Trackless Keyboard Tray
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iMovR Trackless Keyboard Tray
  • Lift-n-Lock­TM system to adjust within 5.73” height
  • 15 degrees keyboard tilt
  • Adjustable mouse pad
  • 15-year limited warranty
If you are in search of a well-built and steady keyboard to fit into your ergonomic workstation with good pricing, the iMovR Trackless Keyboard Tray is the best under-desk keyboard. It can fit into tight spaces due to installation without a track, and at the same time, it will not ruin your interior design. The degrees that your keyboard can tilt are essential since it is the main part that will allow you to move your hands freely above the keyboard while focusing on the monitor. A 360 degrees swivel allows you to stow the keyboard under the desk when you do not need it anymore. The Trackless Keyboard will definitely save up space in your workstation and improve your health by boosting your posture and eliminating wrist pains, and the pricing is great, as well.
Fellowes premier keyboard tray
Fellowes Premier Keyboard Tray
  • Fully adjustable mouse pad
  • Tilt range up to -10°
  • Nice and ergonomic design
  • Affordable price
The Fellowes Keyboard Tray is a very impressive solution for pains from uncomfortable typing at the monitor. This ergonomic under-desk tray is equipped with memory foam with antimicrobial protection which helps keep it clean, relieve wrist pressure and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. The pricing is more than fair. The Comfort-Lift system lets you to move the mouse platform left or right over the keyboard drawer and to tilt it forward and backward.
humanscale float keyboard tray
Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray
  • Tilt range up to -15°
  • Sturdy materials
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Can be installed on most desks
The Humanscale Float desk keyboard tray is one impressive small device that will certainly improve your workstation and desktop capacity. This keyboard tray has a smart design with no long track, so it doesn’t require much of your desktop space. What you get in the box is a device suitable for most sit-stand desks.
Jennifer Rothman
Jennifer Rothman

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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

ergonomic under desk keyboard tray

Do you need an ergonomic keyboard tray drawer to install it in your home and office desks, and with a great pricing policy? Well, the fact that you are reading this article, certainly, means yes, without a doubt. This review is for people thinking outside of the box when it comes to improving desktop and office furniture ergonomics. If you want to be healthy despite the sedentary lifestyle and do not suffer from back pain, you have come to the right place. Below, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on creating the proper amount of ergonomics at your home or office workstation and to help you choose and buy the best standing desk keyboard tray for your needs from our adjustable keyboard tray rating. You also can take a look on other useful tools for comfortable working in standing posture, such as a treadmill desk, sit-stand desk, ergonomic anti – fatigue mats for a standing desk and other ergonomic devices you can put beneath your desk to relieve muscle tension and improve health. For those of you who are looking for the compact and ergonomic keyboard tray that mounts to the bottom of your desk for a reasonable price we strongly recommend to read this article and look through some keyboard trays we listed below.

Technology is developing so rapidly these days that it is sometimes hard for a human being to keep up with the pace. Our lifestyle has changed dramatically over the past few years: we work from home now, sitting all day long in front of the monitor of our computer and typing on the keyboard, managing project, use our computer monitors and keyboards at full capacity, and many more; and we definitely need to add ergonomics to our working space. You might use a standing desk, sit-stand desk or a regular desk at your home or office, and now you have probably come to a conclusion that you need some adjustment to your workstation with a monitor, as long as you are reading this article. Lucky for you, we have an excellent ergonomic solution for your space, and the pricing is comfortable, too. This solution will improve your health and posture, increase productivity, eliminate the back and neck pain, ease tendinitis, and generally provide so much ergonomics and comfort for the computer users by upgrading the users’ standing desks. Below, we will give you our professional advice on how to resolve all the above-mentioned issues ergonomically and make your standing desk, stand up desk, treadmill desk or regular desk workstation healthier and comfortable for customer of any height and physical shape.

It is not bad to love your job and seem like a geek or a nerd spending hours at the computer desk staring at the computer monitor, but it is bad and in a way irresponsible not to take care of your health. It is a common expert opinion that sedentary lifestyle leads to multiple negative consequences that will affect your overall wellbeing and productivity. Such a lifestyle, fatugue and muscle tension can even cause strain injuries and make your overall health worse. In fact, all you need to do to get rid of many health issues, relieve the back pain and overall health conditions is to read this full article, check the reviews on the best keyboard trays for computer desks and to buy one of this space – saving slider devices for your home or office workstation which will perfectly fit into any interior design and even has some storage space. With a help of this guide based on many expert reviews you will be able to purchase a new keyboard tray from our ergonomic keyboard tray rating and some other accessories, like chairs, for your workstation and improve the quality of your life and working space.

