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Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years.

Updated: Aug 12, 2020
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What are Adjustable Standing Desks?

Why adjustable standing desks, you may ask? It is to stop or lessen the unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. An adjustable desk allows you to stand or sit while you are working. It allows you to adjust the desk to a favorable height so that you can work healthy and rotate from sitting and standing, which will make you feel more energized and focused.

There are a lot of adjustable desks we can choose from, so make sure to get the best standing desk for you or your company. You can discover ones that can be lifted pneumatically, or manually by using your hands to turn a knob or wheel. Then there are the electric standing desks, which are the best standing desk of them all.

An adjustable standing desk is proven to improve your health, focus, and productivity. There are a lot of health benefits that make it a necessity for every office or home.

The standing desk helps you burn those extra calories and gets your heart pumping while you can still get your work done. This desk lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity and lowers your blood sugar levels. It will not only keep you healthy but lifts your mood and energy levels. Here are the different standing desk options for you.

Our Top-14 Standing Workstations

iMovR Lander Standing Desk
1 #1

IMovR Lander Desk


IMovR Lander Desk is the best electric standing desk on the market with a 10-year warranty for the base component and a 5-year warranty for the tabletop component. With a variety of types and colors to choose from and the option to add additional components to the table, to make it even more of a winner.

This desk is made from the best quality materials and components like the quiet Bosch electric motors that run at 55 decibels and will make a mouse squeak sound loud. With the control touch paddle, it is easy to adjust the height of the table without searching for which button you must press. You can pair your phone with the table via Bluetooth with ease.

This will seamlessly adjust your table without having the need to use your table’s paddle control itself and save your preferred height. The paddle also has a built-in health coach that reminds you to stand or move. With its smooth and stable movement, it truly is the apex of all the best standing desks you can buy.

The assembly is easy and simple. You don’t have to struggle to put it together and can easily assemble it in under five minutes. You also can easily customize the IMovR table by adding on what you want and need and make it clean and easily accessible.

  • Customizable tabletop and legs
  • 5-year warranty
  • Paddles and phone control
  • Lifting capacity: 360 pounds
  • Quieter at just 55db
  • Lifting speed 1.6 inches per second
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  • A review isn't a review without any downfalls, but this is definitely the best standing desk out there.
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Vivistand Quattro
2 Best With 4 Legs

Vivistand Quattro


Vivistand Quattro, a different design that is quite unique. This standing desk provides more stability with its four legs. The desk has two modes: a quiet whisper mode that is soft to the ear at 32 decibels and a nice soft starting motor. Then you have a normal mode, which is impressive for being faster, but it is a little noisier at 55 decibels.

The desk has a unique rail around the desk itself that can support certain accessories, for example, a hanger for your bag. It also comes with a LED light that lights up when movement is detected and switches off when you walk away. The desk has two memorable settings that you can adjust to your liking.

The desk also features a multi-plug rail hidden under the table and also includes a cable management clip that clips your cables to keep them neat. The innovative design of four legs is a great success due to the precision-engineered electrical stepper motors.

There is minimal wobble to nothing at all when fully extended. Without a doubt, the four motors work in synchronization. This is the best four-legged standing desk on the market. The Vivistand Quattro is also customizable by the available accessories, frame color, and desktop color and size. It comes with a 10-year warranty.

  • Has four legs
  • Clean and a new design
  • Lifting capacity: 264 pounds
  • Two speed settings
  • Lifting speed: 0.87 inches per second
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  • Customizability is limited
  • It takes a while to put together
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Mojo Gamer Pro-Standing Gaming Desk
3 Best for Gaming

Mojo Gamer Pro-Standing Gaming Desk


With the Mojo Gamer Pro-Standing Gaming Desk, they thought of everything that a gamer would love in a standing desk. With its carbon-fiber desktop, it gives you a futuristic-looking table with futuristic capabilities. The table has collision detection so if your little one was to stand under the table while you are lowering it, It will stop lowering and hold its position.

Definitely a winner and one of the best standing desk out there, the Mojo Gamer Pro comes with great extra accessories to keep all of your cables in place, monitor mount, and a computer case attachment so that your rig is hanging under the desk, leaving you with a clean desk.

You can build your own standing desk on their website to customize the desktop frame and choose which accessories you would like. Their frames move at 1.5 inches per second. To put that in perspective, the average distance of your sitting height and standing height is about 16 inches. So, you can move from your sitting and standing position in about ten seconds.

