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iMovR Lander Standing Desk
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iMovR Lander Standing Desk
  • Durable premium components made in USA
  • Easy assembly in minutes
  • Best lifting capacity up to 360 lbs
  • Excellent lift speed
  • 10-year industry-leading warranty
IMovR Lander Desk is the best electric standing desk on the market with a 10-year warranty for the base component and a 5-year warranty for the tabletop component. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from and the options to add additional components to the table, to make it even more of a winner. This standing desk is made from the best quality materials and components like the quiet Bosch electric motors that run at 55 decibels and will make a mouse squeak sound loud. With the control touch paddle, it is easy to adjust the height of the desk without searching for which button you must press. You can pair your mobile phone with the table via Bluetooth with ease. The paddle also has a built-in health coach that reminds you to stand or move. With its smooth and stable movement and desktops looking like wood, it truly is the best ergonomic standing desk that can be found.
flexispot electric standing desk
Flexispot Electric Standing Desk
  • Affordable pricing
  • Dual-motor lifting system
  • 7-key controller with 3 memory settings
  • Variety of desk colors
  • Desktops are CARB and EPA-certified
This Flexispot model is the best value electric standing desk with a high-quality height adjustable system. The desk has a height adjustment range from 29'' to 48'' and a weight capacity of 154 lbs. The desk is also customizable: it has four variants of desktop sizes, multiple colors and three handsets; all of that for a budget price and with a 5-year warranty.
UPLIFT V2 Bamboo Standing Desk
UPLIFT V2 Bamboo Standing Desk
  • Ergonomic design
  • Variety of frame colors
  • Endless customization
  • Good lifting capacity
  • 7-year warranty
The Uplift standing desk is one of the best standing desks and it comes with a 7-year all-inclusive warranty on the entire desk frame that is real value for money and your budget. Uplift made sure to bring their A-game to be at the top of the best standing desk range that is available. With the Uplift V2 standing desk, the customizability is endless: there is a variety of shapes, colors, and accessories for a standing desk to choose from.
Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Reasons To Shop For The Best Standing Desk

Unfortunately, reasons for the majority of health problems are a sitting job by a computer desk and lack of activity. Best standing desks significantly reduce the aforementioned side-effects of the developing world.

Decreased fitness level caused by prolonged sitting leads to many more unpleasant syndromes, such as lower back pain, headache, low concentration, muscle strain.

– said Barbara Phillips, MS, OTD, OTR/L and the founder of Ergo Life Solutions.

It is time we figure out a way to organize our workstation (the place where we spend most of out time) wisely. We have a solution for you, and it is all in our rating below: this is the US best ergonomic desks by various brands, working system including features like converters for monitors and laptops, chairs, and accessories to make your working process in the office and at home (or a home office) more comfortable.

When to Read This Article With Rating and Sit-Stand Desk Options?

We found a team of experts to work with us on a project concerning the best standing desk with adjustable height options on the market: first, we’ve gathered information on how to organize an ergonomic workstation, and then we’ve made it into a rating of the best offers of the commercial standing desk in the US today. It was quite a journey: we have tested a wide range of great products with oppotrunity to change the height while working, and now, we are only offering you the best of the best, so proceed to read the full review below and get acquainted with all the points to find out pros and cons of each installation in stock, and we promise it will be a time well spent checking our list.

What is the Best Standing Desk and Why You Should Have it?

man working on standing desk
shutterstock / By Jacob Lund

A standing desk or stand-up desk is a workstation stand that helps you switch between sitting and standing positions throughout your workday, which is indispensable for taking care of your health. If you buy the proper desk it will help you maintain the necessary fitness level even despite a sedentary lifestyle, this is how it is different from other desks. As most of them are adjustable in height and in size due to existing desk converters, you can set your desktop to your liking and work both standing up and sitting on a chair: adjust the height on as many inches as you need and as the sit stand desk allows you. This measure provides you the necessary amount of motion. It doesn’t really matter how low your desk is. You can always have a converter to ease your working and learning experience and make it more comfortable and, most importantly, ergonomic. Not only do the standing desk converters spare the space at your apartment or office, but they also spare your budget, according to the experts. Some desktops also come with a drawer to organize your space correctly. We found some curious facts about the products like the best height adjustable standing desk, and now we are ready to define our favorites in 2021.

How Can a Workstation Improve Your Health?

A workstation with a standing desk has topped the rating of products that alleviate low back pain and neck pain, and we bet you have seen at least one commercial or read an article on what experts advise you to do when your back pain is starting to get worse. A study from Texas A&M University found that using a standing desk actually deals with productivity: it makes you more productive. Luckily, all respected modern brands value the comfort of its users and offers such desks that can be found almost everywhere. Even on Amazon we found numerous units mentioned above for the affordable prices.

Best Standing Desk and Workstation Solutions

Premium companies are to provide you with more fitness opportunities, more laptop and keyboard space, and they feature a wide adjustment range. However, if you as a consumer are not ready to buy a full-on standing desk equipped with vide range of electronics, you can start with special chairs and standing desk converters: they allow you to adjust the height of your desks, providing for more ergonomics to your workstation — thus, you receive a “diy” standing desk. Many users have tested such systems, and now they base their opinion on expert reviews. You can place any standing desk converter on your table with no need to buy a new desk and just add proper standing chairs. Quite a relief on your budget, isn’t it? Plus, we will tell you some more about fitness stand up chairs and cover different important accessories for the system that will help you improve your overall health condition and productivity, and feel yourself better compared to the previous periods when siiting at desk. Computer workstation and motorized standing desks will make a full working experience extremely better so consider searching for a desk on Amazon.

Buy the Best Standing Desk to Improve Health, Productivity, and Working Experience

There is a great variety of height adjustable standing desks, converters, and stand-up chairs, and we have tested each model presented in this rating ourselves. Experts say prolonged sitting on regular chairs with no height adjustment option will cause you worse blood circulation, muscle strain, and all kinds of low back pain, but you don’t have to be an expert to notice that. Even changing on several inches makes huge difference. Other desks, that do not have height adjustment option, have less advantages during the current 2021 pandemic situation. When the world is locked at home, it is essential to get a cheaper unit of the highest quality possible to test the opportunities given by a sit stand desk. Have a sitting job? Then you are in the right place, our friend; this piece about some standing desk and height adjustable chairs options will teach you how to have fitness everyday, burn calories, and improve your overall health without a workout just by changing the height of the desk and your positions. We sincerely hope that this rating will help you decide and buy the much-needed workstation adjustment and additional chairs to it.