Tall people struggle with sedentary lifestyle at the monitor the most, and suffer from severe neck and back pains caused by hours of sitting on chairs in front of their computers. In most cases, it happens when the working furniture height is not set forth correctly. For example, the height of the chairs, keyboard, and mouse may be too low for the most of tall people when they are sitting on the chairs at the desks or even standing at the standing treadmill desks staring at the monitor of their computers. When the working height is insufficient or you use uncomfortable office furniture that does not respond to your personal height requirements, you get the constant fatigue you cannot fight off and you lose productivity. The height should be, first of all, comfortable for your neck, or you will soon get osteochondritis very quickly, and that is very difficult to fix. Sitting at the monitor is tough for your neck, too. A wide variety of the best ergonomic keyboard tray allows everyone to find the best keyboard tray for their needs. There are many models with a keyboard tray that is built in and helps to save more space fpr storage and there are also separate keyboard tray options for those who want to have a wide range of motion. The solution we offer you to help you to avoid issues and learn how to find out-of-the-box solutions and make proper desktop ergonomics improvements, is to read the full article below.

We have an excellent solution for you that would help you eliminate the back pain and other types of body pain, conquer the fatigue, and regain your energy, and it is an ergonomic keyboard tray for desktop you can install at your home or office desk. This new addition to the standing desk helps any costomer to type comfortably without feeling arm of back pain and improves the quality of the workstation significantly. Read further to find out more about this piece of an office furniture for your home and office desks, its peculiarities, perks, ways to use it to prevent serious health issues, and best ergonomic solutions in 2021.

Ergonomic Standing Desk Keyboard Tray: What Is It?

An ergonomic keyboard tray is basically a special desk drawer for placing your keyboard and mouse properly when working by a computer mounted to the bottom of a desk. Normally, when not in use, the best under desk keyboard tray drawer is mounted under your monitor to slip under it entirely. Some of keyboard tray drawer models have a slightly different design, but they are always placed and adjusted separately from your desk. For storage saving purpose, some keyboard trays have a special compact mouse platform that is built in the adjustable keyboard tray.

The concept of an Ergonomic Desk Keyboard Tray is very simple but its value is hard to overestimate. It means that these special trays bring keyboards closer to the computer user, allowing them to type and sit at a better angle with both arms on the desktop. The purpose of the separate and customized keyboard tray is to lessen the strain on the user’s back from lurching forward and to lessen the strain on their wrists through typing from an uncomfortable angle. If you are suffering of any of that, you should know that a proper desk keyboard tray can eliminate all these problems.

Speaking about the value, the pricing of any product, including keyboard trays for desks is a complex process as it is a result of many calculations of the manufaturer and the features of the particular keyboard tray for a desk drawer products such as a height adjustment function, separated mini platform for mouse, a lightweight arm mechanism, various saving space solutions, and so on. In our review we tried to present you the best standin desk keyboard trays of diferent pricing segments so you will be able to find the most sutable keyboard tray drawer solutions for you and great pricing for your budget.

Many brands now produce office suites and ergonomic furniture to help people stay healthier while maintaining a sedentary lifestyle and treat the carpal tunnel syndrome cause by that exact lifestyle. You can also take a closer look at a sit stand desk, treadmill desk, standing office chairs, swivels, and other options to create a safe, healthy, and ergonomic work space and eliminate the unnecessary joints and back pain.

Do You Need the Best Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Drawer for Your Desk?

Well, the fact that you are reading this article certainly, means yes, without a doubt. This review is for people thinking outside of the box when it comes to improving desktop and office furniture ergonomics and want to find rating of the best products on the market. If you want to be healthy despite the sedentary lifestyle and hours of sitting at the monitor, you have come to the right place. Below, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on creating the proper amount of ergonomics at your home or office workstation. Experts admit that people having a sedentary lifestyle desperately need to make their work space as comfortable as possible, and an ergonomic keyboard tray for your desk is an excellent way to do that. Here are some of the reasons why you need to buy the best desk keyboard tray for your home and office:

  1. The best under desk keyboard tray mounted to the bottom of your desk will help you place your keyboard, mouse, and thus, hands at a convenient working height. This will not only make your workstation more comfortable and significantly add ergonomics to it but also prevent stress headaches and back pain caused by hours of sitting at the chairs in front of the monitor.
    2. The best desk keyboard trays will also help you prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and arm pain. First, the right desk keyboard tray provides you a place or even special gel wrist rest add-ons to rest your wrists when you feel fatigued after prolonged typing on your keyboard. Second, the negative keyboard tilt helps to keep wrists in a neutral position. This means less repetitive strain and stress for your wrists and less risk of injuries at your sitting or standing desk workstation too due to the height adjustment.
    3. Using the best keyboard tray for the desk, you save lots of spare space on your desktop for other gear (like the mouse, for instance). Also, an adjustable keyboard tray under desk helps to keep your workstation always more organized and tidier. Some of them even comes with a bit more added storage.
    4. A good ergonomic keyboard tray for sit-stand desk will allow you to work more comfortably at your standing desk too. You can switch from sitting to standing and vice versa but your hands will always stay in a comfortable position at the optimal height: the adjustable keyboard tray under desk will allow for a height adjustment and a convenient tilt angle. Install the best keyboard tray device and the tray will help you maintain a more active lifestyle at work.

