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Cubii Under Desk Cycle
Review Score
Cubii JR1 Seated Under-Desk Elliptical
  • Simple to use
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Multifunctional LCD display
  • Whisper quiet
Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Machine offers a variety of features that users will be sure to enjoy, helping people keep active when a desk job is forcing them to sit down during the majority of the day. It is a pedal exerciser that has 8 resistance levels and is whisper quiet while working. This is one of the highest rating desk ellipticals for your fitness and stamina. Lots of people use this mini exercise bike at the home office and enjoy drills while working. The Cubii Jr. is a quiet elliptical, which means the user does not have to worry about noise bothering coworkers who are in the same office.
DeskCycle Under-Desk Bike
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Quiet and smooth mechanism
  • Informative LCD display
  • Adjustable velcro straps
The DeskCycle Under-Desk bike is a good choice for those who want to drill at home. Due to its compact design and ergonomics, it’s portable and folding, and you can use this stepper in any place in your home or office.
MagneTrainer-ER Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike
MagneTrainer-ER Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike
  • Hand/feet pedals
  • Adjustable velcro straps
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Quiet magnetic resistance
It is one of the best mini exerciser bikes because of its good price and quality. The MagneTrainer-ER in general can be used for home and office exercise, but it is specially recommended for physical therapy.
Jennifer Rothman
Jennifer Rothman

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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Walking as an exercise is one of the banalest ways to stay in shape, lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, develop stamina, and improve your health, especially when you spend much time sitting in the office chair and do not plan to workout. But if you don’t have time to walk long distances, the most effective solution is to buy an elliptical trainer, in other words, a mini bike or a leg peddler for fitness. Pedal units or even a bike desk are a very wise choice if you want to be able to do a little workout while working from home at the same time. Read this article to find out what the best under desk bike or elliptical is and why you need it to stay fit, keep in shape and maintain health! The best under desk bikes and under desk cycles are simple but effective exercise equipment that perfectly complements any standing height desk!

It’s never been easier to exercise, keep your body in full shape, raise your stamina, and lose weight just pedaling the wheels of an exercise bike under the standing height desk. Gym memberships are generally quite affordable and offer a wide range of fitness programs and exercise, to help you to stay in shape and lose weight. Even some companies are already encouraging their employees to take care of their health, and to buy training or fitness devices to exercise in the office. Everyone and everything is now ready to stimulate you for a health-supporting lifestyle and fitness exercise instead of sitting. And that’s great – to be in perfect shape, not to have extra weight, but how to handle a task to combine work, where you usually sit, and an active health-maintaining lifestyle, making it easy for your budget? Naturally, you don’t always have enough time to cook health-boosting food or go to gyms after a long sitting, stand up on a treadmill or pedal on the bike, so you need to get fitness equipment to help you find a way out of these situations. In this respect, a great solution may be ergonomic elliptical trainers, also known as cross-trainers. This mini elliptical machine, or cycle, suits perfectly for exercise in the office or at home, because it is folding and fit under any desks, including standing height desks.

This article discusses the best under-desk ellipticals and all of their possible pros and cons, which will help you to see the differences between various exercise equipment and decide which elliptical trainer model is better to buy to stay in a good shape, maintain health and lose extra weight. Hereunder, we will make a brief research of the following topics:

What is an Under Desk Bike?

Under Desk Bike

Many, not necessarily with extra weight but even quite athletic people, do not know this health and fitness trainer for exercise. An exercise bike (or elliptical) is an elliptical trainer that gives exercise on the lower part of the body because in fact it is a leg peddler. Mostly cross trainers are used to help lose weight and increase stamina. The first elliptical type simulators were invented at the end of the last century. Of course, that mini stepper was not as convenient and efficient as modern elliptical products, but it honestly performed its main functions serving for health, fitness, exercise stamina development and weight loss. Initially, the company Precor was engaged in the production of ellipticals, in other words, mini exercise bikes which can be placed under the standing height desk or a workstation.

Why Do We Need to Think About the Best Under Desk Bike?

