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Updated: Mar 25, 2020
Ikea bekant standing desk

IKEA Bekant Standing Desk is a revised edition of their previously released desk, featuring a range of convenient offerings like the ability to easily organize cables underneath the desk without cluttering the work area. This standing desk was designed to provide exceptional quality and performance, offering the customer the ability to continue using the product for many years.

The limited 10-year warranty protects against factory-related faults, and the electronic adjustment system makes it easy to go from sitting to standing in mere seconds. The IKEA Bekant Standing Desk comes in a range of color options to suit the interior of the office or home where the desk will be used. The quality materials also provide for a sturdier desk that does not wobble or move around with the slightest touch.

IKEA Bekant Standing Desk
Starting at $419.00
Lift Type
Particleboard, ABS plastic, Melamine foil, Polyester, Steel, Aluminum, Rubber
Sizes Available
63×31 ½
Colors Available
White, Black, Black Stained Ash Veneer, White Stained Ash Veneer
Weight Capacity
~20lb 15oz
Item can be purchased at a variety of local stores that stock IKEA products. Shipping is also available when shopping online and starts from $39, depending on the customer’s location
10 Year Limited Warranty

IKEA Bekant Review

The IKEA Bekant height adjustable standing desk offers quality, convenience, and durability into one product. The desk was made for those people who are looking for flexibility. With this desk, switching between a standing desk and a normal seated desk is as easy as pressing a button.

Top Features Of The IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

The IKEA Bekant Standing Desk offers height adjustments between 22 inches and 48 inches, providing ideal compatibility for the majority of people who want to switch between a seated and standing position at any time. The sturdy construction also means there is no need to remove any items from the desk when adjusting its height – the button is pressed and the adjustment is made without disrupting the items that are located on the top of the table.

One very unique feature offered by the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk is the cable management system, built into the bottom side of the desk itself. When multiple items, such as a laptop, printer, and other devices, are located on the table, the cables attached to these devices can easily cause clutter, leading to a reduction in productivity. At the same time, it should be noted that the surface may not hold all of these items. With the cable management system, keeping all of these cables together is a breeze, leading to a significant reduction in cluttering.

The stain-resistant material that is used on top of the desk also means less worrying about coffee stains and other stains ruining the table. Spilled coffee can be easily cleaned up with wet cloth, and no marks will be left behind.

The IKEA Bekant Standing Desk has undergone all appropriate tests to ensure it is both safe and durable for everyday use, whether at a home office or a corporate office. The desk has been tested and met the criteria that have been laid out by both the EN 527-2, as well as the ANSI/BIFMA X5.5.

Care Instructions For IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

Caring for the desk and keeping it clean is very easy, due to the specific materials that IKEA decided to utilize in the construction of this particular standing desk. The desk itself should be cleaned with a cloth that is wet with a solution that only contains a mild soap – it has been noted that harsh chemicals are not ideal for this particular table. Once the surface has been wiped with the wet cloth, a dry cloth should be used to dry off the area. It is really as simple as this to keep the surface of the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk clean and in pristine condition.

When it comes to maintenance of the standing desk, it is important to frequently check the fastenings that were used in the assembly of the desk. The fastenings should always be tight in order to avoid complications. If any of the fastenings seems loose, they should be tightened during this frequent check.

Materials Used In IKEA Bekant Standing Desk

A variety of materials were used in the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk to offer quality, durability, sturdiness, and still ensure the product looks great in any environment.

The top surface of the table is made from ABS plastic and particleboard, along with a layer of Melamine foil. The underframe used just below the table top is made from polyester material.

The legs, washer, housing, top rail, and the cross rail is made from steel, along with an epoxy and polyester powder coat. The feet of the table is made from aluminum material with an epoxy and polyester powder coat.

The cable management system built into the table is made from stainless steel, along with rubber and polyester materials.

Concerns About The Low Rating

A lot of people interested in the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk have concerns about the low rating. The product has been rated  2/5 stars even on the official IKEA store, which leads many people to think that this is not the right option for them. Fortunately, IKEA has made an announcement where they addressed concerns from potential customers.

Older models of the IKEA Bekant Standing Desk had issues where the electronic height adjustment system stopped working after just a few uses. After noticing the fault in the design, the company has addressed the issue and fixed the problem. Customers who have purchased one of the affected models are also advised to return their standing desk for an exchange – the new models offered by IKEA does not have this issue.

Even though IKEA have mentioned that they rectified the issue with a specific batch, there does seem to be a lot of people still complaining about the electronic system that is used to adjust the height of the desk. For this reason, careful thought should go into the process of deciding whether or not to buy this product.

The Bottom Line

The IKEA Bekant Standing Desk is certainly on the pricier side of these products and with many concerns raised by previous buyers, this may not be the perfect option out there. Most people who have bought the desk in the past noted that the product stops to work after just a few uses. While the company noted issues that led to poor reviews have been fixed, we did note that there are still people who find that the system used to switch between a sitting and standing desk stops working.

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