What This Article Will Tell You About Any Standing Desk Workstation

Use our pieces of advice as guides on choosing your own full standing desk (or a desk converter) with full functionality for a reasonable budget. We tested a range of the products mentioned in the rating: these standard desks proved to be highly effective in low back and neck pain treatment as well as posture adjustment. Make sure to read the full review below to find out your perfect standing desk design or a converter depending on pricing or personal reasons and buy it at the closest commercial center or retailer or place an order online on Amazon (probably the easiest option). Desktops of the bamboo, aluminum, or other materials, with the any-much-inches-thick frame, capable of dealing with as many pounds of weight as you need (with a reasonable limit, of course), and the minimal starting price are available on the market.

Best Standing Desks Choice and Testing

We have established that lack of fitness is a major issue amongst people with sitting jobs. If the pandemic situation locked you at home, consider getting a comfortable space saving desktop to put your working laptop on it. Choosing the best standing desk (or a standing desk converter) suitable for the budget to buy may be challenging at times, as modern companies (and each brand in particular) offer so many variations. Like any type of furniture, the desk and desktop can be comfortable, ergonomic, and beneficial for overall health only if it meets a full list of your requirements. Since there are so many different furniture models and price points depending on the budget, our mission seems to be quite overwhelming. The standing desk review we have put together will spare you quite some time choosing; just pick a brand you liked, a cheap ergonomic option for your budget, and go with it. We are here as experts to help you go through any commercial and rating to find the best standing desk to bring max comfort to the working process based on our testing results and personal experience. To achieve the best result possible, we, along with the team of experts, have elaborated a peculiar furniture evaluation procedure to analyze each workstation and desk possible on the US market. For sure, we also recommend to do presets of the desks, converters, office chairs, and stand-up chairs before you make the final decision to buy something. So, read our full guide to make your decision and buy the most convenient workstation converter possible with best ergonomics.

Which Standing Desk Do We Suggest You to Buy?

Testing the every workstation and desk we offer to our customers is the most important thing, as we value your trust. We tested all first-rate models on the US market, including those suggested on Amazon, to check for some essential points: the standard is a cheap, with good ergonomics, premium quality, including smart technology, and functional model. Luckily, due to the wide adjustment range of the most desks (both Chinese and American), testing was simple and we found the solution easily for each real case.

Our evaluation process was quite standard: we have made a list of furniture qualities perfect desks should obtain, and, based on that list, we have written our standing desk 2021 review. Since the testing process covered numerous points, we managed to “build” a fair rating of the best desktop options.

Use our guide containing a list of recommendations as a resourse of information concerning the specs to pay attention to when picking adjustable desktop and standing desk converters; each next feature added some points to the product:

Best standing desks safety
  • Solid material quality (laminate or wooden desktop)
  • Laminate or wood desktop surface
  • Gear quality
  • Сonformity with hygiene norms and standards
  • Stable construction and no wobble
Ergonomics of the desks
  • Design
  • Customizability
  • Range of height adjustment
  • Leg spacing
  • Sizes of installation and color variety
  • Spacing for monitors and electronics
  • Desktops height adjustment
  • Max and min treadmill speed
Best standing desk trust score
  • User reviews
  • Scientific researches
  • Customer surveys
  • Independent tests
Standing desk comfort
  • Stability
  • Noise
  • Lift Speed
  • Controls
  • Electronics
Standing desks pricing
  • Desk solutions fitting your budget
  • Quality-pricing ratio
  • Base pricing-warranty ratio
  • Packaging and shipping in one box
  • Assembly process
  • Support
Mobile and Remote Control
  • Control from mobile app
  • Touch control panel
Additional Furniture and Electronics
  • Chairs
  • Monitor holder
  • Additional space for a keyboard and laptop

How a standing desk rating was made?

So, we tested the desks, compared them by given criteria, and the best desks have ended up on our review. We also use customer reviews of a computer desk, and such an in-depth analysis lets us generate a reliable standing desk review and share it with you. Thus, the review deals with the best 2021 stand up desks options: some of them are similar, some are more different. Tests covered units with the drawer and without drawer, more cheaper and less chepaer options, those where the additional tools are included and not included, and so on. Anyway, the review is full of useful information for those who are planning to visit the store and get such a desktop.

What Should You Know About Height Adjustable Standing Desks and Converters?

The first thing you should know before buying any piece of office furniture, especially motorized electric standing desk and whole workstation, is that you need to choose the desk board which is right for you. To make work-at-home time or learning comfortable you need to take the optimal width, height, lift capacity, pricing, and ergonomic features into account. To understand that, you need to note the position you are working in when sitting by a computer desk. If you want adjust your working height to be able to do a standup, you need to pay attention to the height adjustment and its mechanism (every inch makes difference); if you need to keep a big load of electronics on your desk board at the same time, pay attention to the lift capacity; to ensure maximum fitness at your desk, buy additional chairs to switch between standing and sitting; desk stability is important, too. The material can vary greatly: there are desks made of recyclable aluminum, hardwood (like oak, for instanworkworkstation and even bamboo). Plus, if you truly want to make your desktop into an ergonomic workstation and improve an experience in front of computer, you should also think of buying an additional desk converter and take a look into adjustable office chairs to go with your new desk.

Do not fall for any popular commercial slogans and extremely popular brand products; you should ask for a professional opinion of experts if you have never used a standing desk before. We, in turn, suggest you take a small questionnaire below:

  • Where am I going to work, in the office or home?
  • What type of work do I do most of the time at the desk?
  • Do I use a stationary PC or a laptop?
  • Do I do a lot of keyboarding?
  • How frequently do I use complementary devices like printers and other electronics?
  • Do I have a good chair? Is it adjustable?

You should not fall for a misconception that you must read a whole lot of commercial and experts reviews before buying a premium desk. All you need is one comprehensive standing desk review. Starting from here, we will slowly but surely guide you through the decision-making process. Yes, you do need one of the office chairs, even if it is a “standing” desk. Standing for long periods can affect you the same amount as sitting. You need to take different positions. The smartest thing to do is to switch between standing and sitting positions during the day. So, proper working chairs are just as important as solid desks; but any chairs will do for us. In the review below, we will share some secrets with you on how to choose not just good but great office chairs.

Why is height control is important for chairs?

The thought about adjustable chairs takes us to another point of our expert review: you need to buy yourself a height-adjustable desk (even the difference in a couple o inches matters) or a converter that would regulate the working height for you. Such customization concerning height will allow you to go from standing to sitting, so you don’t need to keep your traditional desktop or tolerate the low back pain from constant sitting by a computer desk. There is no fixed standard, and once you give all the answers, you will understand which size, type, and model of the best standing desk you need to elevate your fitness level.