Now there is no better time than to think about buying the best under desk elliptical for the following health lifestyle reasons. We all know how difficult it is to resist the temptation and follow a diet menu during the holidays, sitting at home without any fitness workout or exercise, especially without making calories count report. We are just people, and in the holidays season commitment to fitness and an active health-maintaining lifestyle can disappear. However, to cope with it, you can invest in the best ergonomic under desk mini cycles available on the market to support health and do not gain pounds. Cycling exercise and fitness at home office will let you keep physically active and increase your stamina without much workout effort. You can also find different kinds of aerobic workouts using an elliptical or a folding portable or stationary exercise bikes on the Internet to make legs work and stay in shape. One of the pros of using a stationary bike or folding pedal exerciser is that some models can be customized with the new pedal units or a laptop holder for a better experience. If you have health-concerned people in your surrounding, this device will be a great gift on any holiday: be it a Birthday gift or Anniversary gift — this in-motion machine will work well.

Summarizing, the problem of the sedentary (or sometimes recumbent) lifestyle, whether it is a forced sitting in the office chair, or staying recumbent on your favorite home coach, comes to be actual, and not safe for your health. The concerned humanity has already invented a variety of health and fitness equipment for exercise, weight loss, stamina development, and shape maintaining, for example, the standing height desks and treadmills, or the exercise treadmill desks. The elliptical machine, or the under desk mini exercise bike, offers many additional advantages for your fit, health, weight and stamina. You may put any of these exercise bikes under your standing height desk, or any other desks, thus saving the room space. It does not require a special surface to be placed on — you can simply buy a mat for it. Just try to make sure that the surface is not slippery.

How the Under Desk Elliptical Looks Like?

Let us first explain simply how this best under desk bike looks like, being a health and fitness exercise machine. This type of fitness equipment looks like an exercise cycle (or a stationary mini bike) without a saddle and the wheels on which a customer may exercise his leg or arm muscles by imitating the pedaling of the wheels. The pedaling motion can be carried out on this ergonomic stepper with any speed or intensity while your joints, ligaments, and blood vessels undergo a useful load. This fitness exercise protects your general health, improves stamina, and allows lose weight with such simple under desk exercise equipment as under desk pedal exerciser. You can put these full-of-benefits products on the appropriate surface: on the mat or directly on the floor.

What the Best Under Desk Elliptical Consists of?

The main difference between the elliptical and the under-desk elliptical is the small size of the latter and portability. Instead of bulky handrails and levers, the best under desk cycle mini models are equipped with arm expanders or are available without them. If you wish to keep this mini under desk elliptical peddler in a small space, the installation of this ergonomic equipment will require no more than one square meter. After the fitness exercise, the mini exercise equipment can be easily hidden. Thanks to this, the mini-elliptical is suitable for use in apartments as an under desk cycle, while the functionality of this mini peddler is no worse than that of large-sized exercise models installed in gyms. The under desk bike pedals are nothing worse than traditional treadmills to exercise, support health, increase stamina and reduce weight. Another advantage of mini under-desk ellipticals is an affordable price: the simulator’s home version costs much less than professional models of elliptical machines. Therefore, anyone who wants to exercise to put their body in shape and improve their health can afford to buy this elliptical machine.

How We Choose the Best Under-Desk Bikes and Other Elliptical Trainers?

We indicated these under-desk ellipticals as best for fitness exercise, relying upon different research criteria. We know that you want to get a perfect mini exercise bike of elliptical shape for a new health-boosting lifestyle. Read our short guides and take the best under desk bike pick suitable for your budget.

Price of the under desk mini bike

Naturally, the best under-desk exercise bike has a high price. These elliptical machines have magnetic resistance levels, whisper-quiet, and ergonomic design. But you can get an exercise bike with the same fitness features for purchasing which you don’t need to sell your house to start a new health-supporting lifestyle. So in our selection, we chose the mini ellipticals with an average price so that your recumbent lifestyle transformed into a health-promoting.

Customer Reviews of the elliptical mini trainers

Nowadays, we can’t buy anything on amazon, including an exercise bike or a mini exercise bike, without reading a bunch of reviews on a particular exercise elliptical trainer. Thanks to such people, we can read about the pros and cons of any exercise bike. But it’s also important to find honest reviews or read an independent research of the stepper in question. We already know that these ergonomic exercise machines which can be put under the standing height desk are helpful to move from recumbent to health-promoting style of life, reduce weight, increase stamina and be, in general, in shape. Thanks to reviews we can find out if the muscles-training under the standing desk stepper is worth budget waste or not. Cycling fans recommend or do not recommend these exercise machines as a replacement of the office chair — it always depends on tech, Bluetooth connection, app availability, fans, lcd display or led display and other digital and ergonomic features of the stepper. It may be hard to pick the best under desk exercise equipment, but reviews can help you to make a good choice. And again, since the reviews are subjective, we recommend you first learn more about the electronic characteristics and overall information of the under desk cycle being reviewed.