After spending two hours assembling the desk, you will have a sturdy and stable desk. The standing desk has a LED display with four programmable presets. It is clearly the best standing desk for gaming and more. The standing desk also comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • Futuristic-looking design
  • Lifting capacity: 300 pounds
  • Child and pet safety with the collision detector
  • 5-year warranty
  • Customizable
  • Great accessories
  • Lifting speed: 1.5 inches per second
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  • Takes a while to assemble
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Bestar Connexion
4 Best L-Shaped

Bestar Connexion


The Bestar Connexion is a Canadian-made desk with a smooth and a good finish look to it. This excellent product can be used on a daily basis. The L-shaped Bestar desk of the Connexion series is fairly quiet and can quickly adjust its height.

The control button is located on the front edge of the table for easy access. Unfortunately, there is no preset option to save your favorite heights with a push of a button, but the desk features an impact-resistant PVC edge. The surface of the desktop is a melamine finish that resists scratches, stains, and wear.

The customizability is limited in that there are no accessories that you can add on and there are limited colors. The colors you have to choose from are beautiful with the options of Slate & Sandstone, Antigua & Black, and Bordeaux & Slate. The desk will require some time to assemble, but it is definitely worth it.

With 150 pounds of lifting capacity, this standing desk will surely meet all of your office needs. The two utility drawers can be securely locked by one lock and key operation. There is a grommet available for wire management, sadly on the Credenza only. Bestar offers a 10-year warranty on their best standing desk of the Connexion and they have a wide variety of configuration options.

  • 10-year warranty
  • Impact-resistant edges
  • Buttons can easily be accessed
  • The station is fully reversible
  • Lifting capacity: 150 pounds
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  • Takes a while to assemble
  • Customizability is limited
  • Only one grommet
  • No memory presets are available
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Move 60-Series Adjustable Standing Desk
5 Best for Home

Move 60-Series Adjustable Standing Desk

Bush Business Furniture

The Move 60-Series Adjustable Standing Desk is definitely a desk that you will need at your home. It comes with four memory settings that you can set your presets to. It also comes with a 5-year warranty. It has a soft start when raising and lowering the table and can support up to 200 pounds.

The desktop is durable with a thermally-fused laminate work surface. That features superior resistance to scratches, stains, and much more. There are available options to buy the desk with preinstalled grommets, but nevertheless, it does what it is supposed to. The speed for this ergonomic standing desk is 0.78 inches per second.

This is a mid-tier of all the standing desks. It is more than suitable for everyday use as the functions of the desk are smooth with a quiet motor, so the neighbors will not hear a sound. The Move 60-series also comes with a ten-foot power cord.

With limited options when it comes to customization, you can customize the basics, like the top finish and as well as the base color with the available sizes. As the best ergonomic and best of the desk standing groups, Move 60 can support up to 200 pounds. It is the perfect desktop for everyday use for everything and ideally for studies.

  • Ideal for home and student use
  • Lifting capacity: 200 pounds
  • Lifting speed 0.78 inches per second
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  • Only customizable to a point
  • Few accessories to add
  • Takes an hour and a little more to fully assemble
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Apex Elite Series
6 Best Styled Top

Apex Elite Series


The Apex Elite Series by Apex is the series that every office needs. With a dual-motor system, it will lift 250 pounds with ease. Apex also made sure to keep their twin motors quiet with 60 decibels of sound that the motors produce when lifting. The options to customize the product are fairly limited, and even with the streamlined and sophisticated look, you only have two colors to choose from.

There are additional accessories that are also limited in choice, unlike the rest, the grommets that are available with the Apex Elite series is definitely worth it as it comes with two powers sockets, and just above them are two USB chargers. And yes, the USB ports support fast charging, so that means fewer adapters and less clutter on the table.

The other accessories that can be bought with it are a cable management tray that can be installed under the table to store all of the cables and keep them nice and neat. Lastly, if you like privacy, you can buy the file cabinet, which has three drawers that can be locked from the prying eyes around you.

The Apex can be assembled by most people in just under an hour thanks to the design of the table, and it comes with a warranty of 2 years on electrical components and a 5-year warranty on the non-electric parts.

