Varidesk ActiveMat with Rocker Foot Rest Review

//Varidesk ActiveMat with Rocker Foot Rest Review
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Varidesk ActiveMat Standing mat and Rocker footrest

Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker is a two-in-one product that comes with both one of the best Varidesk mats, along with an active rocker it helps to keep the user’s legs active periodically during the day. The anti-fatigue desk mat itself is made from a range of quality materials. It is a perfect product to be added under the standing desk in the office, or perhaps to another area, allowing users to experience less fatigue when they have to stand up for a relatively long period.

In addition to the desk floor mat, a rocker is also included easily fits to the standing mat. The rocker was developed to improve blood circulation and to assist in stimulating the user’s muscles, further reducing the risk of fatigue and stiffness with prolonged standing.

  • Price: $125
  • Material:
    • Rocker: Industrial-grade plastic frame and bar made of steel
  • Size: 28.38” x 35”
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Weight Support: up to 220 lbs
  • Where Produced: n/a
  • Shipping: It depends on factors such as where the customer buys the mat, as well as the location where the product needs to be shipped. Free local shipping to addresses in the United States is offered by the official manufacturer. International shipping is limited and will incur additional costs.
  • Warranty: 30-day guarantee
  • Rating: 4.0/5.0

Pros And Cons Of Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker

Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker Pros

  • The Varidesk standing mat comes with sturdy construction that ensures the user can stand up comfortably during the day and frequently change their stance without feeling the mat constricts their space. The mat offers enough space for the majority of potential users, including those with larger feet.
  • In addition to the standing desk floor mat, a rocker is also included. The rocker simply clips to the mat to keep in place and allows the user to easily keep their feet and legs moving while they are standing up or when they sit down.
  • Varidesk ActiveMat standing floor mat has been designed with beveled edges and a no-curl overall construction. This makes the ActiveMat much more stable on the ground, avoiding movement while the user is standing on the mat. We have seen many competitors mats moving while the user switches position. This can surely be an unpleasant feature in such a product.
  • The high-density core of Varidesk ActiveMat comfort mats provides adequate support for the user’s feet, which ultimately contributes to the reduced fatigue that the user may experience when they add ActiveMat to the workspace or any other area where the customer stand for long periods.

Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker Cons

  • While a 30-day guarantee period is provided with the purchase of the Varidesk standing mat, this may not provide an adequate amount of time for many users to thoroughly test the product. There aren’t any warranty offered with the purchase.
  • There are no varieties of this anti-fatigue comfort mat that customers can choose from. ActiveMat comes in a single size and only one color, being black. Many people interested in buying the best desk pad would want to have the ability to choose a size that is most appropriate for them, while also choosing a color that would match their interior décor.

Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker Overview

Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker offers a complete anti-fatigue solution for people who wish to transit to a standing desk, as well as for times when the user might find themselves in a seated position. ActiveMat includes a desktop mat that is added to the floor, along with a rocker. The rocker is easily added to the standing mat to provide a way for the user’s legs to be active in both seated and standing positions.

Varidesk ActiveMat computer desk mat offers an ergonomic design which is well-suited for the modern office but goes far beyond the user’s workspace, offering an excellent solution for the kitchen, at home while watching television, and even when simply browsing the internet on a computer.

Mat Size

Anti-fatigue floor mats often come in different sizes, since customers who might be interested in buying such a product have different sized feet. For this reason, it is often found that a size that works appropriately for one customer may not be as well-suited for the next customer. Unfortunately, this is a particular area where the Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker does seem to be lacking – the product only comes in one single size.

The Varidesk standing mat itself has a surface area of 28.38 inches by 35.0 inches. While this is not as small as some of the other anti-fatigue standing mats that are available on the market, it may not be large enough for some users – especially those who have large feet.


The design of this anti-fatigue floor mat is modern. Varidesk ActiveMat is a flat-type standing mat offers a design that will easily fit with the modern office but still, provide a design that is simple enough for spaces that take a minimalist approach to interior decor. The design offers a dense core, which is important for providing adequate support to the user’s feet while they are standing on the desk.

The no-curl edge design ensures the corners of Varidesk ActiveMat always stay flat on the floor, while the fact that the edges are also beveled further helps to reduce the risk of slipping and other issues that customers tend to experience with some competing desk mats on the market.


Customers who decide to purchase Varidesk ActiveMat anti-fatigue standing mat will be provided a risk-free trial period of 30 days. The customer is allowed to purchase the product and use it for an entire month. If the user feels that the standing desk mat is not what they are looking for, ActiveMat may be returned to the manufacturer or supplier for a refund. It is essential to follow the guidelines and terms written by the manufacturer regarding this 30-day guarantee period, however.

The Bottom Line

Varidesk ActiveMat anti-fatigue mat is the complete solution for people who find that standing in front of a desk all day long causes them to fatigue, pain, and other symptoms. This is an exceptional ergonomic mat does not only include the anti-fatigue standing mat itself but also comes with an add-on rocker to help the user stimulate blood flow in their legs and to keep muscles active. The rocker was also designed to be a great addition to seated positions.

While Varidesk ActiveMat Rocker is somewhat more expensive than other desk floor mats we have seen, it is important to consider the overall value that the customer is provided when they do decide to opt for this product. There is also an added 30-day guarantee that provides a risk-free use of the standing desk pad for the first month.