Safety and ergonomics of the stepper model

To avoid injuries or pain during fitness or exercise, the elliptical trainer for standing height desks must be safe in use and beneficial for health and weight loss, of course. It includes safe materials from which an elliptical exercise bike is made, the right construction of seating (if present), and anti-slip mat pedals not to hurt your arm or leg and help you stay fit. Desk cycles allow you stay in-motion, do fitness exercise even at the place of work, which usually requires sitting. Sometimes people use standing desk treadmills which serve the same purpose: work with muscles, increase stamina, keep one in shape and do exercise for weight loss. These standing desk treadmills are another option to consider besides the exercise bike.

Delivery of the elliptical stepper

A fitness shop (amazon or any other) from which you want to purchase a mini elliptical machine to forget about recumbent lifestyle must be highly ranked. You should get information about delivery dates, packing, and the delivery of the mini elliptical itself. Also, the shop must support its clients and answer all the questions they might have concerning the usage of an under desk exercise bike for fitness they plan to acquire.

Under desk cycle warranty

You can recognize a high-quality product by the warranty period the shop (like amazon) provides you with. The longer the warranty for your under desk exercise bike is valid, the better quality fitness product you have. The warranty guarantees that you get what you pay for and you certainly enjoy using your weight-reducing standing height stepper.

Best Under Desk Bike: How it Works

What you Should Know about Foot Rests or a Stepper

Ease of use is not the only advantage of a home elliptical stepper if you plan to put such mini exercise bike under the standing height desk. Thanks to the usual motion for a person the fitness under desk simulator strengthens both the lower part of the body making each leg function and each arm is involved too thanks to the expanders. Using a mini exercise stepper as a simulator for the home fitness (sitting or standing) will target different arm or leg muscles, lose weight, increase stamina, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and keep you in shape. This mini exercise bike, or an elliptical machine, will certainly change your from recumbent to a health-promoting lifestyle and make everyday movement easy and pleasant.

What Muscles Does Under-desk Elliptical Trainer?

Gluteal muscles are subjected to a serious load, so the leg fitness stepper becomes the best way to tighten and improve the shape of the buttocks for girls. Reaching these muscles is an easy task for an exercise bike, and you will attain the best shape. Leg and arm muscles might also receive not enough load while sitting on a chair at work, and this mini under desk exercise bike will help you forget about recumbent lifestyle leading you to weight loss and better shape.

Thigh and lower leg muscles. Performing steps allows you to tone these leg muscles, reduce their volume, and remove excess fat providing significant weight loss. Only use the under desk elliptical mini stepper from time to time, and each leg will look slim and strong. This under desk mini elliptical trainer works as effectively as a stationary bike or a treadmill in the gym.

Abdominal and back muscles. Spine stabilizer muscles receive static load, which improves posture and coordination, reducing back pain. Making your waist thin is quite possible for any under desk mini exercise bike, this fitness under desk cycle was specially designed for that purpose!

Shoulder girdle muscles. Thanks to the built-in expanders, you can handle them in your arm and use the elliptical simulator to exercise on the shoulder’s deltoid muscles, biceps, and triceps. Sometimes left arm and right arm do not receive equal load while working, and this mini under desk exercise bike will help you keep each arm in great shape. Try to apply the under desk exercise elliptical for your shoulder workouts, and the shape of your upper body part will delight you.

Under-desk Bikes: Pros and Cons

When choosing the best under desk bike for your taste, it’s very important to read the reviews related to each model you are considering. And not only reviews can help you, but you also want to know their pros and cons. To keep your leg and arm muscles toned properly, it’s essential for your electronic or non-electronic under desk elliptical workstation to have more pros than cons. Nevertheless, best under desk exerciser models have both, and here are the most common pros and cons every portable desk bike has:


  • Working out both arm and leg muscles.
  • Improving the stamina and condition of blood vessels, arteries, and veins.
  • Weight loss, silhouette modeling, clearer 'drawing' of the body's relief.
  • Increased blood supply, lymphatic drainage capabilities, elimination of leg edema, damping pf pain.
  • The formation of a beautiful posture, strengthening of joints.
  • Selection of the program and training mode for a specific user, taking into account their capabilities and exercise level.
  • High ergonomics and usability of the best elliptical desks in a limited space. So it quite easy to adjust these devices to your own lifestyle.
  • Availability of an exercise bike for fitness and healthy lifestyle purposes, it is an easy and affordable mean for staying in shape.
  • New models provide Bluetooth remote control option. This is a real gift for those who prefer quick and smart solutions. Bluetooth technology is already popular among other sport equipment, but implementation of Bluetooth into the stepper makes control issues easier, especially when it connects to an app.
  • Adjustable angle: you can change the pedals angle or seat angle in some models. This angle-concerning option is useful if you want to increase or decrease the training load.