Different Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Standing desks can be manually-operated or have an electric adjustable-height mechanism. Nowadays, home and office-based workers use electric adjustable-height standing desks, as they are typically powered by precision linear motor drives and take less effort to adjust the height. Even so, both remain a good choice for homes and offices across the country. Check out the info below to find your dream desk and set forth an ergonomic workstation. So, before you browse our list of top-rated, the most convenient, and most ergonomic standing desks, let’s check out what types of standing workstations are there and what the experts say about them.

Manual adjustable height standing desks

Manual standing desks

Manual adjustable standing desks use crank mechanisms to make your workstation taller or shorter, and this is their biggest difference from electronic ones. This means they require repeated physical exertion and more time to switch between sitting and standing modes. Usually, even the best existing standing desks of this type are not made to provide a smooth lift. So, even the best standing desk of this category has more cons than pros. This type of sit-stand desks have almost disappeared from the market; as motorized standing desks have become affordable, fewer people are choosing manual standing desks. However, one must admit, these workstation stands are usually very durable, easy to assemble, and have the strongest build and base.

Electric standing desks

Electric standing desks

Electronics offer us another level of ergonomics and adjustability, and electric standing desks prove that. A proper electric workstation is equipped with a motor to lift the desk board and put it down. Desks of this category are smoother, more ergonomic, and faster lifting than the previous type; plus, the built-in electronics sometimes provide for a memory mobile controller, which makes the adjustment even easier. These ergonomic workstation stands have increased lift capacity, are more functional in terms of mobile fitness maintenance, and can memorize your preset preferences. The best motorized desks can be controlled by a remote console or mobile desktop apps. Motorized standing desks are quick, smooth, comfortable. Anyone can buy them now, as pricing for desks with mobile control is not that high as it used to be just a couple of years ago. Most of desks use up-to-date noise-canceling technology, so the motors are barely audible.

Pneumatic standing desks

Pneumatic standing desk

Hydraulic standing desks can be powered by both electricity or a hand crank, so this furniture with adjustable height is in a way similar both to a manually and electrically operated workstation. The thing about hydraulic lifting is that it makes the equipped sit-stand workstations the quietest and smooth ones on the market; it also provides for increased lift capacity of the chairs, and a perfectly silent ascent and descent. Height adjustable desks in this category are immensely popular, because they are probably the most ergonomic and solid ones in our rating. You may consider buying this desk if you are looking for more workstation flexibility. We have tested and reviewed some of the best hydraulic products, so you will have the opportunity to read more about them and the budget below.

Counterbalance standing desks

Counterbalance standing desks

Pneumatically adjustable standing desks are equipped with counterbalance mechanisms that use pneumatic systems or springs to offset the weight and assist with lifting. Such systems guarantee a fast and smooth desktop lift and height adjustment without any need for a power source. Counterbalance facilitates the height transitions you apply to your workstation; you can adjust your desktop height sitting down in just one magical move! These are really good ergonomic desk models as they are comfortable, silent, fast, smooth, and eco-friendly (as they don’t use electricity). We’ve also tested a couple of height adjustable desks and chairs in this category and now are starting to understand all the fuss around them. Stick around and read the full review to see this workstation for yourself.

Best standing desk converters

Standing desk converters

The industry changes upon user’s inquiries and provides not only the standing desks themselves but also the standing desk converters. All converters can be divided into two types: they are either manually operated or have some electronics with a mobile control function installed. Many people prefer converters that lack the electric gear since it is easier, not that likely to break down soon, and the pricing is lower. Converters provide so many benefits. However, the only main issue the desk converters have is their lack of stability and sturdiness, which may affect the learning and working experience. Remember that systems of such a category are not meant to completely free you from back or neck pain, but they are for sure good for correcting the posture and, thus, helping with reducing the amount of pain you experience while sitting in front of monitor. If you want to know more about such systems, then read our guide to the best standing desk converters to buy today.

Best Standing Desk Picks: the Most Reviewed and Rated 12 Sit-Stand Desks for 2021

iMovR Lander Standing Desk

IMovR Lander Desk with 15-year Warranty on Electronics and Laminate Desktop


This brand offers probably the best existing standing desks for rather high pricing, and they have the best stability of existing electric standing desks as well. The ergo-contoured frame, 3D laminated desk surface makes an ergonomic piece of furniture with an attractive that fits in most interiors. Due to the premium materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, a desktop looks and serves like wood furniture and can support quite a big load; even the grommet holes are hermetically-sealed. This means that your IMovR Lander standing desk station with ergonomic design (including holder for monitors, chairs, gear, space for laptop, and other solutions) will look and perform great for decades.

It is not only a good-looking, solid, stable but also innovative desk. You can control it and change the height with one-touch Linak “DPG style” handsets and a mobile app and provide the necessary motion. Just use your mobile phone and tap the paddle up or down to set your adjustable desk higher or lower, or fix it to hold still at your preferred height. If you are going to share this desk between several users, it is not a problem at all. Each user can memorize their height favorites in the mobile app with the memory controller function. Every time they step up to the iMovR Lander desk and sync-up to it over Bluetooth, they will be able to control it from their mobile phone. Also, there is a built-in coach who proposes solutions whether to stand up or to have rest (which most of us often forget to do). You can combine the workstation with one of the height adjustable chairs, too.

IMovR Lander Desk is completely customizable; you just need to choose the right size and color. Your desk will be produced on demand and shipped within a week in the US. Plus, it comes 95% pre-assembled, so the assembly itself will take you no longer than 10 minutes, and you’re done. The product is made in the USA, has an ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014 Certification, and provides a 10-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. Here, you have all the reasons to go buy this board now. If the device seems too pricy, look for current sales and place an order online. Make yourself familiar with pros and cons below.

Pros of the desktop
  • Durable premium components
  • Variety of colors is not limited
  • Easy assembly in minutes (comes in one box and is ready to be used)
  • Excellent lift speed of gear to change height
  • Quieter at just 55db
  • Mobile app integration
  • Built-in health coach
  • Desk made in USA
  • Height ergonomic control of desktops
  • Desk stability and no wobble
  • A variety of sizes
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Cons of the desktop
  • High pricing, not for every budget
  • Lack of shape diversity
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flexispot electric standing desk

Flexispot Electric Standing Desk


The Flexispot is the brand with a high rating that offers affordable standing desks with goos specs for people of any height working at home. Various designs allow for fitting the ergonomic standing desks into any interior you have, be it a modern Scandinavian office at the business center or a room in traditional style at home.