In plain words, a desk keyboard tray for a workstation with a monitor is a small thing that changes the game and your lifestyle entirely. The keyboard tray helps you stay comfortable throughout the day and prevent some serious health issues caused by long sitting in front of the monitor in work chairs at your home in the office chairs as well. That is why it is considered an important part of the overall office ergonomics by many healthcare specialists. In this piece, we will tell you how to improve your sedentary work and lifestyleat the monitor by simply adjusting your desktop for your own needs with only one thing – an ergonomic desk keyboard tray. Keep reading the review below to learn how to build a workstation of your dreams.

Best Under Desk Keyboard Tray: Here's How We Choose

The ergonomic keyboard trays for desktops with a monitor were reviewed based on a number of factors. The first and arguably most important of these factors was the ergonomics of the keyboard tray for sit stand desk. We discovered and listed the primary features that contributed most to the office ergonomics, then we combined them with the price, evaluated the price-quality ratio, and only then have we managed to determine if the desk keyboard tray was good value for money and if it was any better than its competitors. We have reviewed some of the best keyboard trays on the market for you. As we want to suggest to you only the best keyboard trays by the most prominent manufacturer companies for your computer desk, we have elaborated a complex review procedure. First, we have gathered all the relevant information about the ergonomic keyboard trays. Second, we have studied all the existing researches on this product and checked hundreds of customer reviews and blog posts. Based on this info, we have chosen a pull of products, and then we have picked up the best keyboard trays according to their specifications, characteristics, adjustability features, design of construction, and customer feedback. Finally, we have tested all the chosen items. We have used customer service reviews to place the best ergonomic keyboards and adjustments available on the US market in our rating for you. The products that have passed our testing and showed good results in fighting fatigue while you’re starring at the monitor are on the list you see in this article.


What factors have we considered during our standing desk keyboard tray review process?

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Quality

  • Material quality
  • Tray track compatibility
  • Heigh and a weight capacity

Standing Keyboard Tray Design

  • Ergonomics and adjustment
  • Comfort of installation and use
  • Size and color variety

Adjuctable Keyboard Tray For Desk Price

  • Quality-price ratio
  • Price-warranty ratio

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Trust Score

  • User reviews
  • Customer surveys
  • Assembly
  • Independent testing

As you see, we have taken into consideration all the main factors related to the rating: quality, pricing policy, height adjustment, ease of use and installation, ergonomics, aesthetics, design, built, functionality, price, and warranty. Additionally, we have reviewed packaging and shipping terms and conditions, as our customers should not only know what they get in the box but also how to place an order and where to buy the keyboard tray products they like most. Below you will find our rating of the best trays we recommend you to pick if you’re looking for one of them.

Best Standing Desk Keyboard Tray Options for Computers in 2021

iMovr Trackless Keyboard Tray
1 Best Ergonomic Standing Keyboard Tray of 2021

iMovR Trackless Keyboard Tray

  • Material: dense polyethylene of 0.5’’ thickness
  • Dimensions: 19.4’’ for the tray; 9.04’’ diameter of the platform for a mouse; bracket — 4.2’’ x 6.25.’’
  • Height Extension: 5.73’’
  • Tilt angle range: up to 15 degrees
  • Compatibility: with any standing desk products
  • Colors: black
  • Warranty options: 15-year warranty is available for the product
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If you have a standing desk and you do a lot of typing and mouse arm movements, you definitely need a special device to minimize the shaking of the entire platform. The manufacturer guarantees the stability of the product, so in theory, this device can be implemented even to the treadmill desks. Together with the solved stability issue, the trackless keyboard tray can positively affect your wellbeing and make your working hours more bearable and efficient. Weighing at 10.8 lbs, this standing desk-fully-compatible trackless tray for your keyboard features plenty of beneficial options. It boasts increased stability that provides conditions for more comfortable typing on the keyboards. When you are through your workday, you can fold the tray under your desk.