  • Training on this stepper is quite monotonous since the motion produced by the under desk elliptical machines are essentially the same. But the goal of keeping yourself in shape and the desire to switch from recumbent lifestyle to an active one certainly needs some effort and patience. Your under desk mini exercise bike is the best instrument for that goal.
  • You need to load leg muscles and arm muscles equally when you are using the under desk mini exercise bike.
  • But these disadvantages of the under desk mini elliptical machine can easily be turned into advantages. Once you turn on music or a TV show during the fitness exercise, the movements of this under desk exercise bike will no longer seem the same.

Under-desk Cycles Types and Their Features: What Under-desk Cycle is Better

Classical Under-desk Exercise Bike

The under-desk elliptical machine of this type provides a full imitation of walking on the stairs. Professional exercise steppers are also classic and have an elliptical shape.

Rotary Under-desk Exercise Bike

This type of under desk elliptical machine allows you to perform additional turns of the body. Training on such an exercise elliptical machine is partially similar to skiing, involving leg and arm musclues simultaneously. This exercise bike is perfect for sunny health fitness as a way to forget about recumbent lifestyle and become more active. This mini exercise bike can be set under any desks.

Balancing Under-desk Exercise Bike

This kind of under desk mini elliptical peddler trains thigh and lower leg muscles and improves their shape. Performing steps allows you to tone these leg muscles, and remove excess fat allowing you to lose weight.

Under-desk Elliptical With Resistance Bands

The bands built into the structure of this exercise mini elliptical machine allow you also to load the shoulder girdle muscles simultaneously walking and training your arm. An opportunity to train arm muscles as well is a great feature which is provided by several under standing desk exercise machines.

According to the type of loading system, the under-desk mini ellipticals can be mechanical or electromagnetic.

Mechanical Under-desk Cycles

Hydraulic cylinders power the mechanical version of the under desk exercise elliptical machine. There is a force on the pedal, the cylinder is compressed, and when the weight is transferred to another pedal, it is unclenched. These models of the under desk exercise elliptical machine do not create unnecessary noise during classes.

Electro-magnetic Under-desk Cycles

The operation of electro-magnetic ellipticals is based on the magnetic resistance of the pedals. The magnetic load of this under desk exercise peddler is controlled using the management console. These modern magnetic exercise bike models allow you to train according to built-in or individual programs and converters, and monitor all kinds of training indicators (heart rate, number of steps, distance, speed, calories, etc.). Due to the high cost and size, the magnetic elliptical is more suitable for sports clubs and gyms, like a professional treadmill, than for home use.

Our Best Picks: 7 Best Under-Desk Elliptical Cycles Rating Guide

Cubii Under Desk Cycle

Cubii JR1 Under-Desk Cycle


This is a popular under desk exercise bike. The anti-slip mat pedals of this fitness peddler which can be put under standing desk have a sturdy steel frame. It promotes leg movement but enables you to sit comfortably. This under desk exercise machine comes fully assembled, it is appreciated for ergonomics and convenience, and it is easily placed under the standing desk. Lots of people use this under desk exercise bike at the home space or workstation and enjoy cycling while working. The calories are burned by virtue of its forward and backward pedal motion, without distraction from work. Some models require additional chairs for functioning but this one does not need a special chair, so you can burn pounds using any of the office chairs or workout while working from home like a pro.

  • The exercise bike is easy to assemble
  • Instructions are clear and understandable
  • Cubii JR1 is portable
  • Low-impact, ergonomic design
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  • Doesn't connect to devices
  • Makes slight noises while you pedaling onwards
Show more

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike-Pedal Exerciser


This ergonomic elliptical desk cycle is easy to set up and use, and it is budget-friendly. It is one of the best desk cycles in this price range. This under desk exercise stepper provides a low impact workout and therefore it is perfect for those who do not plan to become an athlete but just want to switch from recumbent to active lifestyle. It fits perfectly under a standing desk or even just a regular desk, which is very convenient. This way, you can sit on the chair, choose the angle for the training and keep working — such a nice all-in-one practice! Apparently, this is the best under desk cycle in terms of portability, ride style, and price.

