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Updated: Jul 24, 2020
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SmartDesk First Class is the premium level product in the ever-popular Autonomous SmartDesk range. The First Class model delivers the same sleek, stylish and flexible workspace as the rest of the line but with an increased load capacity of up to 330lb, lifting from sitting to standing (from 24 to 51 inches) in just 12 seconds at a whisper-quiet 39 dB. For added convenience, the standing desk can remember up to four height preferences, saving users time and boosting productivity. The sit to stand desk is ideal for open plan workspaces and delivers style, functionality, and durability. Autonomous has optimized the SmartDesk to provide maximum stability with no compromise on aesthetics. The workstation is constructed on round legs made of industrial steel and can be assembled in minutes by simply bolting the legs to the frame and top. The unit is supported on four plastic coated steel feet. A high-gloss finish and attractive color options in black, white and grey offer a fresh and contemporary appearance and look great in any environment.

Autonomous SmartDesk
Price (may vary)
From $409 in bulk order
Lift type (Electric, manual, hydraulic, etc)
Tabletop is made of MDF with hardwood veneer. Legs are made of industrial grade steel
Sizes Available
53 x 30 inches
Colors Available
Black, White and Grey
76 lb
Country of Production
Standard shipping cost from $49 in the continental United States. Additional charges apply for international deliveries
5 years


  • Exceptionally quiet motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sleek, stylish appearance


  • Only 4 programmable height settings
  • No built-in cord management
  • No express shipping

Autonomous SmartDesk First Class Overview

Facilities managers and business people have been extolling the virtues of Autonomous standing desks for some time now and the recent launch of the SmartDesk First Class brings a new premium product to the market. The First Class intelligent standing desk is an ideal addition to the modern work environment, making it easy to display content for presentations, promoting teamwork and collaboration. The latest arrival to the Autonomous line facilitates smooth and seamless transitions from sitting to standing and vice versa, allowing users to react rapidly to the changing needs of the workplace. First Class Autonomous desks use a powerful motor drive to lift the work surface at the touch of a button silently and faster than ever before. The new model offers an increased load lifting capacity along with whisper-quiet performance. It is also the best-looking Autonomous desk that we’ve seen so far.

The Look and Feel of the SmartDesk First Class

With a mission to make workplaces of the future an everyday reality, Autonomous has recently earned its place as a market leader in adjustable workspace technology. The firm which began in an apartment in New York City in 2015 now supplies smart office furniture to 110,000 clients worldwide and has offices in Europe and Asia as well as in the USA. Consumers have embraced their ‘work smarter revolution’ with fervent enthusiasm and the latest premium level addition to the SmartDesk Autonomous range doesn’t disappoint. The First Class model delivers the fastest and quietest lift in the most attractive desk of the Autonomous line to date. Options in white, black and grey will fit into any work environment and the high gloss finish and modern style present a fresh and current look. The round industrial grade steel legs add stability and give the desk a solid appearance while not detracting from the sleekness of the overall aesthetic. The coordinating 3/4 inch table top compliments the contemporary style of the desk without compromising on durability or robustness.

Assembling the First Class SmartDesk

The standing table arrives in 2 separate boxes containing the legs, tabletop, and frame. The power cord for the motor is 78 inches long which allows some flexibility in choosing a location for the unit. Assembly is extremely simple and just requires the pre-attached legs to be bolted to the table top and frame. Autonomous tell us that the First Class SmartDesk is the easiest of all their sit to stand desks to assemble and they have helpfully created a video showing how to put the desk together. All of the tools necessary are included in the packages so there’s no need to go hunting for screwdrivers and bolts. Users report an assembly time of between fifteen minutes and half an hour in total and most have no problems following the comprehensive instructions. This aspect of the First Class desk performs very highly in relation to any other SmartDesk review. SmartDesk First Class comes fitted with a USA 2-prong power outlet as standard but the company offers alternatives for products being shipped out of the USA. The sturdy steel legs ensure stability and the work surface feels robust and durable. The First Class desk is highly energy efficient, using just 0.5 watts in standby mode.

Enhanced Performance and Ease of Use

Autonomous First Class packs a mighty punch with its 330lb load, promising a 12 second, virtually silent glide from its minimum height of 24 inches to its maximum of 51 inches. For comparison, a Macbook air weighs just over 2 pounds, so that’s a lot of lift for a modest-sized desk of 53 x 30 inches. The lifting motor uses the latest in noise cancellation technology to reduce output right down to a barely audible 39 dB, making this one of the quietest electric adjustable desks on the market. Configuring the preset height settings is a breeze. Once the standing desk has been set to the required height, the user holds down the letter M on the keypad until the LED screen flashes before entering a number to associate with that setting. The height is now stored and the user can enter a total of 4 presets using the same process. It is easy to reset the adjustable desk if requirements change. Hold the up and down buttons at the same time. The desk will lower to its minimum height and beep. Release both buttons briefly before holding the down button once more until the desk beeps three times in succession. The standing table is now reset. The First Class SmartDesk comes with a manufacturers’ guarantee which lasts for 5 years.

Price, Delivery, and Guarantee

A single unit currently costs $449 (on sale from $474). Autonomous also offer a sliding scale bulk discount with a price of $409 each for 15 units or more. The company offers a $10 discount for new customers on orders of $100 or more. Each desk is delivered in 2 separate boxes and delivery costs from $49 upwards. Orders are processed within 1 business day and US continental deliveries take between 3 and 5 days. Autonomous also ships internationally and rates vary depending on location. Local pick up is only offered in Southern California from the firm’s warehouse in Mentone. At this time, there are no express shipping options. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee stating that if the desk is assembled and returned within this time frame, they will refund the full amount, including delivery charges.

The Bottom Line

On the whole, this Autonomous SmartDesk review for the First Class model is almost entirely positive. The lifting desk motor uses state of the art technology to ensure that customers are getting the quietest adjustable desk on the market. The overall look and feel is modern and attractive and the product is reliable, functional and robust. Particularly in the white color option, the desk has a sleek and polished feel. It looks luxurious and high end and I can easily picture it in a swanky Silicon Valley tech firm. The fact that Autonomous offers a 5-year manufacturers’ warranty shows confidence in the durability of the standing workstation and the 30-day money back guarantee adds another level of security for customers’ investments. It might have been nice to see additional presets added to this optimized model, particularly for flexible office environments where hot desking is common or for presentation purposes where multiple users might be using the same desk, for example in a conference room or training area.

Another feature which may be missed is the lack of any built-in cord management system which I personally find a nice addition to any desk. Nevertheless, at the very reasonable price of $449 for a single unit, the First Class SmartDesk truly demonstrates value for money. There are several inferior products on the market at a much higher cost and as far as aesthetics go, the First Class SmartDesk is in a class of its own. Be sure to check out other standing desks reviews on our website! Like Autonomous SmartDesk? You might as well wish to check out the Humanscale Float Table review.

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Jennifer Rothman
Jennifer Rothman is a copywriter and columnist, specializing in delivering informative content you can trust. Since graduating from Villanova University, she’s worked with top brands across the fashion, beauty, and health and wellness space to reach global audiences. Eager to share her expert knowledge of the wellness industry, Jennifer continues to craft reliable content that engages readers through the art of storytelling.