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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray is one of the best keyboard trays on the market. This is because it caters to so many different types of people and it does that well. With this keyboard tray, both the height and tilt are adjustable, making it ideal for all kinds of people and desks. Furthermore, the mouse can be placed either side of the keyboard, making it one of the few keyboard trays to cater to left handed people.

This focus on reaching out to as many different types of people as possible, is evident throughout the product and its features. The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray intends to impress everyone, and does exactly that.

3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray
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$99.95-$113.92 ($136.16 for adjustable platform)
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5 years

Adjustable Keyboard Tray Review

What Is The Purpose Of The Adjustable Keyboard Tray?

The main purpose of the 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray is to improve body posture and stress on the wrists. By doing this, it aims to help those who work long hours at a desk and put unnecessary strain on their wrists and backs by sitting in uncomfortable positions. This product in particular does that by placing extra focus on each individual as a unique case. By offering both adjustable height and tilt, The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray caters to users in the most effective way possible.

Is The Adjustable Keyboard Tray Effective?

The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray is arguably the most effective keyboard tray on the current market, due to its ability to suit most people’s needs, at most desks. It even comes with gel rest features to enhance the products effectiveness and minimise any stress on the wrists.

What Are The Products Most Useful Features?

The most useful feature of The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray is undoubtedly the adjustment features, for both height and tilt. This allows you to use the product at nearly all desks and opens up the product to most users.

Another useful feature of the product is the fact you can use the mouse at either side of the keyboard, allowing those who are left handed to use the product as well. This is unusual for a keyboard tray, with many of The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray’s competitors not having any options for lefties.

This keyboard tray also comes with a gel wrist rest. This quirky additional feature means that even when you aren’t using the keyboard, the keyboard tray is helping out and relieving wrist strain. This feature can be helpful during a long days work.

Finally, the fact that The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray comes in an all in one platform is vital. It means that the product is always stable and sturdy whilst you are using it. It also means that the mouse, keyboard and your wrist are always at the same height and you are never stretching or awkwardly reaching for things. By keeping everything at the same height and tilt, the user doesn’t place any unnecessary additional strain on their wrists.

Are There Any Downsides To The Product?

The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray didn’t seem to have many consistent downsides however there were some that occasionally recurred. The main issue was the adjustment knob would sometimes be too low and would rub against the knees when seated. This would cause a little discomfort and make long days quite difficult.

Another uncomfortable downside was the smell of the product. After a while, once the keyboard tray had been regularly used, the smell did start to die down. However, in early use it was pungent and nauseating.

The product was initially quite difficult to construct. The instructions are not the clearest and if not correctly fitted, it falls apart easily. Furthermore, after long term use, the keyboard tray tends to loosen so it has to be refitted. This can be just as problematic as it was when it was first put together.

Warranty, Shipping And Returns

The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray has a 5 year warranty on all parts. It can be purchased or delivered through a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Staples. Delivery prices range between different retailers, however it tends to be free. Packaging may reveal the content of the parcel when it is being delivered, yet Amazon tend to offer you the option of concealing the package. Some retailers offer same day delivery on this product, however it comes at an increased cost. The returns policy for the keyboard tray are also subject to the retailer. Many offer free returns within a 30 day period if the product is in resalable condition.

The Bottom Line

To summarise, The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray offers something for everyone. Due to the height and tilt adjustment features, it suits any desk or person. Despite it occasionally rubbing against the knees, the majority of users will simply be able to combat this issue by raising the keyboard tray a little.

The additional features such as the gel wrist rest add a little extra to the product. This feature makes the product all the more welcoming and comfortable. Furthermore, the fact this product can be used by both left and right handed people means it reaches an area of the market that many of its competitors do not.

Finally, the fact this tray is made all in one makes it sturdy. This is vital when it comes to keyboard trays as users don’t want them to be shaking around whilst they are trying to type. This sturdiness, alongside the easy usability, makes The 3M AKT60LE Adjustable Keyboard Tray a very high quality option when it comes to choosing a keyboard tray.

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