The Flexispot stand desk pricing is the lowest on the market for a spacious stand-desk built from out high-quality materials. You can also customize your standing desks in accordance with a list of your needs by choosing one of nine desk shapes, such as rectangular or curved. The frame colors are also plenty: marble, graphite, or bamboo, a very popular color that will give your office environment a slight touch of coolness.
The Flexispot Electric Sit-stand desk is the best choice if you have never tried working while standing or cannot buy a more expensive standing desk now. It is one of the lightest desks on the market and also the smallest (you can find information about the inches on the website). The latter is great if you need to fit your desk into a small space but might be a problem for those who need to put a lot of things on their desks. In addition, you might need a monitor arm to free some space on the desktop. You still can adjust the height to stand or sit.

The electronic controls allow you to speed up the adjustment process and set it as a default value. You can always easily get all the settings back in a flash. The controls stand and the solid desk come each in a separate box, comfortable to carry alone, though you still will need two people to assemble all of the parts together.

All in all, if you aim for a stable, eco-friendly, and ergonomic stand-desk, choose the Flexispot Electric sit-stand desk at affordable pricing. Study the summary of reasons to buy this desk.

Pros of the desktop
  • Low pricing tag, suitable for every budget
  • The quietest ergonomic desk on the market
  • Straightforward assembly instructions
  • Easy customization
  • Wide variety of desk shapes, frame colors, remotes
  • It comes in various desk sizes and with adjustable height
  • Laminate top surface
  • Light piece of furniture
  • Made in USA
  • 5-year warranty for the gear
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Cons of the desktop
  • No holes pre-drilled in the desk for assembly
  • Poor stability for solid desk
  • Requires two people for assembly
  • No holes for monitor or laptop mount and cord management
  • No mobile control
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UPLIFT V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

UPLIFT V2 Bamboo Standing Desk with Adv. Memory Keypad & Motion-X Board


Uplift V2 Standing Desk is the best standing desk board with adjustable height if you are on a budget. The brand has been proven to make reliable products with an average score for most of its main features; so, this one is still a very good yet budget choice for your apartment. First of all, this unit is a full-standing uplift desk that can give you an almost-personalized option for the sizes, heights, desktop materials, and a variety of 48 accessories items to fit aesthetics of any space. It comes with a desk width extension option, so you can mount a shelf directly onto the main crossbar and provide yourself an extra wide workstation. Second, its adjustable height can go up to over 50″ inches tall, which is great for most users, taller and shorter ones. Third, this inexpensive standing desk has a big lifting capacity: it can hold up to over 350 lbs! If you like a sturdy, durable, ergonomic, yet budget laptop desk, you have all the reasons to buy this desk for great pricing.

Uplift V2 doesn’t provide WiFi or Bluetooth connections for mobile control. Nevertheless, you can still change its settings manually using the handset.There are different Uplift handsets available for a workstation – basic, advanced keypad, advanced comfort keypad. The basic keypad is the one you get by proxy. It is basic, but it will fit any budget. It has only two buttons for the manual up-and-down adjustment. The Advanced Keypad will cost you approximately $29, but it already has a variety of features, including a safety lock, ergonomic one-touch height adjustment, power-saver mode, digital memory settings for four users. The Advanced Comfort Keypad costs $35. It is pretty much the same as the Advanced Keypad. The only difference is that it is tilted at a certain angle to give your wrists the right range of motion.

A good option for both a corporate office and home office, as it meets the ANSI/BIFMA requirement for safety. Also, Uplift V2 is one of those few cheap adjustable standing desks that have a 7-year warranty on all parts except the board. Here you can find some pros and cons of this desk before you shop for it.

Pros of the desktop
  • Ergonomics and space orientation
  • Affordable pricing solutions
  • Customizability is endless
  • Design variability: the variety of colors
  • Good lifting capacity
  • 7-year warranty for all furniture
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Cons of the desktop
  • Basic gear system and electronics
  • No touch monitor
  • No mobile integration
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jarvis bamboo standing desk

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk


The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk has had a high rating for years. Jarvis is a brand that deals with sit-stand desks, standing desk converters, chairs, holders for monitors, and many more. That is no surprise as it is an affordable standing desk with all the necessary features and many pros in stock: stability in line, smart ergonomic design, a wide range of heights, enough space for a monitor and a keyboard, a control box. So, if you are a laptop user, this unit is tested for you as well. Depending on your workstation size, you can choose from seven variations of desktop dimensions. Also, there is a possibility to shop for some awesome standing desk arms for monitors, stand-up chairs, or desk drawers. All the above are already reasons to buy this item, and you can be sure it will be money well spent.

Which specs else, apart from its reliability and stability in line, will you like about Fully Jarvis Bamboo electric standing desks? When you want to shop, you have a choice between a stylish bamboo desktop, a hardwood desktop, or a 3D laminated top of your choice plus quiet motors, 350 lbs of lift capacity, and a 29”- 48.25” height range. As you can see, there are tons of options to customize your new sit-stand desk – multiple color and height options, two types of handsets. If you don’t need any extra desk features, opt for a simple up-down toggle handset. If you need more movement at the workplace, you can think of a DIY treadmill to complete the stand-up desk with no mobile integration. There is another option: a Jarvis OLED-touch fully programmable control box saves personal adjustments for four people to use.

The unit comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with no return shipping fees and a 7-year warranty on the bamboo desk frames, electronics, and all mechanical components. Look into the Jarvis desk accessories if you want to make your workstation more functional.

Pros of the desktop
  • Affordable pricing for every budget
  • No need for concern about assembly
  • Variety of workstation colors
  • Good lifting capacity
  • 7-year warranty on frame
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Cons of the desktop
  • No mobile phone and laptop integration solutions
  • Takes some time to assemble
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Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk


This desk is not like anything you have seen before: you will love this adjustable standing laptop computer desk with a good pricing, especially if you need a lot of space for your monitors, devices, folders, and papers. Why? Vari 60×30 is the sole and ultimate solid one-piece desk by this brand that easily deals with pounds of weight above, thick enough to carry all your devices including a keypad, a psu and so on. The shape is found really ergonomic in the standing desks industry because it doesn’t require a big room to keep it (the length and height are not many inches), but it provides you a sufficient working surface and space for a monitor. This model comes at a reasonable starting price, with high durability and sustainability. Moreover, you might want to buy it because you can customize it so that there will be no collision with your taste and interiors. The shop offers fewer size and color combinations than any manufacturers: the color scheme is Reclaimed Wood; material, metal. What is the best about this construction is ergonomics. Moreover, you need like 10 minutes to assemble it. And the motor is ultimately quiet, which is great news for homeowners and office workers. Plus, you can complete your new desktop with a Keyboard Tray when the pricing is suitable for you (proven by customers that it doesn’t wobble).

