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Updated: Aug 5, 2020
iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm

iMovR Tempo Dual-Screen Monitor Arm is certainly one of the best options on the market when it comes to installing a monitor system in the office to increase the height of user’s display. The monitor system is easy to install and comes with everything needed to complete the entire setup, including the monitor mounts that are used to attach the display to the arm.

This dual monitor arm is ideal for both home and office use. iMovR monitor stand features exceptionally sturdy construction and is made from high-quality materials to ensure the product will last for multiple years without the need to worry about hazards. The iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm also comes with a very convenient warranty, further adding to the overall value that the product is able to offer the customer.

iMovR Tempo Dual LCD Monitor Arm
Starting at $229
Lift Type
Gas lift system
Sizes Available
Colors Available
Silver & Grey / White & Grey / Black
Weight Support
Up to 20 lbs (per display)
Max Monitor Width Support
Where Produced
iMovR offers free shipping to 48 states in the USA. The manufacturer hasn’t provided details on international shipping, but will most likely incur added charges
15-year warranty period

iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm Overview

iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm allows for mounting two monitors easily with two separate arms, which ensures each LCD can be adjusted separately for the user’s convenience.

The product features a sturdy construction that makes it possible to mount LCD without the risk of the product breaking or causing instability to be an issue while the user is utilizing the displays. While this adjustable monitor arm is certainly one of the most convenient options that we have taken a look at, especially considering the price, a couple of things should be noted by the customer before purchasing the iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm.

Mounting Options

The installation of this product is easy. It only takes a few minutes to complete the setup, and then the displays can be installed. There is no need for additional expenses to be made on expensive tools, as the product does come with everything that is needed to mount it to a desktop quickly.

iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm is not a significantly versatile or extensive option when it comes to adjusting the system, but rather provides a relatively basic operation. One factor that should be pointed out here is that the product does feature two separate arms that are not attached to each other. The majority of these products tend to have arms that are attached.

Since the arms are separate, it also allows for both monitors to have their positions and angles adjusted independently from each other.

It is also crucial to note that the iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm, just as the name of the product implies, was designed to allow for two LCD monitors to be mounted. This is not the ideal system for mounting heavier types of display units, such as older screens are tend to be heavier. The maximum supported weight per display mounted on the arms is 20 lbs. This makes the overall maximum weight for both arms 40 lbs

Lifting Mechanism

iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm features a gas lifting system. This is another important benefit that the product can provide the customer with – gas lifting systems are often a preferred option over alternatives, such as spring lifts.

The gas lifting system that is installed in this dual monitor arm provides for smoother movements than a lot of the competitor products that we have seen. It is also very easy to adjust each screen’s position – no need for any time-consuming processes. This makes it exceptionally easy to go from a seated position toward a standing position while working.


A great feature that comes with the iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm that definitely adds to the overall value offered to the customer would be the warranty that is coupled with the purchase of this particular product. The customer is provided with a 15-year warranty period when they buy this dual monitor arm.

This helps to provide an added level of protection to the product in cases where the customer may experience issues such as faults with the product that can be traced to the workmanship of this dual monitor stand.

Customers do need to take note, however, that there are some limitations set into place regarding the warranty that comes with the iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor. The customer should be aware of these particular limitations to ensure they know what to expect from the warranty.

The Bottom Line

iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm is definitely worth looking at for individuals who would like to get their screens up on a mount to help reduce the strain that they may experience in their neck, as well as their spine. The product was designed to provide a mounting system for LCD monitors and can support up to two monitors at a time.

The product is stable and, considering the many useful features offered by the iMovR Tempo Dual LCD “Hubbed” Monitor Arm, the price is also affordable. The added 15-year warranty period also ensures the customer’s purchase is adequately protected in cases where factory-related faults may occur following the purchase of the product.

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Jennifer Rothman
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