  • 5-year warranty on non-electrical parts
  • Available power sockets and USB ports
  • Can lift 250 pounds
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  • 2-year warranty on electrical parts
  • Takes some assembly time
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Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk
7 Best for Environment

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk


The Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is an outstanding desk, pun intended. The Jarvis desk is another heavyweight in its league. It can lift 350 pounds of weight and has a sturdy design with all of the highest-quality materials. While it is lifting 350 pounds, you will barely hear the 50-decibel electric motors, and with the great features that you can include when purchasing the desk, you can easily customize it on their website.

There are a lot of add-ons you can buy that the other desks don’t feature with their products and that can’t be added on. One of the biggest features is a drawer that can be mounted under the table itself, and they also have a bottle opener that can be mounted under the table.

The Jarvis is also featured with a paddle that can easily be replaced with a four-memory button control system that you can save your presets in. There are a lot of accessories that can be added when easily designing a desk on the website from space-saving screen mounts to chairs and wheels on the desk.

Jarvis is definitely worth the name it carries all around the globe. The desktop is coated in a super-tough UV-cured water-based polyurethane. Jarvis has a desk frame limited warranty of seven years.

  • 7-year limited warranty
  • 50-decibel motor
  • Lifting capacity of 350 pounds
  • The desk is more eco-friendly than others
  • A lot of accessories can be added
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  • Takes some time to assemble
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VariDesk Pro 60x30
8 Best Accessories

VariDesk Pro 60x30


The VariDesk Pro 60×30 is a stable desk that can be assembled in five minutes or less. The tools that are needed to assemble the desk are included. The desk comes in a few elegant colors, but unfortunately, it is not customizable. The options available certainly make it something to look at.

Despite what it lacks in customizability, it makes up when lifting weight capacity of 250 pounds with a low and quiet sound of 45 decibels. The VariDesk does not have any grommets available to install, but it does come with a cable management tray under the desk.

The desk comes with a steel crossbar to keep it stable and sturdy at the maximum height and weight capacity. VariDesk made sure that their desks can support their customers’ equipment. There are additional accessories that can be bought with the standing desk. They are useful and save space while also eliminating the need for other cables and devices like the modern LED lamp with a wireless charger base for your devices.

The other accessory that is unique to this desk is the Vari Power Hub. It has a built-in surge protector with 3 AC outlets and 2 USB ports that you easily can clamp to the desk. The VariDesk Pro comes with a five-year warranty that is made to last.

  • Noteworthy accessories
  • Lifting capacity of 250 pounds
  • Quiet operating sound of 45 decibels
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • 5-year warranty
  • Sturdy and stable
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  • Minimal customizability
  • No grommet options available
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Stir Kinetic Desk
9 Best Futuristic

Stir Kinetic Desk


The Stir Kinetic Desk is the most futuristic desktop available. The table has its own mini-brain and AI with a 1GHz CPU. There is a small screen built into the left corner of the table itself. The screen tracks your standing and sitting time to track your health and make goals as you go. The screen can also be used as a calendar.

If you were to sit for prolonged periods of time, the desk will remind you to either sit or to stand with its Whisper Breath. The Whisper Breath lifts ever so slightly and lowers itself to the original position. You can also connect your desk to the WiFi or a Bluetooth device to upload the data to your Fitbit or other devices.

The desk can easily be assembled just by attaching the legs of the desk with a few bolts. No additional tools are needed as the desk comes with the tools that are required. There are only two color options and sadly no customizability options.

The desk itself is featured with a power outlet on the back with 4 AC power outlets and a cable management tray. The built-in screen allows you to log more than one user and allows you to save you preferable presets. The desk does not have any buttons as you use the screen to adjust the height. The futuristic Stir Kinetic desk will easily lift all of the equipment that you are using with its 150-pound lifting capacity.

  • Lifting capacity of 150 pounds
  • There are no buttons on or around the table
  • Whisper Breath as a break reminder
  • Presettable heights
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  • No customizability options
  • Assembly takes some time
  • 3-year limited warranty
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TekDesk v2.0
10 Best for Students

TekDesk v2.0


The TekDesk v2.0 seems ordinary but supplies you with more than just the ordinary needs. The standing desk comes with a CPU holder that sits under the desk itself. The desk has a digital keypad that allows you to save 3 preset heights with easy touch and also has a built-in reminder in their keypad that reminds you to stand.

The Tekdesk can be assembled under five minutes due to its incredible design that allows you to fold out the legs and does not require you to have an extra pair of hands. The tools that are needed are also provided. With its smooth and stable lifting, the motors and its gears make for a smooth experience.

