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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Varidesk Pro Plus 30 is a table accessory that allows a user to adjust the height of the tabletop in order to alternate between standing and sitting without interrupting the workflow. This riser is a remake of its earlier model and now includes a separate keyboard deck giving the user much improved ergonomics. This Varidesk Pro 30 model is the smallest in the Varidesk Plus range of table risers at 30 inches in length, with the others measuring 36 and 48 inches. This makes it more suitable for users that don’t need a big area for their workstation or simply do not have enough space for a bigger stand up desk converter. The desk can support a maximum of 35 pounds and can extend as high as 17 inches over the base table height. The Varidesk Pro 30 standing desk is available for sale in the US and also overseas.

Varidesk Pro Plus 30 Standing Desk Converter
Starts at $325
Lifting mechanism
Spring assisted manual lift
Available colors
Available predominantly in black but can be found also in a grey-white combination
Load capacity
Can hold a maximum weight of 35 pounds
the top surface is a combined 30 inches by 29.75 inches
Country of origin
Manufactured in the USA
Limited one year warranty with a 30 day trial period. Product may be returned within the trial period for any reason at no extra cost, provided the unit is still in resellable condition
Free shipping to all US states excluding Hawaii and Alaska which carry normal FedEx shipping costs. Product ships a maximum of one business day after purchase excluding holidays and delivery takes less than a week for orders within the US

Varidesk Pro 30 Sit-Stand Desk Converter Overview

Setting up the Varidesk Table Converter

There is not much to the operation of the Varidesk Pro 30 standing desk as it is already assembled when it gets to the user. Using it is as simple as placing it on a steady surface, placing whatever necessary items on it and raising it up and down whenever the need arises. Squeezing both levers at the lower edges of the table releases the braking system and lets the user adjust the table to any one of the 11 available height settings. Once the desired height is reached, the levers can be let go to activate the brakes and the user can continue working.

Despite the ease of operation, there are a few things to note, however, to get the best out of the table riser. Being a relatively small model, it is best not to put too many things on it especially things with a high center of gravity that can be easily knocked off. They will not have space on the desktop to fall onto and will most likely drop a distance of over 3 feet and get broken or damaged.

It is a good idea to plug in any electronics that are intended for use and place them on the desk while it is in its highest position to ensure that the power cords will always be long enough no matter the height setting selected. The weight capacity of 35 pounds is also more than enough for most items that are expected for a workstation.

Stability of the Varidesk Pro 30 Standing Desk

The Varidesk Pro 30 standing desk is very portable but does has lost some of the sturdiness of bigger models. Its length to width ratio makes it more liable to wobble. Due to the base of the desk being smaller than the overall work surface, there tends to be some shaking when it is at its highest position and the user is typing or doing any motion based activity. The weighted base is designed to counteract this occurrence but it is not always 100% successful. The materials used to make the desk are industrial grade and the unit can be expected to last a long time. In its collapsed position, it is only 4.5 inches high, which is quite flat when compared to other risers of the same design. In the fully extended mode, the platform reaches over 17 inches and extends horizontally a total of almost 42 inches when measured from the back end of the base to the front end of the top surface. This forward extension is a known problem of Varidesk products as this extension shifts the center of gravity of the unit significantly away from the table making it less stable despite the weighted base.

Aesthetics and Ergonomics of the Varidesk Pro Plus 30

The smaller size of this table converter makes it more aesthetically pleasing than bigger sizes especially as there are more options when it comes to where it can be fitted. It can be used in tighter spaces than its larger siblings and because of its smaller base, it can be placed on surfaces that are smaller than regular desks such as counters and side tables. The surface area of the top is almost a square shape as its length and width are almost the same when the keyboard deck is included.

The keyboard shelf is ergonomically well placed, just a few inches below the top surface and is automatically set to a comfortable level when the optimal top surface height is reached. The desk when raised pushes out away from the table and so is not a good option for workstations that are backed to the wall or have little space for the user to maneuver. However, there is a curved cut out at the edge closest to the user to mitigate this problem. It is also a good idea to invest in a monitor arm in order to be able to use the whole of the top surface for other things asides from holding the monitor. However, at over $100, this may not be very attractive for those on a modest budget.

The whole unit has a stippled surface finish which provides good friction while still being smooth to the touch. The black color is not shiny and its light absorption quality makes it suitable for most types of office decor.

What are Varidesk Pro Plus 30 Benefits?

This new Varidesk Pro Plus 30 model has improved on some aspects of its predecessor while also retaining the best parts. Some of these features are:

  • The keyboard deck is positioned at a lower level than the top surface, but can be adjusted to become level with it if there is a need for more surface area.
  • The cut out in front of the keyboard deck increases the reach of the user to the top surface without having to move to the side.
  • Although the width of the top surface is technically 36 inches, the desk riser only needs 24 inches for its base to sit on and remains quite stable even at full extension.

The Bottom Line

Varidesk Pro 30 standing desk may be too small for many users but it is a great option for people who don’t have a lot of space to fit a bigger table riser. It is also a good option for those who want the table converter to occupy just a fraction of the base table. The price is quite high given that with just $20 extra, one could buy the bigger 36 inch unit and get more space to work with and fit things on. However, it is also the right size for many people when bigger sizes are not an option. Its size also makes it a good candidate as a gift or for bulk purchases for places like schools and libraries. Shipping within the US is free except for those that live in Alaska and Hawaii and that’s an attractive offer.

The main highlight is the separate keyboard and mouse deck which is also independently movable with enough space to operate a mouse on either side (for left-handed users as well). The main sticking point is how far the table riser extends horizontally from the base table, almost 18 inches compared to when it is in its fully collapsed position. That is a lot of space that may not always be available especially in a crowded workspace shared by other people. The product is definitely better than the previous iteration but only because of the suspended keyboard which is valuable enough to choose this table converter and with this, we conclude our Varidesk Pro Plus 30 review.

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Jennifer Rothman
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