The trackless stand up desk keyboard tray is capable of significantly improving the condition of your wrists by minimizing tension during typing on the keyboard, sitting at the monitor. The installation of the tray is really straightforward and simple as there is no sliding track system: the construction allowing for mounting the tray directly aims at reducing shaking, which is often the case with the trays with sliding tracks. If you are going to use a computer mouse, the trackless tray has something to offer: the platform for your mouse can be adjusted independently. You can also set its height, position, and tilt to meet your individual requirements. With the device, you can keep your mouse close to the working surface and improve the efficiency of your work at the standing desk.

If you want to switch between the tray’s positions swiftly, you can use the display. Whatever you might be doing, you can start adjusting the tray with the help of the tracking gauge: when you are sitting, walking, or standing, a quick adjustment is conveniently provided.

The keyboard tray’s manufacturer claims the product provides utmost stability: it has been achieved through top-notch production standards. This makes it possible for the user to avoid troubles while typing concerning the shaking of the platform.

Another important feature the trackless keyboard trays for desks have is ergonomic design: during the workday, you can use the device to the full, with the fatigue reduced and shaking issues minimized; when the day is done, you can stow the keyboard tray under your desk to embrace ergonomy and save up on space in your home or office. Besides, the manufacturer offers a very moderate pricing for their products.

Fellowes premier keyboard tray
2 Best Ergonomic Design Tray for Your Standing Desk

Fellowes Premier Keyboard Tray

  • Material: recycled steel
  • Dimensions: 28.2″ W x 5.7″ H
  • Tilt Range: up to -10°
  • Compatibility: 22" track (at least 22" under desk space needed)
  • Colors available: silver, black
  • Warranty: 3-year
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Fellowes Premier keyboard tray consists of two parts: a keyboard drawer and a mouse platform. The Comfort-Lift Fellowes Office Suites system enables you to move the mouse platform left or right over the keyboard drawer and to tilt it forward and backward. It offers 2 custom height positions, too. The Warning Trak system prevents the mouse from sliding off the mouse pad. The keyboard platform is large and deep enough to fit in a larger keyboard like Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000.

What else is great about this ergonomic Fellowes Premier Office Suites under desk keyboard tray? The manufacturer created a great device with the height adjustment function, so you can adjust the height quickly and easily, with just one hand. This desk keyboard tray is equipped with memory foam with antimicrobial protection. It helps keep the tray clean but not only. The best thing about this memory foam is that it helps relieve wrist pressure, prevent arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. The pricing policy is remarkable!

What didn’t we like about the Fellowes Office Suites under desk keyboard tray? The manufacturer claims that Suites under desk keyboard drawer ‘s slim profile fits standard workstation models. Though, the customer should be attentive and measure their under-desk space before purchasing this good as it has a large sliding track. You need at least 22″ of free space under your desktop for this track. Also, it is good that Fellowes Premier has a negative tilt. Though, 10 degrees tilt is not sufficient in some cases.

humanscale float keyboard tray

Humanscale Float Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

  • Material: Phenolic resin
  • Dimensions: 25″ W x 8.4″ H
  • Tilt Range: up to -15°
  • Compatibility: can be installed on most standing desks (11” under-desk space needed)
  • Colors available: white, black
  • Warranty: 15 years
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The Float’s manufacturer designed the device the way to make its installation super easy—a rarity in the pricing segment. The Float keyboard tray for desks is equipped with a lightweight arm mechanism. This arm mechanism slips easily into the rail. The front bracket of the keyboard tray locks it into its place with two tabs that are included in the set, so you don’t need any additional tools to install it. The whole keyboard drawer installation process takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Then you just start using your new desk device with the convenient arm mechanism.

This desk keyboard tray is wide enough to position a standard keyboard and a mouse in there; also, it tilts up to -15° to reduce wrists fatigue. It sticks to your desk with a clamp, and that would be the moment when you adjust it to your perfect height. Sure, you can further adjust the height slightly by choosing a convenient working tilt angle, but keep in mind that it would be a minor height difference. The keyboard drawer is made of a super resistant material ensuring its stability and durability and doesn’t wobble while you are typing, which is extremely ergonomic and comfortable for gaming. Also, this desk keyboard tray comes with a 15-year warranty and assembly manual in the box, which is a huge asset. Though, there are some flaws in this model.

So, what are the downsides? According to the customer and manufacturer reviews, the Humanscale Float keyboard tray is pretty shallow (only 8.4” deep) to be able to fully slide underneath the table, but that is on the bright side. The bad news is that being shallow, this keyboard tray for standing desks cannot accommodate a larger keyboard. Besides, unlike other models of this pricing range, the Humanscale Float doesn’t provide an independent mouse platform. Another downside to this tray product’s design is that many users may find insufficient the 15° of negative tilt.

