Standing Desks and Healthy Office Solutions

Sitting lifestyle causes serious health issues to millions of people every year. Adding more movement to a daily routine became not preferable but crucial step to keep body and mind healthy. GoStanding.org stands for improving office space in a healthy way. We review the best standing desks and other sit-stand office solutions aimed to improve mental and physical health.


Standing and Moving at Work has Its Benefits

Recent public health studies show that too much sitting on a daily basis may be one of the reasons of hormone imbalance. The metabolic issues, in turn, are proved to cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. Fortunately, standing desk benefits add some action to the daily routine at the office.

Mixing sitting with standing and moving is a simple way to benefit one’s health. A growing number of companies manufacture standing desks, treadmill workstations, leaning stools, and fully equipped workstations for a modern office lifestyle with no health tradeoffs! Using them can reduce adverse side effects of sitting lifestyle and bring positive vibes.

Healthy Back

Sedentary lifestyle induces too much pressure on the spine. As a result, an occasional back pain may grow into a chronic one. Moving and standing at the office brings relief to the tailbone and neck, while straightens posture.


When moving, the brain gets more blood nutrition, the muscles contract and stretch. Therefore, human’s body produces ‘good’ hormones that bring brilliant ideas, positive mood and willing to get things done.


Standing at work for some time during the day indirectly affects the longer living. A healthy dose of movement increases chances of avoiding cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases caused by constant sitting.


Sitting all day at the office is so tiring. It happens because of the poor posture and too long inactivity. Moving and standing every 30 minutes evokes blood rush supplying body and brain with an energy boost.

Start Moving Today!

Moving is living! Staying aware of the sitting lifestyle dangers is only half of the way to healthier life. The office indeed can be a place of personal fulfillment rather than stress. Discover our articles about brand new ways that help to avoid the midday lull, concentrate on important projects, communicate effectively with partners and colleagues, build a creative, easy-going and friendly atmosphere at work. Our blog section is dedicated to organizing your workplace in a whole different fashion. We have gathered here valuable and tested solutions proposed by experts in medicine, standing desk industry, as well as other areas.

A man having back pain because of sitting

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