With a five-year-long warranty provided by the manufacturer, the product by Vari looks even more reasonable, let alone the pricing. The support team has garnered lots of positive reviews by satisfied loyals. The standing desk can be delivered in several separate boxes, which will not affect the punctuality of our delivery team. The Vari desk is a great option for dual purposes: working remotely from home without extra fatigue and health issues related to the immovable position for a length of time; working in the office while your coworkers still use regular chairs and face wellbeing issues from the long seating. The desk is ultra adjustable, and it can meet the requirements of nearly any customer. The material is firm, and it can withstand the serious weight of a computer. The nearly unanimous opinion of its users can be extracted to: enjoyable quietness of its performance merged with sustainability and upped UX.

As to the trustworthiness of the seller, the shop offers a long-life warranty and their crew of professionals to help you out with the desk should any trouble arise. Have a look at some prons and cons below.

Pros of the desktop
  • Silent motors and gear
  • Durable components
  • Ease to use and adjust height
  • Good pricing
  • Increased stability
  • Embraces ergonomy
  • Five years of warranty
  • Top build quality
  • Ability to place the secondary monitor
  • Made in the USA
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Cons of the desktop
  • Design gap: lacking colors available for a workstation
  • Customizability and mobile control is limited
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iMovR Lander L Desk
6 Best L-shaped standing desk

iMovR Lander L-Desk for Home Office


This workstation is outstanding: you will love this height adjustable standing computer desk, especially if you need a lot of space for your monitors and devices. iMovR Lander L is the sole and ultimate L-shaped desk by this brand. L-shape is the best ergonomic form in the standing desks industry, because it provides you a big working surface. This model’s pricing is high, but it is extra durable and reliable. Moreover, it looks great, mostly because you can customize it according to your taste and interiors. iMovR offers more size, height and desktop color solutions than any manufacturers – 22 colors and a choice of 36 options in hard-wood. What is the best about this construction is that it arrives 95% pre-assembled (you need like 15 or 20 minutes to assemble it). Plus, you can complete your new desktop with a SteadyType Keyboard Tray (proven by customers that is doesn’t wobble) or order a monitor arm.

You can adjust the height and control your iMovR Lander L desk automatically. There are a Bluetooth-enabled handset and a mobile app, so all it takes is to press the button to change the height of the desktop. The device cares about your fitness level: an inbuilt coach program sends notifications when it is time to change posture. Plus, we recommend you taking a look at the stand up chairs available by this brand to help you maintain a convenient working position. You can benefit greatly from these reminders as the latest research has shown a 117% increase in standing time due to such a “coach” built into your electric stand up desk.

You will get a personal lifetime warranty on frame, 10 years on base, and 5 years on board. These are great American desks, ANSI-BIFMA-certified for Quality; NEAT™ (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certified product as well. With this desk, you are most likely to forget about common issues tied to prolonged sitting.

Pros of the desktop
  • Silent motors and gear, but good speed
  • Durable components
  • Customizable 3D laminate top
  • Mobile app integration
  • Built-in health coach
  • Ergonomic keyboard tray available
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Top build quality
  • Made in USA
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Cons of the desktop
  • High price
  • Customizability is limited
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Seville Classics AIRLIFT XL
7 Best portable small standing desk

Seville Classics AIRLIFT® XL Portable Stand Up Desk

Seville Classics

This is one of the best portable and height adjustable standing desks on the market. And this workstaton is a perfect choice for those who need just a laptop or a tablet for their work (no additional space for a monitor). It also doesn’t require any energy source. Seville Classics XL by the AIRLIFT® brand is a pneumatic height adjustable standing desk. With no effort, you will change the height and switch from sitting to standing. 30.5 inches to 45.6 inches height range. 33 lbs of lift capacity. Fits into the smallest rooms. Easy to move due to the high-quality wheels on its legs. Simply the best home standing desk.

There is a hook to hang your bag or a backpack on the desk, a deep slot for a mobile phone or a tablet, and a cup holder. It is not treadmill ready, so that is a major decrease in the fitness level score. So, once you decide to upgrade to a treadmill desk, you will have to buy the whole workstation set.

The bottom line? Get one for yourself as it is a comfortable pneumatic standing desk that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Pros of the desktop
  • Portable frame
  • Affordable pricing
  • Silent and solid gear
  • Stable and ergonomic desk
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Effortless height adjustment
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Cons of the desktop
  • Works only for a laptop and a tablet
  • No space for a monitor and a keyboard
  • 1-year limited desk warranty
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iMovR Cascade Corner Standing Desk
8 Best corner standing desk

iMovR Cascade Corner Standing Desk


These are the corner standing desks made by the iMovR brand, which is famous for its high-quality products. The workstation can be adjusted on different heights. Do not confuse this type of desk with the L shape standing desks. The workstation desk is a smaller table with a single wood or laminate desktop. L-shaped standing workstations include two connected perpendicular desktops. Thus, a height adjustable corner desk fits anywhere. Or, they can be put together back-to-back, in quadrangles, or in “honeycomb” rows. Also, they are easier to assemble, lighter; and their pricing is lower.

iMovR Cascade Corner Standing Desk comes in various sizes, colors, and materials (for example, laminate or wood). This makes them easily customizable. One more thing on the good side is that you can add a monitor arm to always keep a monitor at the level of your eyes and an ergonomic keyboard tray to the basic construction to help reduce pressure on your wrists and prevent tunnel syndrome.

If you expect to see some advanced technologies built into these desks, you will be a bit disappointed. It is a basic solid stand-up computer desk with two buttons to change the height.

The brand can offer multiple commercial warranties: a lifetime warranty on frame, a ten-year warranty on base, five years on desktop. Made in the USA. ANSI-BIFMA-certified for Quality. NEAT™ (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) certified product.

Pros of the desktop
  • Made for corners
  • Silent
  • Stable
  • Durable high-quality components
  • Customizable 3D laminate desktop
  • Ergonomics of monitor arm and keyboard tray available
  • Made in USA
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Cons of the desktop
  • High price
  • No mobile integration and electronics
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LearnFit Sit Stand Desk for Students
9 Most mobile standing desk for students

Ergotron LearnFit Sit-Stand Desk for Students


Ergotron has presented another ergonomic offer: a LearnFit Sit-Stand Desk, a compact portable heght adjustable sit-stand desk that is perfect for students of different ages. Its height range is 29 inches to 45 inches. 15 lbs of lifting capacity. Easy to move due to the high-quality wheels on its legs. The height adjusting mechanism raises the desktop all of the way. It is made of high-quality, safe materials.

What else is good about the LearnFit Sit-Stand Desk? There is a deep slot for a mobile phone or tablet, and a good deep cup holder. The assembly requires some effort and takes approximately half an hour.