There are no customizations that you can make and no accessories that can be bought with the desk. The only options that you can choose from are the desktop colors with all of the frames staying a white color.

The TekDesk gives you more than ordinary lifting with a speed of 1.5 inches per second. TekDesk v2 will more than be able to lift 275 pounds. The desk also comes with a 6-year frame warranty and a 3-year warranty on the electric motors.

  • 6-year frame warranty
  • 3-year motor warranty
  • Lifting capacity of 275 pounds
  • Lifting speed of 1.5 inches per second
  • Can be assembled within five minutes
  • Built-in reminder
  • Three presets can be saved
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  • Little to no customizable options to choose from
  • Can't change the color of the frame, only available in white
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UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk sit-to-stand desk-image
11 Best Customizable Options

Uplift v2


With the Uplift v2 standing desk, the customizability is endless. When buying a desk on their website, there is a wide variety of shapes, colors, and accessories to choose from. The website will build you a preview as you click along adding the items that you want.

You can buy the desk with the standard up and down keypad. You can add a little more and buy the Advanced Comfort keypad, which stores the height values that you put in and that will automatically set itself to that height when pressed. The electric motor and movement are also quiet and unnoticeable with a 50-decibel sound coming from the table when moving upwards. It is smooth and has a very clean and premium look to it.

The Uplift standing desk is one of the best standing desks and it comes with a 7-year all-inclusive warranty on the entire desk frame that is real value for money. Uplift made sure to bring their A-game to be at the top of the best standing desk range that is available.

  • Customizability is endless
  • Easy and simple to use
  • A very neat and nice finish to it
  • Lifting speed: 1.33 inches per second
  • Lifting capacity: 355 pounds (you can even buy a hammock with the desk)
  • When buying the product, the website builds you a preview
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  • You have to pay a little more to add some features that others have as a standard
  • Need an extra pair of hands to assemble the desk and it will take an hour or two.
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The NordicTrack Treadmill Desk image
12 Best Designed Treadmill Desk

NordicTrack Treadmill


The NordicTrack Treadmill is a beautiful piece of engineering. The treadmill part of the desk can be stored standing up out of the way just by moving the desk on the side and lifting the treadmill, and with a swipe, your desk is a normal electric standing desk again.

By tilting the treadmill component upwards, it will allow you to sit comfortably without having the need to move all of your equipment to another table or to store your treadmill component like the most other electric standing desks out there.

This is definitely the best treadmill desk available and keeps you on the move while you are working. NordicTrack will provide you with a heartbeat by using the EKG grip and you can push your walking speed to six miles per hour when you would like to take a quick jog. The incline can be adjusted to a 10-degree angle for a little muscle tone.

The desk doesn’t have the average treadmill noise that you would think. It has a powerful and yet quiet 2.6 CHP electric motor. It is available on the NordicTrack website, but unfortunately, you will need to buy it separately. The treadmill desk will show you the calories burnt, your walking distance, and even the number of steps you took.

The desk is electric and can support 300 pounds easily while charging your USB devices with its built-in USB port. It comes standard with an LCD screen and also allows you to save your preferred height of the desk and walking speed as well.

You will get a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame itself. The rest of the parts will unfortunately only have a one-year warranty. Another downfall is that there are no color options or customizable colors.

  • Lifting capacity of 300 pounds
  • Heartbeat sensor (EKG)
  • Lifetime warranty on their frame and motor
  • Treadmill incline can be adjusted to 10 degrees
  • Powerful 2.6 CHP treadmill motor
  • Maximum speed of six miles an hour
  • Magnetic safety clip
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  • No customizability available
  • Parts only have a one year warranty
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Lifespan TR1200-DT17
13 Best Treadmill Desk

Lifespan TR1200-DT17


The Lifespan TR1200-DT17 is a must-have when you would like to work out and work at your desk at the same time. The desk has easily removable treadmills that link up with the desk itself. So, if you would like to sit, you can lift the backside of the treadmill and roll it on its wheels to store it wherever you would like or just move it aside.

Your table saves your settings and you can set two table height presets and even your preferable speed. With safety in mind, the Lifespan treadmill desk has onboard Inteli-Step technology that will only start or run the treadmill if you are physically on it. If you were to climb or even fall off of the treadmill, the treadmill will automatically stop itself.