Uncaged Ergonomics KT1 Keyboard Tray

Uncaged Ergonomics KT1 Keyboard Tray

Uncaged Ergonomics
  • Material: steel frame, premium molded composite keyboard and mouse panels
  • Dimensions: 18.5” W x 8.75” H
  • Tilt Range: -15° to + 50°
  • Compatibility: 16” track not compatible with many sit-stand desks
  • Colors available: black, white, hayward cherry, light maple
  • Warranty: 90 days
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Uncaged Ergonomics is a very basic adjustable desk keyboard drawer with an independent height adjustable mini mouse pad. So, let us see what comes in the box. The Uncaged ergonomics desk keyboard tray is super sturdy and reliable: its frame is made of steel, and the height-adjustable keyboard and mouse trays are made of a high-quality molded composite. So, I can just imagine how sturdy and stable the desk keyboard tray is. Uncaged Ergonomics doesn’t wobble at all; also, this keyboard tray under-desk drawer covers all basic needs of office workers: the keyboard platform tilts up to -15° and provides enough free space for a standard keyboard, plus, it adjusts up to 4” of height below your desk.

What else is great about the Uncaged Ergonomics KT1 keyboard tray under-desk, and what do you get in the box? It is a very popular model for its price point because this desk keyboard tray is the most affordable amongst all the competitors, and it helps to reduce the repetitive strain caused by all-day typing, too. You will especially love the independent mouse stand as it can be adjusted to your most comfortable height and wrist position. Plus, on a separate stand, the mouse will not intervene with the keyboard as they are located almost independently on the separate mini platform, and your under-desk compartment will look more organized and ergonomic. So, the manufacturer created a great unconventional tray model with mini platform for the mouse with height adjustment function that the customer who likes to keep their working space clean and organized will like.

What are the downsides? This under-desk keyboard tray has a beautiful design and all the necessary ergonomic features to help reduce repetitive strain and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. It comes with a convertible arm that can elevate your keyboard drawer to an optimal height above your desktop. Though, its 16” long track makes it not compatible with many standing desks. Also, it helps the installation process is far from being easy, and the warranty period is too short for this desk keyboard tray—the assembly manual comes in the box along with the device.

5 Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray

  • Material: pre-consumer recycled materials
  • Dimensions: 25.5 ″ W x 4.5″ H
  • Tilt Range: +15º / -15º
  • Compatibility: 22" under desk space needed
  • Colors available: black
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty on keyboard arm; 5 years on keyboard tray; 1 year on gel wrist rest
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3M keyboard tray is the type of device that helps you position your keyboard and mouse at the right level to maximize comfort while typing. This is a great sturdy tray for desks that is both height and tilt adjustable. So, you can place this desk keyboard tray in the exact position you desire. The mouse pad is independently adjustable, too. You can place it on either side of the keyboard tray, for both left and right-handed users. The 3M keyboard tray also comes with a handy gel wrist rest to reduce strain on the wrists.

What else do we like about this desk keyboard tray product? The 3M keyboard tray has a great tilt range, from +15º to -15º. It is capable of limited height-adjustment and horizontal swiveling. All in all, it is a great tray product with all key features. It covers all basic needs and helps fight carpal tunnel syndrome. In general, this tray can make all types of desks including standing desks, treadill desk models, stand up desk options and other workstation types more comfortable and healthy for users. We ensure you if you buy this desk keyboard tray model and install it in your office or home, the time you spend at the monitor using your computer at full capacity will become much more preasant and less stressfull. Check out the company’s pricing policy, too!

What is on the dark side? It is not compatible with many stand-up desk models. Just make sure it fits your workstation. And be prepared that the installation process won’t be very quick and easy-peasy as the 3M instruction manuals are notorious for being not clear. However, if you buy this standing desk tray anyway and manage to install it you will not regret this purchase.

Ergotron Neo-Flex Underdesk Keyboard Arm

Ergotron Neo-Flex Under-desk Keyboard Arm for a Workstation

  • Material: Mount of steel, high-quality plastic keyboard and mouse tray
  • Dimensions: One size tray with 26.9” width x 8.9” height
  • Height Extension: 10.75” max
  • Tilt angle range: Up to 15° max
  • Compatibility: Suitable for both sitting and standing desk
  • Colors available: Black tray and black clamp mount
  • Warranty: 3 years limited (for tray and clamp only), assembly manual in the box
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Ergotron is one of the leaders in the office furniture market nowadays, so we could not help but included another outstanding desk adjustment by this manufactorer in our rating, with the pricing policy cincerned, as well. The Neo-Flex Ergonomic desk tray for computer keyboards is an intelligest slide-out tray mount that is meant to improve your office furniture ergonomics by many points. First up, the ergonomic tray that comes in the box can move both vertically and horizontally, allowing its users to adjust their desk tray for keyboards to their working height and set forth the tilt angle properly. Second, this desktop tray provides for a separate mouse tray made of high-quality plastic that allows the computer mouse to move on a mouse platform as smoothly as possible.