LearnFit is a compact standing desk that will make your children get used to switching from sitting to standing throughout the day. Also, consider pairing it with an anti-fatigue mat and one of the standing chairs available on the market for full comfort. Such a combo is a great investment in your kids’ health. And, by the way, it doesn’t cost much at all so almost everyone can buy the desk.

Pros of the desktop
  • Portable
  • Silent
  • Stable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ergonomics
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Effortlessly height adjustable
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Cons of the desktop
  • Works only for laptops and tablets
  • Poor customization of the desks
  • Small size and weight capacity
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Mojo Gamer Pro-Standing Gaming Desk
10 Best sit-stand desk for gaming

Mojo Gamer Pro-Standing Gaming Desk


Do you think that only office workers need the best adjustable standing desk? If you are a gamer, you need a good eSports battle station that is not harmful to your health. This Gamer by Mojo brand is what you need to avoid all those side effects of a sedentary lifestyle – heart diseases, lower back pain, weight gain, etc.

The MojoDesk comes in three sizes: 48×30, 60×30, 72×30 inches. All the options of standing desks are even more than enough for anything a gamer needs. There is no problem fitting in there all the following: a console, a monitor, a microphone, a keyboard and anything else you may need. This is an ergonomically designed piece of equipment with a beveled edge for wrist and forearm comfort, and a comfortable wire management system. Moreover, it is possible to fix a monitor at needed level. This workstation is one of the best standing desks that allows you to settle all the cables in a smart, mobile, and ergonomic way. Also, there is an LCD hand controller with programmable height presets. The experience will be even better with one of high-quality standing chairs available.

Mojo Gamer Pro has a quite expensive pricing for furniture, but it is a good investment in your health and productivity.

The brand has many pros such as high-quality, zero bounce or wobble, eco-friendly American premium materials, and multiple Greenguard certified warranties: a 5-year warranty on the frame and base and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Pros of the desktop
  • Quiet and fast
  • Stable
  • Easy assembly
  • Good lifting capacity and chairs height adjustment
  • 5-year warranty
  • Eco friendly
  • Made in USA
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Cons of the desktop
  • Not customizable
  • Lack of frame colors
  • High pricing
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Move 60 Series Adjustable Standing Desk
11 Best home standing desk

Move 60-Series Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Bush Business Furniture

Bush Business Furniture offers not many solutions for workstations, but they do good basic height adjustable standing desk workstations accompanied by three-drawers in stock. Though, the pricing is far too high for a regular budget for such a basic model. Not to mention that there are no mobile app controls.

When you value the real quality of materials, you can buy this height adjustable Move desk. Its desktop is made of excellent thermally fused laminate over engineered wood. The height-adjustable motorized base is steel. Quiet UL listed electric motors. The desk meets ANSI/BIFMA quality test standards for performance and safety.

Pros of the desktop
  • Silent motors
  • Large height adjustment range (ability to change even for one inch)
  • Wide adjustment range
  • Good desk and chairs stability
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Cons of the desktop
  • Inflated pricing (not for every budget)
  • No mobile phone integration and smart remote control
  • Customization is limited compared to other desks
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Apex Elite Series Desks

Apex Elite Series Sit-Stand Desk


This model by the Apex Elite brand is a part of our top standing desks because of the premium quality materials used for it and good user and trusted editors’ reviews. It is one of basic desks with an ergonomic design. The desktop is made of textured woodgrain.

There is no possibility to customize it. Instead, the frame is extra-good as it is made of steel. This desk is going to serve you for many years. Also, Apex Elite’s dual-motor will ensure smooth and fast desk height adjusting, creating less than 50dB of motor noise meanwhile.

Pros of the desktop
  • Dual motors
  • Smooth and fast height adjusting
  • No concern about stability
  • Good lifting capacity
  • Pre-programmable settings
  • Easy assembly
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Cons of the desktop
  • Mediocre electronics
  • Not customizable
  • No chairs options
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What Are the Health Benefits of Standing Desks?

The stand-up desk benefits are obvious for everyone who knows how a sedentary lifestyle affects health. Let’s take a closer look at the standing desk pros and cons. A decent stand-up desk workstation can help you:

  • stay focused and productive during the day;
  • reduce the tiredness level;
  • move more;
  • burn up to 750 extra calories a week;
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • reduce the risk of diabetes and chronic heart diseases;
  • reduce or get rid of back pain.

The sedentary lifestyle can make you ill quickly. First of all, your productivity falls greatly if you spend most of the time sitting in front of a monitor. Secondly, you start having neck and back pain from continuous sitting during the workday. Then comes the notorious tunnel syndrome, obesity, issues with the joints, hemorrhoids, etc. The American Journal of Public Health also warns that excessive sitting – more than 6 hours a day, increases the risk of Alzheimer’s, chronic heart diseases, and even premature death by 20%. In a word, we are not created to sit.

Stand Up Desk: What are the Сons?

You have to be moderate with prolonged standing, too, as it can affect your overall health and not in a good way. Despite the fact that most of the models’ height is highly adjustable and designed to help you improve your fitness level, you cannot misuse your devices. We strongly recommend you take a look at our best stand-up chairs review, where we are speaking about the best existing stand-up chairs for standing desks. Testing demonstrated that these chairs might become an improved version of your standard office chair, as they let you change positions and yet support you, lessening the strain in your spine and providing the much-needed fitness activity. In the general rating of this furniture, stand up units, not much similar to the ordinary ones, are not wobble: each unit is popular for its stability. To create this rating we conducted a multiple-resourse analysis: we tested various units on how much pounds they can handle, checked the price tag of each and raised the question of which ones are better than others.

Still, the most effective way to stay healthy is by changing positions during the day in front of a monitor, and this is the only way to get all the health benefits that the best overall standing desk, converters, and chairs combined can give you.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends taking breaks, stretching, and doing exercise for at least two hours a week, plus some walking daily. Also, it is recommended to start using a standing desk to offset the damage. If you choose the best standing desk, it can be a game-changer.

Here are some guides (that we tested with the reviews as well) on how to use a standing desk properly to get the most of it:

  • Try to alternate frequently
  • Adjust the height of your desk and monitor to feel comfortable when standing for a long time
  • Pay attention to your keyboard and mouse position. Consider using a special keyboard tray. It will reduce pressure on your wrists.
  • Work on your posture
  • Use arm supports to relieve shoulder and neck loads
  • Try to stand after eating.
  • Consider purchasing an anti-fatigue mat. It will help to reduce pressure on your lower back and legs.
  • Remember to take breaks.
  • Try to finish your work in the fastest way if you feel too tired

The Most Ergonomic and Comfortable Sitting & Standing Height

Make sure that your height adjustable stand-up desk works right. To get all the health and productivity benefits, you need to choose the correct height for a standing desk. Then, assemble your “diy” desk properly: correct setup makes difference. If possible, try presets at the shop. You should not feel strained standing at the laminate desktops. Monitor should be stationed at eye level and at your arm’s length distance. Position your keyboard and mouse at the same level, but separately, so your wrists are straight when typing. Or, consider a special keyboard tray that considerably reduces wrist fatigue. Also, remember the proper standing desk posture. Keep your back straight, and your neck relaxed.

