Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years.

Updated: Feb 18, 2021
Licloud Standing Desk Mat

Licloud Standing Desk Mat is promoted as a two-in-one product that offers both support for the user while they are standing and performing a task, as well as offers stimulation of their feet by including a range of massaging features. Licloud Standing Desk Mat is made from a foam material and offers ridges, along with two massage balls. This anti-fatigue comfort mat claims to reduce symptoms like aching feet, sore legs, and fatigue that often occur with prolonged periods of remaining in a standing position.

A number of concerns should also be raised when it comes to considering the purchase of Licloud desktop mat. Only a single size is available, and the product may not be an ideal option for heavier individuals. The massage effect that comes integrated with the standing desk pad also seems to be irrelevant due to a soft material used as its core.

Licloud Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat
From $79.99
Polyurethane foam
27” x 28” x 3”
Colors Available
Black, Gray, Purple
Mat Weight
8.8 lbs
Weight Support
Where Produced
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30-day guarantee; 7-year warranty period

Licloud Standing Desk Mat Overview

Licloud Standing Desk Mat is an ergonomic pad that has a modern and attractive design, while also featuring a durable construction that makes it a good solution for office and home use simultaneously. The manufacturer focuses a lot on the potential health benefits that this two-in-one product is able to offer the user.

According to information provided by the manufacturer, the user can stimulate their lower limbs to reduce pain in their legs and feet, while also effectively reducing the risk of experiencing fatigue when standing up while working – whether it is on a project at work or dinner in the kitchen.

Mat Size

These desk mats are only available in one single size. For the majority of individuals who might be interested in buying this pad for the office, this particular limitation in selections that they can choose from might be a disappointment.

The surface measures 27 inches by 28 inches. Even though only a single size is available, it should be noted that most people interested in the item might find the size adequate for them to freely change their position from time to time and place their feet in such a way that they find comfortable.

At the same time, there will likely be some customers who find this surface area to be too limiting.

Design And Construction

The Licloud Standing Desk Mat is made from 100% polyurethane foam. This is a relatively durable material that can last for a long time, but the specific density of the foam used in these anti-fatigue floor mats does not seem to be appropriate when considering the fact that the manufacturer decided to add massage stars on the surface.

For the majority of users, the massage stars may not provide adequate stimulation of their feet. They added two massage balls with the desk mat, however, might still be able to provide some level of stimulation and a massaging effect.


A fortunate fact would be that Licloud desk mat does come with a guarantee that helps the customer protect their investment. The customer will be provided with a one-month “trial” period when they decide to buy the Licloud Standing Desk Mat. The customer should try to the standing floor mat out during this period and see if they find it to be a comfortable addition to their office, as well as whether or not the pad can help relieve pressure and fatigue effectively. If the customer does not feel completely satisfied with the mat, they should get in touch with the seller and request a refund on the purchase that they had made.

Furthermore, the anti-fatigue standing mat also comes with a seven-year limited manufacturer warranty. The customer can contact the manufacturer of the Licloud Standing Desk Mat if factory-related defects are present during the first seven-year period following the date at which they decided to buy the product.

The Bottom Line

Licloud Standing Desk Mat offers many features that will be convenient to the user but does have certain limitations and potential design flaws that might not make it the ideal option for every person. The standing mat is made from quality materials that are non-toxic and should not have an unpleasant smell. This makes it a more durable solution that some alternatives out there.

At the same time, the material does not seem dense enough to offer adequate stimulation when the user decides to utilize the built-in massage features. Fortunately, the standing floor mat does come with both a money-back guarantee and an additional warranty. These features that customers indeed should be on the lookout for, as this can help the individual get their money back if they are unhappy with their purchase.

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Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years. She has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. She uses her extensive knowledge in this area to educate others through well-researched, scientific, and informative articles. Her passions include helping others and inspiring each person she meets to get the most out of their life.