Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years.

Updated: Sep 30, 2021
iMovR ZipLift+ Sit-Stand Converter
Lift Type
Sizes Available
Minimum Height: 5/8 inches off the desktop, Maximum Height: 20-5/8 inches off the desktop
Workspace surface – 35.5 inches W x 16 inches D, Keyboard surface – 26.5 inches W x 13 inches D, Grommet hole 2 inches W
Weight Capacity
5 lbs on the keyboard surface, 35 lbs on the top surface
Colors Available
White, Black
In the USA
Neat Certified
Free Shipping at Takes 5-7 days.
2 years

The iMovR ZipLift+ Sit-Stand Converter is a standing desk that supports an ergonomic level keyboard and dual monitors. Its two-tiered design with a detachable mouse/keyboard tray leaves room for items without having to relocate them to the desk. The iMovR ZipLift standing desk version has the same specifications as the 2013 model, the Varidesk Sit-Stand Converter, with slight improvements to cater to the 2018 market.

iMovR ZipLift Sit-Stand Desk Converter Overview

In this comprehensive iMovR ZipLift review, we outline features and specifications of this sit-stand desk.

Low Cost and Stability

The main advantages of the ZipLift adjustable standing desk converter are low cost, stability, and the speed with which it can be adjusted from a standing to sitting position or vice versa. Often, this entails grabbing the primary work area on the right and left edges and pressing the brake or lock release paddles on each side, then adjusting the desk to the desired height, and releasing the brake.

As other reviews of all the iMovR desk models will show, the patented design the manufacturer has depended upon all these decades has been improved every year, making this desk rock-solid. The unit is pretty rigid all the way up to the top despite its streamlined appearance that exposes more mechanical linkages than other models.

ZipLift+’s Unique Features

The iMovR ZipLift standing desk converter adjusts from a sitting to standing position more silently than other Z-Lift unit risers, with an infinite number of stops. It shares the same basic architecture principle, but that is where the similarity ends. This unit uses silent gas cylinder pistons to counterbalance the mass of the monitor, computer, or other things on the top of the desk and make it simpler to lift material up into a standing position. Other units like Varidesk, use springs.

This desk’s range of height adjustment is infinite as opposed to having a specific number of fixed settings, say, after every one inch. Pressing the paddles frees the Bowden cables (just like levers on a bicycle) and the user can let go at any position to get to the desired height, no compromises. It also makes it easier to adjust the unit from a sitting to standing position for improved work efficiency and concentration.

ZipLift Standing Desk Converter with True Ergonomic Sensibilities

Manufacturers will claim to offer ergonomic sensibilities, yet their products have no ability to adjust the keyboard tilt angle. Therefore, it is delightful to see this unique feature in an affordable unit, such as the iMovR ZipLift standing desk converter. The unit is designed to ensure that the user can change the keyboard tray angle to reduce flexion or even the extension of the wrists with a simple twist of a knob.

The only shortcoming with this feature is that unlike the iMovR Cadence – still one of the most ergonomically adjustable units on the shelves to date – the keyboard tilt on iMovR ZipLift+ doesn’t work when one is seated. So it needs to be undone when switching to this position, which is easy –taking about 30 seconds – but a tad inconvenient.

iMovR ZipLift Standing Desk Grommet Hole

The other ergonomic feature that users frequently complain about is the lack of an ideal way to attach a monitor arm on the sit-stand desks, so that they don’t bend their neck too much when standing. A monitor arm is certainly a necessary addition to eliminating possible neck strain.

The ZipLift Standing Desk Converter comes with a fitting grommet hole located at the rear of the job area that can accept all monitor arms out there – whether grommet-mounted or edge-clamped. Providing this hole is so easy, yet the majority of manufacturers don’t understand the benefit of standing desk ergonomics or they simply don’t care.

iMovR ZipLift Standing Desk Converter Compact Depth

The ZipLift takes about 23 inches of depth of the desk, the upper work surface being 16 inches deep and 35.5 inches wide – quite spacious. The lower keyboard surface is 13 inches deep and 26.5 inches wide, which is 2 inches wider than most desks on the market today.

The design eye depth is yet another good feature of this desk. It is almost as good as its brother, the Cadence, and better than most units out there. The design means that users can attach a good sized screen or dual monitors and find themselves far from the screen.

Free EverMat Standing Mat and Certification

The premium polyethylene mat was designed to help ease off the pressure as the user stands for an extended time. The product counteracts fatigue and as a result, makes the user more productive. The mat measures 18 by 24 inches and is three-quarters of an inch thick.

Finally, the Ziplift+ unit has been certified and authenticated by NEAT. NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, an organization tasked with inspecting the therapeutic effects associated with products. Hence, the unit is of the highest quality and comes with a warranty.

The iMovR ZipLift+ Sit-Stand Converter takes ergonomics to another level, thanks to its ground-breaking sloping keyboard tray. This tray enables users to change the slope of their keyboards to suit them, specifically, allowing a negative slope, known to enhance hand and wrist comfort when standing. The unit is easy to set up and has a clean look, thanks to its unique gas cylinder piston design.


The Bottom Line

Standing Desk Guides would recommend pairing this standing desk with a monitor arm for best results. This product is also recommended to people who want to get rid of neck pain associated with constant stretching of the neck. It is quite affordable too.

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Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years. She has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. She uses her extensive knowledge in this area to educate others through well-researched, scientific, and informative articles. Her passions include helping others and inspiring each person she meets to get the most out of their life.