Correct standing desk height

How to Choose the Right Electric Standing Desk?

It is not easy to choose the right standing desk as there are just too many things to consider location (office, home office, coworking, apartment or studio workstation, and so on), needs and requirements, functionality, and capacity. At least, now you can use our expert tips to choose a good desktop, and so, off we go, to look for the most suitable standing desks and converters.

Standing desk weight rating

Once you pick a brand that seems to suit your needs the most, take a look at the lift capacity. First of all, estimate the weight of your equipment and electronics combined – monitors, phones, printers, folders, etc. This will give you an idea of the right weight capacity of your best standing desk. If possible, do the presets (they are natural for such products), check as much as you can before leavng a store with the purchase.

Elbow position

Opt for an uplift desk that can go down to your lowest sitting elbow height and then go up as high as your tallest standing elbow height. Pay attention that you need to get one with the largest amount of height range if the desk is destined for several users.

Sit-stand desk shape

It is great if a rectangular full-standing desk is fine for you. If not, look for a corner height standing desk or a compact one. For those who use lots of devices, an L-shaped standing desk takes the first position in this improvized rating. It deals with the highest coverage and it will satisfy all your needs.

Stand up desk noise

The testing showed that the noise level is critical, especially in the office. For sure you don’t want to bother your colleagues. Anyhow, get yourself a quiet electric standing desk even if you work at home.

Best height adjustable standing desk speed

Pay attention to how fast you can change the desk height. You don’t want to lose lots of time on desktop height adjustment, do you? And yes, it is better if your desk has advanced controls.

Stability and assembly

Check out the users’ reviews of the chosen model. If its desktop is wobbly, and its frame should not be trusted, they will mention it for sure.

Best standing desk materials and customization

Pay attention to the quality of materials used for the desk and desktop. Besides, we are pretty sure that you don’t want to use toxic stuff that affects your health. Opt for well-known certified manufacturers. Normally, most of them are US-based.

It is also important if there is a possibility to customize your furniture. Customization helps to get more comfort and fit your new piece of furniture into your office space. Some experts mention that the look of the stand-up desk is essential.

Warranty of the best standing desk

If you want to be sure that your electric standing desk serves you for decades, choose the desks that have the longest warranty. Remember, that during the warranty period, the manufacturer will assist you in troubleshooting any potential issues.

Our Personal favorite Runners-Up: Best Sit-Stand Desk Competition

We have tested all existing first-rate standing desk products on the US market, but some decent desks did not make it to out Top-12 rating you have just read about. So, we decided we’d make a bonus guide on the best runner-up products that you might want to buy to your office or home (or a home office). You can find and read the full descripton on our website but here, in this section, we provide just a short overview of these desks: their basic and the most vivid features as well as the most noticable drawbacks.

The Best Sit-Stand Desk for 2021 from IKEA

Starting at $419.00, the IKEA Bekant height adjustable standing desk is an ergonomic solution – furniture suitable both for the company office and a home office. Its steel desk surface is wide enough to fit a laptop or a base computer (or even both), some other electronics and gear. The manufacturer has decided to use ABS plastic and particle board as well to cover the desktop, which makes it even more practical. Overall, the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk is well-built for its pricing with full capability of height adjustment between sitting and standing for the vast majority of taller and shorter people (with a range of 22-48 inches). The coolest option these standing desks offer is a cable management system that reduces the cluttering and provides more working space, even a possible DIY treadmill installation. But we have excluded this model from the rating due to some customer’s complaints on malfunction of electronics for height adjustment. The customers have noticed that the system stopped working after a few trials of changing height. Even though IKEA has addressed this issue and made some alterations to the model, it is food for thought before sealing the deal on one and only standing converter.

Autonomous SmartDesk 2

One of the most affordable standing desks in such rare colors as oak and bamboo the Autonomous standing desk hits the top of neck pain-reducing desks. This product comes in two versions (for home office and business) with the difference in pricing of about $100 and 80 lbs in weight. Thus, the home edition is smaller and easy to fit into the apartment and has just enough space for a laptop and some stationery. This Chinese premium height-adjustable laptop desk has all the necessary features for improving your learning and working experience. The only problem customers have mentioned to the manufacturer is the system that adjusts the height has some malfunctions, but the 1- or 5-year warranty (the length depends on the edition you purchase) covers this issue with no expenses from the buyer’s side. We would say this desk is the best quality standing desk for the best budget.

Best Upwrite Standing Desk

The UpWrite standing desk with height adjustment is on the higher end in pricing on the market ($1,149), but customers can expect to get much value for the investment. Not only are the desk design and heigh adjustment impeccable and ergonomic, but there is also a memory controller that allows a user to save the settings for the height and angle preferences. The assembly of the desk is quite an easy process as well. You will need just a screwdriver or a drill to assemble one of the three options(small, medium, or large). Even though this investment will eventually pay off in health, time management, and eco-friendliness (no need for paper due to the Whiteboard surface), the major drawback of this standing desk is its price that may definitely hit harsh the budget of the many customers. Overall, we would recommend buying this standing desk if the pricing is acceptable for your budget.

Humanscale Float Table Stand Up Desk

Starting at $1,749, the Humanscale Float Table ergonomic sit-stand desk features two base legs that provide way more space than other alternatives because of a wide height range. But, unfortunately, if you are into some while-working fitness such as running on a treadmill, it is not possible to install it into this high-priced ergonomic standing desk in comparison to some other existing models. But you can choose one of the chairs to add. The Humanscale Float Table is eco-friendly since the materials used for its manufacturing are recyclable. The biggest turn-off for the customers is the price of the standing desk since it can seriously affect your budget. There is also no electronics for the lifting, meaning you will have to invest additional money from budget into the built-in crank option. If you need to fit this stand-up desk into an office environment, it might be quite tricky due to its elegant look that may stand out from the all dull office tables. Overall, with the manual operation system, the pricing is simply too much.

A Standing Desk: When Do I Buy One?

We tested different options of the standup desks of various kinds of design and prices. If you are considering filling your home space with the convenient desk hardware, where you can put your laptop with the headphones, or the PC with lots of wires (many units allow for speedy connectivity), use this article as a reliable resource of the information. Our “testing” helped a lot — we found a “formula”: a reason to buy the best standing desk might be found in the following questions, rasied before the purchase:

Where do I work?