  • Easy instructions and assembly
  • Runs quiet while pedaling
  • Removable LCD monitor
  • Durable pedal straps
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  • Unusual LCD monitor resets
  • Not suitable for really tall users
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MagneTrainer-ER Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Pedal Exerciser Bike


The MagneTrainer-ER under desk exercise bike is recommended for physical therapy and has a range of specific features for that purpose, from magnetic resistance settings to bidirectional use. You can set different levels of magnetic resistance to regulate the arm and leg muscular load. This under desk mini exercise bike is suitable for tall patients as a leg peddler. Also, this exercise elliptical enables to add some extra features from leg adjustments to the display size changing. You can choose the appropriate angle level — this is a smart all-in-one device.

  • Multipurpose use (lower and upper body)
  • Electronic display shows workout statistics
  • Works smoothly
  • Portable
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  • Moves on tiled or wooden floors
  • More expensive compared to other models
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FitDesk Standing Adjustable Desk Bike


This is a popular motion mini elliptical trainer that has lots of positive reviews on Amazon for its comfort and ergonomics among the healthy lifestyle fans. This under desk cycle has a chair and a special small table for your laptop, so you can continue your weight loss process and calories burn working at home space or at the office space, pedaling while the workday is still going on. This anti-recumbent under desk exercise bike has different magnetic resistance settings. Due to the textured pedals and low friction of this adjustable desk exercise stepper, you’ll not get leg or arm injures or feel pain. The lcd display will show the stats and results of your training on this elliptical stepper. You don’t need to buy pricy exercise equipment to stay fit, just enjoy a fitness overall experience using this portable desk bike and turn your regular workstation into an all-in-one tech setting. This is the best bike desk choice as you can see by reading the reviews, it’s very easy to get your legs toned. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or just getting started, losing weight has never been easier. Besides, there’s no need to have a standing desk to deskcycle under. It is already an all-in-one elliptical machine and workstation.

  • Premium materials
  • All-in-one cycling workstation
  • Height adjustable
  • Has roller casters
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  • Not so portable
  • With frequent use, there may be a grinding sound
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5 Best mini elliptical

Stamina InMotion Compact Strider


Another useful under desk bike is the Stamina InMotion Compact Strider. This compact, high-quality, light in weight, folding pedal InMotion Stepper is helpful to start anti-recumbent lifestyle because you can take this mini under desk exercise bike to any space, especially work-related. This fitness elliptical product works on leg and arm muscles, supports posture, allows to practice fitness and lose weight. Such bike desks are flexible and ergonomic which allows your muscles to work more evenly and ensures you get the most from your exercise and stay in shape like a pro. It folds up for easy storage and a healthy ride anywhere you want, which certainly guides you to a better health level and therefore life in general.

Furthermore, the tension level on the Stamina InMotion Compact Strider exercise elliptical unit is an adjustable desk cycle. This means if you are an expert or new to using an exercise cycle, this elliptical under desk product still has you covered.

  • Steel framework
  • An electric monitor displays your stats
  • Compact and portable
  • Pedaling both ways
  • Smart and ergonomic design
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  • It may be too small for taller people
  • Makes squeaking noises
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Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic Mini Under Desk Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise Under Desk Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness

It is one of the best products among the low-profile under-desk exercise bikes. This under-desk fitness elliptical bike comes with an LCD display unit. Use this LCD display to track your progress during the drill. Unlike other standing height desk bikes, this one has different magnetic resistance levels. The under-desk exercise bike is small and can even work with standing height desks as low as 25 inches. This exercise under desk elliptical trainer folds up, has an ergonomic design and quite light in weight so that you can use this anti-recumbent exercise bike in any space in your home. Due to textured mat pedals, your feet will not slip and cause any pain. The low-profile under-desk exercise bike also has 8 magnetic resistance levels and a foot shifter, leaving each your arm free.

  • Runs quietly
  • Adjustable tension
  • Easy to assemble
  • Secure leg straps
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  • May slip if not secured
  • Non-removable LCD screen
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7 Best under desk elliptical stepper for fitness and exercise

jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical/Stepper Adjustable Angle


jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Height Mini Elliptical is a popular motion elliptical trainer. You can train leg and arm muscles sitting or standing on this desk cycle. It has an LCD display and user-friendly digital menu. This LCD display shows calories burned during the drill, the speed, etc., thus you always know approximately how intensive fitness exercise was, how much calories are burned, and how much weight you lost. The intensity is adjustable with a tension knob. This under-desk exercise elliptical has different magnetic levels of resistance, which are also available on the LCD dispay. It’s comfortable to use also due to non-slip foot pedals, which every standing desk worker will approve. Choose this fitness stepper and make your lifestyle anti-recumbent!