Lifespan outdid themselves with their quiet motor, and the belt is marked so you can see if it is moving due to the whisper-quiet motor and their six independent compression shocks. The speed of the treadmill is set to a default 2 mph that can be set to 4 mph for a fast walk if preferred.

With the sturdy desk and its braces, the desk can support 220 pounds. There is limited customizability, but you have a choice of three different laminates and a white powder coat color. The lifting speed of the desk is 1.7 inches up and 1.9 inches down. It comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and a 3-year warranty for the motor. The rest of the parts include a 1-year warranty.

  • Best safety feature with Inteli-Step
  • 3-year warranty on the motor
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Maximum four miles per hour treadmill speed
  • Lifting capacity of 220 pounds
  • Quiet treadmill motor with modern shock absorption technology
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  • Limited customizability options
  • 1-year warranty on parts
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Image of Steelcase Walkstation Treadmill Work Table
14 Best for Office

Steelcase Walkstation


The Steelcase Walkstation is a sit to walk station that is futuristic with a modern sleek design. This sit to walk station is more than just beauty, the treadmill is mounted to the electric sit-stand table that accommodates a chair next to the treadmill. The maximum speed of this treadmill is 2mph, which can be set in 0.1mph increments. This is not as fast as the other adjustable standing desks with treadmills.

Steelcase provides you with more convenience than the other treadmill desks. Just mounting the treadmill right next to you gives you a hassle-free work environment. You will have a stable and smooth walk with their 360-pound load-bearing capacity that is precision balanced.

You won’t disturb your fellow colleagues with the quiet yet powerful treadmill motor and their patented soft system that has Neoprene shock absorbers. The table will move at 1.7 inches per second. Unfortunately, there are no available presets that can be set.

Steelcase offers minor accessories that are optional like the adjustable monitor arm and work tools. You can also add a modesty screen that is located under the table to provide a little more privacy. If you would like to keep it neat with your electrical cables, you can add the optional cableway that hides your cords, cables, and wires.

The Steelcase Walkstation also has safety in mind with its magnetic safety clip for automatic shut off. The easy-to-use digital display will record the number of calories burnt, distance, and speed that you have walked.

Steelcase offers its customers a lifetime warranty on their frames. You will also have a 12-year warranty on work surfaces and a 5-year warranty on their lifting column, electronics, and the urethane profile. The treadmill parts and wear items are warranted for 3 years.

  • Lifetime warranty on their frame
  • Great warranty on the rest of the components
  • Sturdy
  • No moving of equipment is needed if you want to sit or walk
  • Magnetic safety clip
  • Lifting capacity of 360 pounds
  • Quiet motor with Neoprene shock absorbers
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  • No available presets that you can set
  • Top speed of 2 miles per hour
  • Minor customizability options available
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Types of Standing Workstations Available

Manual Standing Desks

Manually adjustable standing work tables rely on a crank mechanism and require repetitive physical effort to change the height. These workstations are usually cheaper than electric desks and slower to lift. Manual stand to sit units were the first type of adjustable office tables on the market, and they have become less popular in recent years. It can be time consuming and inconvenient to change position, and for this reason, many users find that they avoid moving at all. Crank operated versions do not usually provide a smooth lift, and this can lead to spillage and mess. As electrically adjustable furniture has become more affordable, fewer people are choosing manual standing desks.

Electric Standing Desks

Electrically adjustable standing workstations use a motor to lift and drop the surface height. The benefits include much smoother and faster lifting, increased load capacity, and the ability to store preset preferences. The latest electric adjustable workstations interact with smartphone and desktop apps and are equipped with A.I capabilities and other hardware. Electric sit to stand furniture allows users to transition from sitting to standing quickly, smoothly, and with no physical effort. Many of these products now use advanced noise-canceling technology, making the motor barely audible. This means less disruption to users and co-workers.

Hydraulic Standing Desks

Hydraulic lifting furniture is powered by electricity or a hand crank. Hydraulic lifting is quiet and allows for increased load capacity and smoother ascent and descent. It is a less common mechanism than electric or manual lifts but it is quite effective and easy to use.

Counterbalance Standing Desks

Counterbalance mechanisms use pneumatic systems or springs to offset the weight and assist with lifting. They provide a fast and smooth lift without the need for any power source. Counterbalance allows for effortless height transitions and seamless movement. Users can easily move the work surface up or down by holding down a paddle or handle which releases the safety brake, gently guiding the desk to the required height. Counterbalance work tables glide up and down in an almost magical movement. As no power source is required for this type of standing desktop, they can be located anywhere.