That is not all by far: you can adjust your ergonomic desktop tray in height up to 6” vertically by a simple push or pull, and you can also extend it up to 10.75” to fit larger keyboards on your desktop tray. One can use this arm both sitting and standing, so you can clamp it either to your working desk or install it onto the wall and use with an ergonomic computer monitor arm. The Ergotron Neo-Flex truly is the best flexible desk tray for keyboards due to its fantastic functionaly and variability of uses: you can either hide it under your to create more spare space on your desktop or clamp it onto the wall and other surgfaces to make your workstation more functional. This one would be especially great for gaming. You are welcome to use desk and tray accessories to enhance the workstation ergonomics: the desk tray comes in the box with a long USB extension cable and a handy cable management kit which would be very convenient for connection additional gear. Plus, the assembly instuctions come in the box as well.

So, this desk device will most definitely help you fight the constant fatigue after spendign hours at the computer desk working on your projects. But what are the downhills and weak spots of this ergonomic keyboard tray? The Neo-Flex arm for keyboards may become cramped cause the sedk tray does not provide for an additional mouse pad. Also, be very careful if and when installing it onto the wall, as it is a rather heavy tray but it cannot handle big loads of weight. Its maximum capacity is significantly lower than that of iMovR desk tray models in the same pricing range, for instance. But generally speaking, this is an excellent option for makimg your office workstation or home working desk more comfortable and ergonomic.

Vivo MOUNT-KB05E under-desk keyboard mount

Vivo MOUNT-KB05E Extra Sturdy Clamp-On Computer Keyboard Tray

  • Material: Steel clamps and a high-grade plastic tray
  • Dimensions: One size tray with 26.8” width x 11” height
  • Tilt angle range: No tilt capacity provided
  • Compatibility: Mostly compatible with sitting desks
  • Colors available: Solely black for tray and parts
  • Warranty: 3 years limited (for tray and parts), assembly manual in the box
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This is the last one in our rating, but it sure deserves your attention. Let us now take a closer look at the box contents. The Vivo Mount Ergonomic under-desk tray for keyboards feature a simple design and plenty of ergonomics. The desk mount has a black matte surface that is installed perpendicular to the desk so that your keyboard and mouse do not fall off of it. The mount arm is super sturdy, so you may not worry and hang it on the wall or clamp it on your desk effortlessly. The pricing is more than bearable.

It is a very simple yet ergonomic piece of furniture at a fair pricing tag: you can slid the tray under your desk to hide the mouse and keyboard and free some desktop space; the high-frade plastic will allow for the smooth movement of your computer mouse; the polished steel clamp that comes along in the box is so durable and sturdy, that you would never have to worry about the desk mount falling off. Although the mount istself cannot be adjusted in height, but you can install it (or hang it on the wall) at exactly the height you need. Plus, the clamp has a rubber grip that makes the device safer in use and protect the desktop from any mechanical damage that can be caused by the installation. You can easily clean your desk adjustment for keyboards and mouse with wet wipe as the tray is afraid of water.

This Vivo option is very simple and budget pricing, so you should not set your expectations too high; it does its job is supporting your keyboards and mouse allowing for more desktop space and better computer gear management. But there are some obvious drawbacks: there is no tilt angle at all so this might result in some wrist strain, and that, in turn, means that you have to acquire some additional computer and desk accessories to release that strain. Don’t forget about the importance of the right chairs and use more ergonomic chairs (or standing chairs) which offer arm rests or up arms to provide extra arm support while typing at your workstation at your monitor. Check Elevon clamp on keyboard tray with adjustable tilt. Or, you can clamp this mount on the wall and use as a stand up mini desk that would only serve to maintain your keyboards and mouse. This mini desk option is great solution for the ergonomics of your working space. Assembly recommendation of the manufacturer may be found in the box.