  • Portable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable angle and settings
  • Double purpose (lower and upper body)
  • Oil provided for a quiet work
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  • Display placing
  • Needs a mat
Show more

Choosing The Best Under Desk Bike

For the under-desk exercise ellipticals to be useful, you need to consider several important criteria about these products. The under-desk exercise elliptical should correspond to individual characteristics, and additional functions are welcome.

Stride Length of the Under Desk Bike

Every electronic and non-electronic portable desk bike has its own pros and cons, and the most important parameter of any under-desk exercise elliptical is the step length: the distance between the pedals in the fully raised and lowered position. If the step is too long, you can get your leg injured, and if the step is too short, tall people will not get the desired effect, feeling that training on the under desk exercise bike is helpless and losing weight, supporting posture or keeping in shape is impossible. That’s why you should choose the best under desk bike suitable for your needs, which would keep each leg safe for a better experience.

The Course of the Pedals of the Under Desk Exercise Bike

Under-desk fitness elliptical pedals can have a dependent or independent stroke. In the first case, the load on each leg when moving is distributed equally. In the second case, the pedal magnetic resistance can be adjusted separately.

Advice! An independent system will be useful if one leg is weakened by illness or recovering from a leg injury and requires sparing treatment.

Maximum Weight of the Under Desk Cycle (Fitness Bike)

Most under desk exercise ellipticals are designed for 260-280 lbs. The video about choosing a fitness stepper for home recommends users with a larger weight of body to choose special exercise stepper models that can withstand a weight of up to 440 lbs.

Availability of Automatic Programs of the Under Desk Exercise Stepper

Especially useful are under-desk exercise elliptical products with several built-in training modes. They are usually equipped with a desktop that displays important information such as class time, calorie consumption, heart rate, pace, and step rate. These characteristics demostrate how intensive the exercise is, how much load each arm and leg approximately get, how well you cope with the task to lead anti-recumbent lifestyle and stay in shape. The best under desk exerciser is quite related to traditional gym equipment and has a similar way of work.

Possibility of Autonomous Operation of an Under Desk Elliptical Stepper

Some of the under-desk exercise ellipticals available on the US market today are designed autonomous, which technically means that you can operate them remotely. We strongly advise you to check out a YouTube video or two on the functioning of an autonomous elliptical stepper for office or home, learn more about all the pros and cons of a particular model, and check out the customer reviews and user’s recommendations, you can also use Amazon platform for that; please, pay attention to a larger bodyweight capacity to choose the kind of special under desk stepper model that can withstand the necessary weight. Before you buy an under desk exercise stepper for fitness, please, read reviews on it carefully — the market is really full of models which might not satisfy all your needs concerning anti-recumbent lifestyle.

Additional Expanders Built in the Under Desk Mini Stepper

Another useful product is the Stamina InMotion Compact Strider. This compact, lightweight device can be easily transported to wherever you want to use it. It also works both stood up or sat down and in both forward and reverse strides. The flexibility and ergonomics of this deskcycle lets you work your arm or leg muscles more evenly and ensures you get the most from your exercise.

Common Mistakes When Choosing an Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Before you buy an anti-recumbent exercise stepper, you need to consider not only the main selection criteria but also the most common mistakes:

  • The under-desk exercise elliptical must not be placed close to walls or furniture. Ideally, there should be 1 m of space on each side of the unit. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient to work on it. It does not relate to the chairs you will use to sit down.
  • When buying an under-desk exercise stepper, you can not take models with sliding smooth foot pedals. They should be anti-slip. Otherwise, it will be more dangerous to pedal, the risk of leg injury and unexpected pain during training increases. Under desk ellipticals must be comfortable to pedal — this will protect you from undesirable pain with a follow-up surgery.
  • Do not buy an under-desk elliptical trainer with an inappropriate step length. It will be effortless to earn a leg muscle sprain.
  • Attention! Many people believe that the more programs and modes the exercise elliptical machine supports, the better. In fact, for initial training, there are enough opportunities for simple models. Such mini steppers which can be put under any standing height desks are usually well-provided with enough opportunitites to stay in shape and increase stamina. Dozens of load options are needed mainly for experienced athletes but will be quite excessive just for the healthy lifestyle.

