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Updated: Apr 1, 2021
Vari Standing Conference Table
Lift Type
Not available
72” x 42” (183cm x 106.5cm), frame width is 24.5” (62cm)
Weight Capacity
300 lbs (136 kg)
High-quality steel frame with durable laminate finish wood
Colors Available
Butcher Block Top with a slate frame, Reclaimed Wood Top with a slate frame
10-year warranty for manufacturer defects and faults, 30-day money-back guarantee
Free Shipping offered within the USA. International shipping also provided.

Vari Standing Conference Table is a high tech conference table that offers a number of benefits and advantages to its users. It is a 72” standing desk that can easily accommodate up to 8 individuals. The table is constructed in high-quality material which renders it quite strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. It offers great ease of use through its lower shelf which can be used for storage. It also serves as a base where users can rest their feet while standing or sitting on drafting chairs. This table is one of the latest models of standing conference tables which was introduced in 2018. It offers a great cable management system through which the surface area remains decluttered. The table features lock and roll casters which enable it to be relocated easily wherever one wants. Although it does not offer variable height adjustments, its standing height enables its users to gain the enormous benefits of working on a desk while standing. They are able to improve their fitness, productivity, and efficiency while remaining physically active.

Review of Vari Standing Conference Table

Varid standing conference table review


Vari Standing Conference Table is a unique conference table that offers a variety of useful features which help its users gain the maximum benefits out of it. The table is constructed in a high-quality and strong steel frame. A tabletop and a lower shelf made from high-quality wood and finished with durable lamination are also provided. The table dimensions are 72” x 42” x 42” (183cm x 106.5cm x 106.5cm) and the width of the steel frame is 24.5” (62cm). Both the tabletop and lower shelf have a 14.5” (37cm) center opening for cable management. The table has a fixed height of 42” which cannot be changed. The steel frame has lock and roll casters which allow it to be moved easily from one location to the other. It is a heavy-duty meeting table that can accommodate a maximum load of 300 lbs (136 kg). The tabletop can accommodate up to 8 individuals at one time. The lower shelf is ideally placed where it serves as a storage area for related documents, files, supplies, and other accessories. Users can also lean their foot against the lower shelf while standing. The table can be used with drafting chairs or tall conference chairs.

Appearance and Maintenance

Vari Standing Conference Table is a stylish, modern, and aesthetically pleasing meeting desk. It helps users improve their health and fitness as they stand and work for long durations of time as opposed to sitting. The table comes in two attractive colors: Butcher Block Top with a slate frame and a Reclaimed Wood Top with a slate frame. Both the colors offer a sophisticated and decent outlook which complement any office interior. The table has a durable laminate finish. Both the shelves feature a center opening through which wires and cables can pass. This offers great cable management with no extra cables lying around the desk surface. The table is easy to maintain as it does not require much effort during assembly and installation. Once assembled, it can easily be moved through the lock and roll casters provided at the base. The table comes with an assembly guide, user manual, and other support documents. All information related to the maintenance of the product is outlined in the documents.

Assembly and Accessories

Vari Standing Conference Table is a counter height conference table which allows its users to gain the benefits of working while standing. The desk comes in the unassembled form. However, it is quite easy to assemble thanks to the QuickGrip hand-bolt system. When the table’s box is opened, it comprises the two wooden shelves, steel frames, lock and roll casters, and all the necessary bolts required to fix the standing desk together. An assembly guide is also provided which describes in detail all the steps through which the table can be assembled. Users can follow these instructions and assemble it within minutes. The meeting table can be used with certain accessories to increase their efficiency and comfort. One such accessory is the tall conference chairs with foot bars for resting the feet. An anti-fatigue mat can be used for lessening the strain on the ankles and feet while standing. For users who want to add a bit more workout to their routine and burn more calories, they can use a balance board to stand on it while working on the desk.

Packaging and Shipping

Vari Standing Conference Table can be ordered from the manufacturers who deliver it to the destination address. The manufacturer offers free shipping and arranged freight delivery to all states within the USA. They also offer international shipping to Australia and the EU countries. A risk-free 30-day guarantee period is also provided which lets users try and test the product for 30 days after its purchase. If they are not happy with it, the company refunds the money and takes back the table. They also arrange for the return shipping costs of the product. If the original shipping box is not with the user anymore, the company arranges for a return box through which the user can return the product back. The money is refunded back to the users’ credit cards within 2-3 business days. The company offers a 10-year warranty for manufacturer defects and faults of Vari Standing Conference Table. The shipped package contains all the individual components of the table which can be assembled by the users with minimum effort. The warranty card, user manual, assembly guide, and other support documents are all included in the shipped package.

Benefits of Vari Standing Conference Table

Vari Standing Conference Table offers a number of benefits to its users even though it is a fixed height table. This standing height conference table provides users with the opportunity to incorporate some physical activity in their routines of working on a desk while sitting. It is a strong and durable meeting table that can bear a maximum load of 300 lbs. It can accommodate up to 8 individuals along with their laptops and other supplies. The smooth laminated finish of the product makes it an attractive addition to any office or conference room. The desk features a lower shelf which offers an extra surface area which can be used for storage. The lower shelf height is at a convenient level which serves as a footrest for users while they are standing or sitting on high conference chairs or bar stools. It also offers good conference table cable management through the center openings on both the shelves. Although the desk is heavy-duty, it can easily be moved when required through the lock and roll casters at the base of the frame.

The Bottom Line

Vari Standing Conference Table is a state-of-the-art table that is not only attractive but also provides numerous benefits to its users. The desk has a wide surface area which easily allows 6 to 8 individuals to work on it. It is a standing height table with a fixed height. The standing table allows users to engage their leg and calf muscles as they work at the desk. This helps in improving circulation and fitness. This, in turn, increases employees efficiency and productivity. Although there is one shortcoming to this table; it does not offer any adjustable height mechanism through which users can switch between sitting and standing positions. But when compared with similar fixed height tables such as the 72” Fixed Height Conference Table, this QuickPro conference table is far superior in durability, usability, aesthetics, and flexibility in movement. The desk price is slightly on the expensive side, but users get good value for the money they pay for it.

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