This question might seem to be strange to decide if you as a consumer need the best standing desk or not. But the idea is the following: if you work from home, having a stand up desk will allow performing the tasks comfortably and will make significant difference for your health. If you work in the office, but often have to finish the work at home, the best standing desk is also a smart solution for you. Investing in such a device with multiple capacities might become the best decision.

What do I work on: the PC or the laptop?

In a sense, if we compare a laptop and a PC, there are significant differences between them: the latter one is larger and requires more space. It will not be that comfortable to work on the PC on the budget standing desk. But, if you are a laptop user, the best overall standing desk is worth obtaining. A standing desk is the best solution if you work on a compact device: it permits staying active, and at the same time do the job, or relax by watching videos or listening to music.

Do I use keyboard a lot?

The tests we conducted showed that if you are choosing a standard commercial standing desk, there are some peculiarities to consider. The research demonstrates you have to take care of your elbows whils working with a keypad: consider them lying in a natural way, do not put too much pressure on them: the standing desks are as sturdy as other desks, but they were not made to push too much. Make sure your moves are performed smoothly, but still in an active way for the normal blood circulation.

What kind of office chair do I have? Is it adjustable?

The tests we made demonstrated that having a suited chair is important. A responsible user has concerns about the having a correct chair to keep health supported. Switching from standing to sitting during the working day is important — that is what the research says. Make sure you have enough space to change your position towards the desktop. On Amazon you can also find nice chairs with an extended adjustment range as well. There are multiple tools to create a competitive working space on Amazon.

According to the results that we found, these factors might indeed influence your decision on whether to buy the best standing desk or not. If you have free space at your apartment, you use a laptop for the work and want to make sure your desktop is organized not only in a healthy way but also with the current 2021 trends, getting a commercial standing desk with an extended adjustment range is for the shaped standing is a minimal thing you can do.

The Final Word

Thus, we tested numerous options of the stand up desks, and tried to all the questions raised before. We tested thick units and not thick at all, units of various materials, units with an easy and quick setup and options that take time to assemble the desk. Also, we tested the units that take different amount of space, those which complement the overall aesthetics, but still are comfortable to work on a laptop or the PC with countless wires. Use these sit stand desks to work to relax by watching videos or playing games. These devices are perfect if you want to take a proper care of your health.

Starting from now, you can also consider yourself a standing desk and ergonomic workstation expert!

Height Adjustable Standing Desk FAQs

Should I mostly sit or stand at work?

To minimize the risks of sitting too long just sit when you need to, stand when you want to, and walk or move when you can, said Dr. Aviroop Biswas and Dr. Peter Smith from The Institute for Work & Health (IWH) a Canadian leader in work injury and disability prevention research.

Is it bad to stand all day?

Standing all day can be as harmful as sitting on chairs. If you sit the entire day you can feel that when a working day finishes you experience lower back pain, varicose veins, sore feet. Our bodies are built to move, so the best way to protect yourself is to regularly switch between sitting and standing using a worstation with height adjustment. Also, a good anti-fatigue mat can help to reduce the stress caused by prolonged standing.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

Sitting on chairs or standing behind your desk continuously is bad for your health. What is good? Alternating the positions and taking breaks. The University of Waterloo researches show that it is preferable to stay on foot for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits. Start with 10-15 minutes per hour to get used without stress. For instance, when a working task finishes, take a break and stand up. When the break finishes, you can spend some time sitting, and then stand up again. If you are more comfortable working at your desk standing up, you can take a look into our stand up chairs review, and read some more about the chairs that will help you maintain a healthy and convenient position.

Why are standing desks so expensive?

The changing height mechanism is normally responsible for the desks’ high prices. Plus, lots of electric height adjustable desk sets include electronic handset or mobile app controls to change the height. This also adds to the budget.

As you have probably noticed, we have provided a couple of decent budget options in our rating as well, which means that a quality standing desk is not necessarily the most expensive one. The contrary is also true: the most expensive desks for your budget are not always the best ones (but neither are the cheapest ones). Try to maintain a balance in the budget-quality ratio, as price is not the sole deciding factor but it may influence the quality of the product. So, the bottom line here is: neither super expensive models nor the cheapest ones would be good for you.

Are standing desks good for back pain?

Yes, a correct height adjustable workstation set-up can significantly improve your posture and reduce back pain, lower muscle fatigue, upgrade your fitness level, and keep you more toned during the day. The effect will be even more significant if you use the recommended stand up chairs and desk converters to adjust to your most comfortable body positioning. Though, do not forget that a height adjustable desk is only a piece of furniture and will not cure an alredy occured real low back and neck medical conditions that cannot be treated conservatively, like scoliosis, osteochondrosis, hernia, and so on. You definitely need a doctor first and foremost, and then, as a matter of supporting therapy, you should make some amends to your current workstating, using the standing desk, the most suitable conveter, monitor arm, an ergonomic keyboard tray, proper sitting and standing chairs, and other posture adjustments.

Are standing desks overrated?

Of course not, a quality height adjustable standing desk with good chairs will make your life way better, and the desk accessories with help you achieve the fitness level you want without excessive workout and training. Just check out all real health benefits a workstation can bring you and the question will disappear. If you switch to sit-stand way of work, when the working day finishes you will see the difference.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of great improvements for a height adjustable standing desk, the so called desk accessories, and they are designed to increase your work capacity and overall productivity. Constant neck and back pains, headaches and the never-ending fatigue are not the price to pay for your success, so organize your workstation wisely. You can add a treadmill, another furniture like couple of height adjustable chairs to switch from stitiing to standing, a conberter to put on your desk surface and elevate the laptop to the height most comfortable for your sight, and mobile apps for a standing desk remote control. A standing height adjustable desk is not a usual furniture, it can help you improve your productivity.


Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years. She has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. She uses her extensive knowledge in this area to educate others through well-researched, scientific, and informative articles. Her passions include helping others and inspiring each person she meets to get the most out of their life.
Barbara Phillips

Barbara Phillips

Barb Phillips, MS OTD, OTR/L is the founder and CEO of Ergo Life Solutions. She is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience working in hospital, community, government and academic settings. As an occupational therapist, her expertise lies in her keen ability to analyze how people interact in their work spaces, and modify the environment in order to maximize worker safety and productivity. Barb is an expert in the wide variety of ergonomic chairs and equipment on the market. She does not resell equipment and will consult with the office equipment supplier your company uses. She applies immediate improvements for worker comfort at little or no cost to the employer. Clients report an 87% improvement rate in immediate comfort after the first visit.