Consider a Standing Desk

Under desk exercise stepper is a good option for you if you want to minimize the negative effects of too much sitting and don’t have enough space for a standing desk, or migrate from one office to another, or just freaked out by the standing desks’ price. Though, if you can get yourself a good standing up desk workstation, go for it. It will help you to easily go from sitting to standing, acquire new healthy habits, reduce fatigue, and, actually, they will also help you to organize your compartment in a more efficient and comfortable way. An under desk treadmill can also become usefull addition to the standing desk. You may choose a compact treadmill to use at home, or a noiseless model of a treadmill for your office, whatever you need and want. Best standing desks with adjustable equipment under them are a really smart solution available even on Amazon for those who are trapped in a no-moving environment. These standing desks with sturdy under desk ellipticals, which allow exercising even while sitting, are great if you are disturbed by the back pain, worry about your posture and generally want tp stay in shape.

The Best Under Desk Bike You Will Probably Choose: 4 Models Worth Looking At

In conclusion, if you are still not sure what under desk ellipticals are better to buy, you should certainly read this short quide about four under desk ellipticals, which look rather attractive too.

Vaunn Medical Pedal Exerciser: Low Resistance Under Desk Dual Function Cycle

The Vaunn Medical pedal under desk mini cycle is especially convenient as a part of physical therapy for the users recovering from an injury because it is easy to operate and has the option of adjusting the magnetic resistance of this standing height elliptical machine. The high-quality triple-layered chrome plating of the under desks elliptical looks attractive and modern, and the weight of 4.4 lbs is generally lower than an average under desk elliptical machine. Depending on its setup, this exercise bike can be used both as an arm active exerciser and an under desk leg peddler. Ability to train arm mucles is highly valuable for these under desk bikes, which allow you be in-motion if you lack exercises in the ordinary life.

Vive Health Ergonomic Under-Desk Pedal Exerciser with LCD Display to Track the Progress

The Vive mini pedal exerciser of an elliptical shape is lightweight and portable, and its ergonomic design makes it possible to be used under any standing height desk. It does not equip with an attached seat, so any other appropriate chair, even the offica chair, is suitable. This under desk mini bike requires minimal assembly and provides sufficient fraction and stability. A large LCD display on a built-in computer shows the current information about the course of training and the user’s health condition. It is recommended to use the Vive elliptical machine for both arm and leg workouts, it will keep your body in shape, and practice different loads: strength-based and stamina-based as well.

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical: Physical Therapy and Extra Features

The FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical stands firmly on the floor and comes fully equipped. You’ll surely set FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical for a short period of time because it’s easy to do. Thanks to the desktop monitor and program converters, you can choose a favorite regime according to your lifestyle and track usage on the desktop screen. When working, this elliptical unit does not make unnecessary sounds. Also, it is rather budget-friendly. You will be surprised by top-quality electronics and general ergonomics of this anti-recumbent under desk mini bike. You might even want to use it as a gift for a runner who wants to stay in-motion even at work.

Stamina InStride Folding Cycle: Ergonomic and Easy to Set Up

The Stamina InStride mini bike was specially designed to be compact and portable and has a multi-purpose possibility of usage. You can place it under any standing height desks, and it will still be comfortable to use. It can be used for each arm as well, in the office, at home, or for physical therapy. But this elliptical is aimed at enhancing health only. As this under desk elliptical has no seat, you may also use the chairs to exercise while sitting, even the office chair will work great. It provides a good balance and variable tension and attracts the customer with its reasonable price and high ergonomics. Our market research demonstrated that this anti-recumbent mini bike is appreciated for ergonomics and having enough benefits to spend some budget money on it. At least, reviews on Amazon show a top-interest amoung users.

Under Desk Bike FAQs

In this section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about an under-desk mini elliptical.

What is the use of an under-desk elliptical?

Both home bikes, which can be put under the stand up height desks, and professional ellipticals replace walking on the stairs, increasing stamina, working out in one place. Some of them allow changing the angle via the converters, and this quality is valuable for every true runner. The under-desk elliptical is so compact that it can easily be hidden under the bed. The under-desk elliptical width can reach an average of 40 cm and a maximum of 30 cm in height. Many desk bikes go in full assembly, and the user does not even have to fasten the wheels to the device.