How to choose the best ergonomic keyboard tray for desks?

female hands pressing keys of black ergonomic keyboard

The first step in choosing the right ergonomic keyboard tray for you is to take into account some key points like your height and office configuration. But not only this. Here are some other things you need to think about to avoid negative customer experience:

  1. Do you use an adjustable height standing desk? Nowadays, millions of office workers chose standing desks and standing treadmill desk workstation models to promote a healthier lifestyle. Such desks allow to change the position more frequently and move more. Of course, there are ergonomic keyboard trays for sit-stand desks that are adapted for the change in height. When you choose a keyboard tray for an adjustable standing desk, take into account that it must allow you to change the height by approximately 15 inches.
  2. Is it compatible with your desk? Will you be able to attach this or that keyboard tray to your standing desk? Normally, the best keyboard trays are fixed on rails or an arm under the table. So, pay attention to how much space there is on the underside of the standing desk. Some trays’ rails can be up to 22 inches long. That may be too much for many traditional and sit-stand desks.
  3. How ergonomic is the tray’s design? Look for a keyboard tray that will make your desk work better from an ergonomic point of view. It should be easy to adjust. The height adjustment must be adequate for all people using the keyboard or mouse. Note that a good ergonomic keyboard tray can tilt at least 15 degrees.
  4. Is it easy to adjust? If you are the only one to use the ergonomic keyboard tray, using the height adjusting knobs won’t be a big issue. Moreover, such a keyboard tray solution can save you money. However, if the workstation is in use of several people, it is better to have a possibility to adjust the height manually by just pushing the keyboard tray. Also, if you plan to use advanced ergonomic keyboard trays, pay attention to how easy you can change the tilt angle.
  5. Is it sturdy? It must be sturdy enough not to wobble while typing, especially if you work at a standing desk or active treadmill desk. A reliable desk keyboard tray has good weight capacity. The material should be durable and not slippery. Try to avoid cheap plastic tray products. Such keyboard trays are flimsy and shaky. Also, make sure that there is enough space for your keyboard and mouse. For offices, it is better if a keyboard tray allows you to position the mouse either on the right or on the left side.

Standing desk keyboard tray use for more health benefits

The best keyboard tray solutions are to help you avoid neck, back, and wrist pain that inevitably appears when you work at your desk forty or more hours per week. Though, you have to set it upright so it brings you the most health and productivity benefits possible. Make sure you adjust your keyboard and its height right using the following guidelines:

  • Control your wrist position. Keyboard trays offer a huge range of adjustments. So, it is not always obvious what setup is necessary. While you set it up, adjust its height and position so that your wrists are inline or 180 degrees of your forearm. While using your keyboard, pay attention to avoid hard upward angles in your wrists.
  • Check your elbow position. Your elbows should be positioned at an approximately 90-degree angle. Meanwhile, the arms shouldn’t stay too close to your body. For that, you may need to adjust the armrests and the height of the chairs you usually sit on when working at the monitor and pull your display forward.
  • Monitor. You may need to pull your monitor display closer to you. So, make sure that you keep the right distance from the monitor anyway. Also, try to tilt the monitor 20 degrees backward for more comfort. Remember that sitting too close to the monitor is also bad not only for your vision but for the state of your back and the whole body as well, so don’t forget about keeping the distance from the monitor but at the same time the distance should be comfortable to give you a possibility to see the monitor display clearly.
  • Control how you sit. When sitting, check out if you are doing this right. Your back should make contact with the backrest of the chair (you better use health improving chairs with height adjustment function). Try not to slide forward. This brings huge stress to your lower and middle back. Also, make sure you have enough free space to keep you arm position comfortably and control if your arms have decent support while you are typing.

DIY Desk Drawers for Keyboards in 2021

If you need a separate and solid platform for your computer gear but, unfortunately, you cannot afford one, or you cannot find anything for your needs and taste, you should think outside the box and attempt making a DIY table or wall adjustment for your workstation. There is a variety of designs and materials for your ergonomic keyboard tray you can choose from: wood, bamboo, plastic, or even metal (like aluminum). Wood will provide you more solid support and is generally more sturdy and durable, while bamboo, for example, is more eco-friendly and lightweight. Plus, there are plenty of standing desks made of bamboo on the market today, and they are very affordable and ergonomic. We advise you to take a look at our review of the best standing desks and take a closer look at the hardwood and bamboo standing desk models; you might find one of them attractive and then make a customized DIY drawer for keyboards and computer gear.

Bear in mind when making a DIY computer keyboard adjustment that if you opt for wood or bamboo, it will be too solid for your wrist to touch and thus, not so comfortable to work on for prolonged periods. Thus, we suggest you use some wrist gel for better adjustability and arm support, and wrist depreciation. You may also want to use some of that gel to make a stopping point for the keyboard and mouse so that they would not slide down and laminate a platform for the mouse for a more smooth movement. Plus, both wood and bamboo are widespread materials, but they may have little splinters sticking out and, therefore, are not always safe, as you could get one on your wrist. That is why it is better to laminate the whole platform.

