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Updated: Apr 29, 2021
Fellowes Keyboard Tray
Recycled steel
Colors Available
Black or Silver
Where Produced
Dependent on retailer, some offer free shipping. Standard shipping takes 3-5 business days. Faster shipping is available at a higher price.
3 year limited warranty

For people who have never used an ergonomic keyboard tray before The Fellowes Keyboard Tray may just be the ideal product to trial out their uses, due to its low price and effective functions.

Fellowes Keyboard Tray Review

Fellowes premier keyboard tray

What Does The Fellowes Keyboard Tray Do?

The Fellowes Keyboard Tray allows you to bring the keyboard closer to you via attaching a pull out drawer system to your desk. This is with the hope that it puts less strain on your wrists and back from reaching and leaning over. The keyboard tray has 3 adjustable height setting so that you can position the keyboard in the most suitable way for you.

Unlike its competitors, this tray slides out from underneath the desk, which also makes it very easy to stowe when not in use.

Is The Fellowes Keyboard Tray Effective?

The Fellowes Keyboard Tray is effective for the most part, due to the tray sliding out very effectively and having a range of heights. However, thistray doesn’t tilt like many of its competitors meaning users cannot always type at the angle they desire.

On the other hand, The Fellowes Keyboard Tray allows the user to place the mouse either side of the keyboard, or even at the keyboards base. This versatility lends itself to the product being more effective and decreasing wrists and back strain.

What Are The Products Most Useful Features?

The most useful feature of The Fellowes Keyboard Tray is its easy slide away function. This means that there is no packing away and unpacking the product every time it is in use. It is simply still attached to the underneath of the desk, giving the user easy access whenever they need it. This feature also allows for extra space on the desk, that the keyboard and mouse would usually take up.

Another useful feature is the fact the mouse can be placed all around the keyboard. It can be placed to the left or right, depending on which hand you use. It can even be placed to the centre if you need more maneuverability. All this helps to reduce strain on the users wrist.

When it comes to reducing strain, The Fellowes Keyboard Tray’s height adjustment feature is also very useful. The 3 different levels of height, help the user to have the keyboard at the correct level for them. This reduces the need to reach across a desk whilst typing.

Are There Any Downsides To The Product?

A downside to The Fellowes Keyboard Tray is its limited size. Although it will fit regular sized keyboards, it isnt designed with extra depth. This means anything slighter larger, simply will not fit.

This negative feature seems all the more impractical when you consider the excessive size of the wrist rest. The wrist rest takes up an unnecessarily large amount of room, which is not only impractical but also uncomfortable whilst using the keyboard.

Another downside is the material of the product. One of the main reasons this product can be so cheap is because it is made from 100% recycled material. However, this comes with the downside that the material is flimsy. The keyboard tray tends to fall apart quite easily and degrade quickly with time. This keyboard tray almost feels like a temporary solution to a long term issue because of that.

Warranty, Shipping And Returns

The Fellowes Keyboard Tray has a 3 year limited warranty. The product is shipped through a number of retailers, including Walmart, Amazon and Staples. Each different retailer has different charges for shipping which alter depending on the speed of shipping you require. Some standard shipping may be free. Return policy is also dictated by the seller. Usually returns are accepted if the product is sent back in resalable condition, within a 30 day period.

The Bottom Line

Whilst the materials of the product may not be the most sturdy, in the short term, this is definitely a keyboard tray that can do the job well. Its varying height levels and practical sliding function mean that it covers all the basics of what a keyboard tray should do, and it does them well. All of which is offered for an exceptionally low sum of money.

Have doubts concerning Fellowes Keyboard Tray? You will find many good other options. For example, look at our 3M AKT60LE review to get a better perspective.

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