Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Machines Review

//Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Machines Review
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Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Machine Review

Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Machine offers a variety of features that users will be sure to enjoy, helping people keep active when a desk job is forcing them to sit down during the majority of the day. While Cubii bikes are not the most affordable machines available on the market, this particular under-desk ellipticals surely provides a value for the customer’s money.

Cubii under-desk bike is available in three different options, each offering a set of benefits and its own price tag. Customers who are on a lower budget might want to take a look at Cubii Jr., while those who want a higher quality elliptical might want to consider Cubii Pro or Cubii Elite.

  • Price: $249.00 – $399.00
  • Material: n/a
  • Size: 23” x 18” x 10”
  • Colors Available: Dak Wood, Chrome, Noir
  • Weight Support: 245 lbs
  • Where Produced: n/a
  • Shipping: Shipping rates and restrictions vary. International shipping is available when buying from the official Cubii online store. Rates vary depending on the customer’s location. Domestic shipping to an address within the United States will be cheaper compared to international shipping options.
  • Warranty: Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Rating: 4.0/5.0

Pros And Cons Of Cubii Smart Under Desk Ellipticals

Cubii under desk bikes Pros

  • The Cubii ellipticals were designed with a specific angle that makes them more comfortable when user is adding the desk bike underneath a desk. This option can help to reduce the risk of bumping the knees frequently against their desk. The angle can also make the product more convenient overall.
  • There are three different Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical models that the customer can choose from to ensure their meets can be met accordingly – including their budget. This adds some versatility to the process of buying this exercise bike for under the desk.
  • This may be the best under desk bike for people looking for a budget-friendly cycle that offers Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to sync their performance and data with their mobile device easily. Many alternatives with similar features tend to be somewhat more expensive.
  • Except adding user’s smartphone through a downloadable application, Cubii is one of the few stationary bike pedals for under desk that can sync with certain active wear devices, such as the Fitbit wristband.

Cubii under desk bikes Cons

  • The weight limit for the cheaper  under desk bike is very low, which means there is a lot of potential customers who would have to opt for the Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical or another Elite option if they wish to add this product to their office. The Cubii price for upgraded options can get somewhat high, which may be out of the budget range for some customers.
  • Even though adding this bike under desk allows the user to sync their data with their smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity, the product does lack additional wireless connectivity options. The addition of a wifi connection could have been useful in this under-desk cycle.
  • Even though this under-desk elliptical and bike may be lower than some alternatives, users with long legs may still find it difficult to use the product without continuously bumping their knees against their desk. In such a case, the user will have to switch to an adjustable height desk to use this elliptical.

Cubii Smart Under-Desk Ellipticals Overview

This Cubii review focuses on all three models of the product that customers can choose from. These under desk cycles were developed to provide the user with a way to remain active, even when their day job requires them to be in a seated position for the majority of the time that they spend working. Each elliptical has its own price tag – starting from the basic product, which is, of course, the cheapest amongst the three. Users with a higher budget can select an upgraded model, which will offer the individual with additional features.

Cubii Jr.

This is the basic model of the Cubii under the desk elliptical, which is called Cubii Jr. Pricing for this elliptical is $249 – this is the cheapest option that is suitable for customers on a low budget. This is also the base model of the product. This particular exercise bike for under desk does not come with the same connectivity features as the other models in the range, but rather offers a built-in display unit that can provide the user with feedback on their performance. The Cubii Jr. is a quiet elliptical, which means the user does not have to worry about noise bothering coworkers who are in the same office.

Cubii Pro

For those looking to add a stationary bike under the desk that can offer more advanced features than the base Cubii model, the Pro version may be an ideal option to consider. This is a very similar product as the Cubii Jr., but with some added features that definitely adds to the product’s overall convenience. The Pro model comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the user to sync their  under desk bike with their mobile device. Cubii has an app that is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Once downloaded, the app will connect to the elliptical and provide the user with instant access to their stats. This app also allows the user to compete with their friends and take part in challenges. When it comes to looking at Cubii reviews, the Pro version seems to be the preferred option among most customers.

Cubii Elite

The Elite model is the same as Cubii Pro elliptical but it comes with a unique premium wood finish. There is a limited supply of this particular model, and it was made for those individuals who wish are enthusiastic about the design of the device that will be placed in the office. The Cubii Elite also comes with Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with a range of health devices, including the Fitbit wristband. The elliptical can also integrate with Apple HealthKit, ensuring the user can effectively track their performance.


All three Cubii ellipticals come with a one-year warranty period. The brand does not provide extensive information on what exactly is covered in the warranty, but customers will be able to obtain further information by considering the particular terms and conditions related to the warranty.

The Bottom Line

Cubii desk ellipticals are quality products available in three different options, allowing the customer to choose a particular version of the desk cycle that best meets their needs, as well as suit their budget. All of the ellipticals come with Bluetooth connectivity and easily connects to accompanying Cubii mobile application, which offers users instant access to a number of useful statistical data.

The construction of Cubii under desk exercise bike is sturdy to ensure it will last for a long time. While there is a one-year warranty on the  under desk bike, some alternatives come with a more extensive warranty period. This might also not be the most appropriate option for people with back and spine-related issues. Other than this, the elliptical offers many useful features that the user can definitely take advantage of.