So, if you are familiar with basic furniture making and capable of creating good-looking and functional pieces of furniture, you can also make a solid DIY standing desk of wood or bamboo to match it to your DIY computer keyboard extension. Do not forget to take care of setting the proper height, ensure a nice tilting range, choose the suitable design solution, and always laminate the surface that your wrist is touching.

Standing Desk Keyboard Trays FAQ

Standing desk keyboard tray - why do I need it?

You can set an ergonomic keyboard tray at the height that is most comfortable for you, according to your height and the position in which you work. The articulating keyboard tray allows you to adjust the angle of the tray and, consequantly, let your hand lie properly and correctly. Sometimes, the tray can be designed with built- it gel rests places underneath the keyboard and mouse to make you feel even more comfortable. Overall, this solution helps to alleviate certain forms of wrist, back, and arm pain and prevent serious health issues while you are working at a desk. Some keyboard trays come with an integrated swivel mouse tray which can be adjusted on the left or right sides, which also helps you keep your body in the right position and not overexert your muscles. Most of experts ensures that you will be able to find some keyboard tray that you will want to purchase for your home and office workplace. Of course, some keyboard trays can be expensive and have a lot of additional features and probably better adjustability function. But there are also a lot of very quality products you can find for a budget price. So take a closer look at the best keyboard tray options and consider buying one of them for your desk to prevent health problems in advance and live more complete and happy life.

Do keyboard trays work for standing desks?

Yes, the design of keyboard trays works for standing desks and acts as an anti- fatigue tool for those who are standing in front of the monitor for a long time. In addition, the tray is suitable for majority of desks, including treadmill desks. I would recommend paying attention to the weight capacity of the tray, though, because standing person can lean their body on the keyboard tray, which can lead to damages and injuries. Therefore, make sure that your tray can hold a heavy weight and do not put a lot of heavy items in the storage space. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of the devices on the market today, so you will definitely fidn the best option for you.

How to find the best keyboard tray?

If you are looking for the best ergonomic keyboard tray for a desk to pick in the store, we recommend you to look through our rating of the best products. There are a lot of quality articulating trays with a variety of construction types, designs, bracket-style slider, gel rests places, and storage places. Some things to consider when comparing ergonomic keyboard trays are the ability to adjust it in height, tilting angles, size, stability, price, quality, and design that will give you the best value. Also, pay attention to the lifetime guarantee option, and possibility to use it with your type of desk (sit-stand, treadmill, standing desks, etc.) and to raise and lower the keyboard. Besides, remeber that the weight capacity of the tray must be enough to hold your keyboard and that its storage space is not supposed to be overloaded. If there are some troubles with the keyboard tray for standing desk you chose, the solution is looking for alternatives.

How to install ergonomic keyboard trays?

“Overall, the time and complexity of the installation depends on the complexity of the design, features and type of your tray for the desk. Sometimes it’s a matter of a few minutes, and sometimes it can take you more than an hour to install a slider. Therefore, read the instructions and follow them clearly in order to install your tray properly. However, note that most keyboard trays should be installed by drilling or clamping, this ensures that whatever type of desk you have, with the right choice you will be able to get an appropriate keyboard tray and to raise it at the needed height. Of course, the tray must hold your keyboard, so it is important to check the sturdiness of the construction and make sure it the tray installed correctly and, so as not to get any injuries during operation.

To make your tray work as long as possible, do not pull the tray from side to side and do not load it with heavy weights even it it has a lot of storage space.”

Concluding Notes

Ergonomics plays a great part in improving our overall health and contributes to our productivity. The ergonomics is especially topical now, when so many people work by the computers staring at the monitor all day long, have a sedentary lifestyle sitting on their chairs moveless, and suffer from serious spine and muscle conditions. As you can see, these pieces of desktop furniture that we have described so neatly above can vary greatly in height, weight, shapes, and color, but they all equally contribute to ergonomics in our workplaces. In addition, I would recommend you to take a closer look at other solutions like treadmill desks or health improving chairs with a height adjustment function. These solutions might become a great addition to your working space as well and, in case of the treadmill desks, for example, can improve your body shape significantly.

Also, we do shop and order a lot online these days, and we do not want a cat in the box. That is why it is so important to read as many customer reviews as possible. If you answer all of our questions mentioned above about your needs and requirements for your new furniture adjustment fairly and honestly, you shall receive exactly what you want in your shipping box. Check it for quality, though, and ensure that the box was not damaged on the way (if so, use the warranty).

We hope we have provided you enough tips on improving your office ergonomics with the best solutions. So, the bottom line is: do not opt for any cat in the box and use our professional advice and the comprehensive guide above to choose the best ergonomically suitable option to improve your sitting lifestyle.


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