Why Buy an Electric Standing Desk?

With electric standing desks, you can adjust the height with a simple push of a button. You can easily and effortlessly adjust the height of your desk to your most comfortable sitting and standing level. You can set your preferable height in the electric standing desks with a touch of a button, and the desk will have a memory that saves your preferred height if it were to be in a standing form or sitting.

The desk will adjust itself with ease. You can set it to a comfortable height that suits you best. Getting it to the proper height can be difficult with a pneumatic desk as well. Some electric desks can easily be adjusted up to 0.1 inches with a quick push of a button, which will allow you to make quick and effortless adjustments, especially when standing depending on the task. Making a small height adjustment with a pneumatic desk involves releasing the mechanism and physically moving it up or down. The electric desks can handle more weight than other standing desks and there is no need to worry about counterbalance or physical strain that requires an odd position for your body or to put unnecessary stress on your lower back.

The additional functions that it offers are some of the best standing desks that will have a grommet, and that supplies power to an outlet on the table itself. You can charge your phone or use other appliances of any type, so the added power boards are definitely a bonus.

They also have more open space. A lot of the desks offer add-ons or support the computer under the table, leaving you with more space to organize your office equipment. Having an electric standing desk will also make movement easier. As you stand up, you can press a preset button to lift the table and move your chair out less than usual.

Breaking it down, if you are going to buy an adjustable stand-up desk, buy the best standing desk. Your health doesn’t have a price and the electric desks are far more efficient.

How to Choose the Right Electric Standing Desk

Choosing the right standing desk will be determined by quite a few factors. First of all, you should estimate your office equipment so you can get an idea of what weight capacity is required to support and lift the weight. For most of us, that won’t be a problem because we don’t share our table with others.

Elbow position

Select a desk that can at least lower to your lowest sitting elbow height and at least as high as your tallest standing elbow height. If the desk is going to be used by others as well, you will need to create the largest amount of range that you can justify.


The shape of the desk also plays a crucial role due to the comfortability and space available both with and without the additional accessories. An example is the monitor arm placement, which prevents the monitor from hitting the wall or other colleagues if you were to swing it.


Noise plays a critical role, especially in the workplace. You surely need to consider others in the workspace so that you don’t distract them from their work or have deafening effects on others as some of them use hearing aids.


The additional accessories that can be added on are bought with the desk. The product can supply you with the accessories that will make it easier and better for you.

Power accessories are essential as the power cord length and power cable management is designed so that you don’t trip and fall. The power grommet’s function is to eliminate the need for an extension power cord for the other electrical equipment on your desk.


Ensure that the speed is fast enough when buying an electric standing desk with a treadmill. When walking, soon you’ll ask yourself, “Can you run on a treadmill desk?” Yes, if the treadmill is fast enough, and you are going to want a faster one later in life.


Given the cost of the standing desks, you can afford one. Is it value for money? On average, electric standing desks cost you anywhere from $600-2000. How much does a treadmill desk cost? The electric standing desk will cost you anywhere from $800-$4000. Some of the electric standing desks have accessories that you can buy like a treadmill for your desk.

You might also ask yourself, “Are treadmills bad?” No, they are not. They help you to move while staying stationary. It allows more blood flow and keeps you on the go, which is especially important while working.

The customizable factor is to ensure that the product has the texture and color that you would like, and will bring new life into your workplace that will not stand out like a sore thumb.


Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years. She has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. She uses her extensive knowledge in this area to educate others through well-researched, scientific, and informative articles. Her passions include helping others and inspiring each person she meets to get the most out of their life.
Barbara Phillips

Barbara Phillips

Barb Phillips, MS OTD, OTR/L is the founder and CEO of Ergo Life Solutions. She is a registered and licensed occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience working in hospital, community, government and academic settings. As an occupational therapist, her expertise lies in her keen ability to analyze how people interact in their work spaces, and modify the environment in order to maximize worker safety and productivity. Barb is an expert in the wide variety of ergonomic chairs and equipment on the market. She does not resell equipment and will consult with the office equipment supplier your company uses. She applies immediate improvements for worker comfort at little or no cost to the employer. Clients report an 87% improvement rate in immediate comfort after the first visit.