Ease of use is not the only advantage of an under-desk elliptical. Thanks to the usual movement for a person, like walking on steps, it strengthens both the lower part of the body and the upper part, due to the expanders that many manufacturers add to the package. Using an under-desk elliptical will strengthen all the muscles, lose weight, increase stamina, and strengthen the cardiovascular system without leaving the chair. You can do exercises on the chair, while having a laptop on the surface of your standing height desk — this is a safe way to stay light and fit without much concern about the meal.

How can I lose weight with an under-desk elliptical?

The cardio load provided by the mini elliptical exerciser should be substantial: at least 40 minutes, but not more than one hour. To enhance the mini elliptical effect and the leg muscles, you need to connect the shoulder girdle muscles, increasing the number of calories burned. To do this, in addition to walking, use expanders and dumbbells. Use converters to change pedal height if necessary, some desk bikes allow to do that. This might facilitate sliding while sitting.

You can exercise on an empty stomach in the morning, during the day, or before going to bed. The subsequent meal should include only protein products. You can buy a healthy and safe meal full of protein on the sport market in advance to facilitate losing weight.

What programs can be embedded into a mini elliptical?

There are ellipticals equipped with smart electronics — a computer (led or lcd display) and programs recorded in its memory on the market, some stand height desk bikes even include Blutooth options for remote control. Among them, there are the following:

User Program on the under desk bike

It implies the ability to enter into the device’s memory such activity parameters as the level of load, heart rate, required angle, and duration of the session, thus creating a personal lesson scheme. If the permissible heart load is exceeded, the display monitor will give a sound or light signal, indicating the need to reduce activity.

A Program “By the Time.”

It is used to set the planned duration of training. At the end of this time, the display monitor will notify you of the session’s end and reduce the load.

Constant Effort Program

Regardless of the speed of movement (no matter sitting or standing), the applied force will be kept at the same level. This is possible only with the magnetic or electromagnetic principle of action.

How to avoid getting injuries when working out on an under-desk elliptical?

To prevent injuries to the knees and joints, you need to remember some issues about training on these cycles while staying in-motion:

  • Before physical fitness, do a light warm-up with squats on the smooth surface.
  • Your feet should be completely on the pedals for safier sliding.
  • Do not bring your knees or socks inside while sitting.
  • Do not set an excessive load level, do not try to be too quick if you are not ready — these issues might be harmful not only for the limbs muscles, but also for your back and knees.

After physical exercise, it is recommended to hold a hitch with exercises to stretch the muscles involved. Stretching will reduce the pain associated with the muscles.

A doctor must approve any cardiac exercises. Therefore, a preliminary consultation with a specialist is necessary.

Training on an under-desk elliptical (no matter sitting or standing) involves applying effort. And not always, the training goes well. In some cases, you will have to give up training on the under-desk elliptical. To avoid harm, we take into account medical contraindications.

Contraindications for using ellipticals: we strongly recommend looking through
  • Untreated injuries: dislocations, fractures, sprains.
  • Joint disease.
  • A previous stroke or heart attack, recumbent patients.
  • Chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver, and lungs.
  • Pregnancy in the last months.
  • Diabetes mellitus in acute form.
  • Arterial hypertension disease.
  • Colds with high fever.
  • Recent back surgery

What are the best exercises that can be done with an under-desk elliptical?

You can start training on an under-desk bike with a 10-15-minute walk at an average pace. It is necessary to monitor the pulse. It should not exceed 70% of the maximum allowed. You can calculate this indicator (subtract your age from 220 and multiply the resulting number by 0.7).

After 1-2 months, the session time can be increased to 45-60 minutes. The optimal fitness training mode for beginners will be 2-3 times a week. More experienced athletes can increase it up to 5 times.

Those who want to lose weight need to know that active fat burning begins no earlier than 25 minutes after starting the workout. And for many people, it can start in 40 minutes.

On elliptical machines with handrails, you can practice both using them and with your hands-free. As we said in this case, different muscle groups are involved.

Walking on this cardio equipment with expanders can be done with the following cardiovascular exercises for the hands and body:

  • Swings to the sides and forward.
  • Alternately twisting the body and waving your hand forward in the direction of twisting (the opposite hand going back should also pull the expander).
  • A slight tilt of the body forward and alternate swings of the hands back.
  • Natural alternate movement of the arms bent at the elbows. You may use a seat for this position.
  • For additional load on the buttocks, you can perform a squat while the feet are in the same position. This exercise should be performed at a low pace to maintain balance.


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