RealSpace Magellan Performance Electric Standing Desk Review

//RealSpace Magellan Performance Electric Standing Desk Review
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RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk

RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk is one of the most affordable standing desks that we have seen on the market and has a number of convenient features that can make the life of the customer easier. These features would include the control box that comes built-in with essential power ports, an electric motor that makes adjusting the height of the table easy, and a single board construction for better overall performance.

At the same time, we found a few concerns that should be raised when it comes to considering the RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk. From the poor sturdiness to the fact that the motor’s transit speed is very slow, we will address these issues, but also look at the benefits of this standing desk, in this review.

  • Price: $399 to $499.99
  • Lift Type: Electric
  • Sizes Available: 30” x 60”
  • Colors Available: Cherry, Espresso
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
  • Where Produced: n/a
  • Shipping: A shipping fee of $79.99 applies to every order and does not include local taxes.
  • Warranty: Five-Year Limited Warranty
  • Rating: 3.0/5.0


  • This is definitely one of the more affordable options on the market right now, with the basic version priced under $400.
  • Comes included with a control box, fitted with four plug ports, along with 2 USB ports, allowing for easy access to power ports when needed.
  • Programmable control switch allows for adjusting the height of the desk with ease, compared to manually lowering the desk or increasing its height every time.


  • An important disadvantage to consider is the assembly, which takes more time than with a lot of the other standing desks that are on the market at the moment. Fortunately, full instructions are provided, and everything is labeled appropriately.
  • The transit speed of the electric motor is very slow compared to other standing desk models.
  • The weight capacity is very low when compared to some of the other options that you will find available in a similar price class.
  • When testing the stability of the table, most customers find that it is unstable, even when adjusted to the lowest height setting possible.

RealSpace Magellan Performance Electric Standing Desk Review

For those who are looking to buy a standing desk while on a small budget, the RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk can be a good option to consider. The product does have a couple of features that can be useful to the customer, such as a control hub that features built-in power ports. This allows items like laptops and desktop computers to be powered with ease, while also providing the addition of USB ports that allow the customer to keep their mobile devices charged easily and ready to go at all times.

While a number of nifty features can be noted about the RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk, there are also a couple of drawbacks that we have noted about the standing desk. Considering all of these factors can help a customer make a better decision when it comes to determining if this is the right desk for their office, whether at home or at a corporate building.

Height Adjustment System

The height adjustment system of the RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk utilizing a motor to provide a more convenient way to go from sitting while working to standing up. The motor’s overall design is considered very basic with no special features that can make the experience more convenient to the customer.

The glide system itself, which allows the surface of the standing desk to move up and down, features low-quality components. This makes the table less sturdy and also increases the chance of the surface area becoming unstable and uneven when an adjustment to the desk’s height is made. Furthermore, we found that the gears included in the glide system are also not made at the same standards as some of the other standing desks that you can find in a similar price class.

Another important factor to consider is that the transit speed of the motor is much slower than most of the other standing desks you will find that uses an electric motor for adjusting the height of the table. The transit speed of this desk is only 0.42 inches per second – the majority of alternatives in a similar price class can offer a transit speed over 1 inch per second. Furthermore, the noise level of the motor is higher than some of the other options we have seen, which is another negative point that should definitely be taken into account.

The height range of this table may also seem a little restricted to some people as the table is not ideal for people who are very tall. The minimum height of the table is 30 inches, with a maximum height allowable of 47 inches. This may not be the lowest setting on the market, but there will be a lot of customers in need of a higher adjustment to comply with their height.

RealSpace Magellan Surface

The surface of the electric standing wood desk is compact – it is certainly not too large, but also not the smallest we have seen on the market. Thus, customers can consider this a good option when they do not have an excessive number of items that need to go on the surface of their standing desk. The desk would be ideal for customers who are working on a laptop and would perhaps need a little extra space to place documents and maybe to keep a few stationery, such as their pens.

While the table does have an attractive overall construction and design, we did find that the lamination on the surface of the table looks a bit cheap. It is also decorated with a few stickers, which takes away from the professional look that a lot of customers may be after. This, however, does not necessarily affect a person’s ability to conduct their work on top of the surface.


The RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk comes with a standard warranty – a five-years limited warranty. One thing that we did like is the fact that all components that are part of the desk are included in the warranty – many alternatives on the market only include specific components of the desk in the warranty.

The Bottom Line

The price of the RealSpace Magellan Electric Standing Wood Desk is definitely the most promoting selling point, but there are a number of potential problems that a customer may run into when they decide to invest in this product. This is why it is important for customers to carefully consider both the pros and cons of the desk to make a more informed decision and to avoid disappointment once the product arrives.

The most important issues that should be noted would be the instability of the desk once assembled, along with the poor quality glide system and gears. The adjustment system is also slow, which can be another negative factor for many customers. At the same time, the desk does hold some positive factors to be taken into accounts, such as an attractive overall design and a single board electronic system, which usually provide better overall performance.