Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020
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Sitting at the office desk all day is not the best option, and at the same time, it can be harmful in many ways. Studies have found out that sitting for extended periods raises health risks. On the other hand, most people plan on losing weight but can’t do it due to their jobs putting restrictions on them. Getting a treadmill workstation might be the holy grail of losing weight and being healthy if you are behind a desk. With the rumors surrounding its authenticity, one can actually burn calories using it; it just takes a more extended period.

Walking on Treadmill Desk vs. Standing vs. Sitting Comparison

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When we compare standing vs. sitting, the benefits of standing outweighs that of sitting with the latest research and studies strongly endorsing the notion of staying on one’s feet while working. Researchers say that when one is standing, they tend to burn more calories than sitting. The amounts of benefits experienced when working on one’s feet vary from study to study.

According to a study conducted by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, it was found that when humans stand for a cumulative record of 6 hours a day instead of sitting, this does not only prevent weight gain but at the same time help them lose some pounds. Expatiating more on the research, scientists found out that standing while working can help individuals burn more calories per minute compared to sitting with a difference of 0.15 calories. If one weighs about 143 pounds, then they stand up to 6 hours a day rather than sitting down, it would be known that they would lose about 54 calories in one day. Also, the muscles activity derived from standing is said to be linked with lower risks of heart attacks and strokes. Based on the results of the research above, standing surely burns more calories when compared to sitting and this is because the volume or number of muscles one uses when standing is higher than when sitting.

However, when we compare standing to walk, it is obvious that standing is inferior to walking because it is easier, simpler and requires little or no movement. People who want to lose weight on a treadmill desk or under desk bike during work while completing about 6 hours a day at a standard walking rate of 2 mph can burn approximately 960 calories during this period. This seems really impossible given the fact that one never thought they could burn that amount of calories while walking and at the same time working at the desk.

In fact, people think that they couldn’t even walk at the same time type until they got their treadmill desks and tried it themselves. It was found out that 2 mph is a very comfortable pace to keep when undergoing a treadmill weight loss.

Create a Treadmill Weight Loss Plan

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As stated above, treadmill weight loss is not the fastest way to weight loss. It is rather a gradual slow process which can be combined with your work ethics to achieve various goals in which one of them is losing weight. Hence, one has to set up a methodical work-walking program, and they have to stay consistent (this can apply to both using a treadmill desk for weight loss and also casual walks).

If one sets his/her mind to work and walk at least 4 – 6 hours a day at their desks, after a while, it becomes a routine. Reports show that people undergoing this treadmill weight loss plan now prefer walking desks to sitting at work because it can boost their focus and also help them get their job routine on track. When one constantly move their body or heighten their metabolism, they tend to end up losing calories. If calories are lost, the weight automatically comes off. This is not a complex maths but an easy concept to understand using this example:

960 calories burnt while walking on a treadmill or under desk bike for 6 hours x 5 days a week = 4,800 calories

According to research, for one to lose 1lb, they need to burn at least 3,200 calories. So according to the math, at the end of one’s work week, they can burn above 1lb of body fat without cutting down on their calorie intake or stepping into a gym to exercise.

Start Using a Treadmill Desk Workstation Properly

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When planning on using a treadmill desk, one has to understand that slow walking for about 2 mph is one of the keys to achieving this feat successfully over a long time. A normal walking pace for humans is between 2.5 mph and 4 mph but going slower than that would guarantee a long-lasting workout.

Also, having proper footwear is very important. Sneakers or trainers are recommended rather than flat shoes, high heels or flops to get a proper stance on the treadmill desk. Taking a good posture is another point to put into consideration when using a treadmill desk or an anti-fatigue mat.

The best way to lose weight on a treadmill desk is to increase the time each day slowly. It is also advised that one has to start at an average of 15 minutes once or twice a day for the first one week to see how their body responds to it. After some days, add shorter time frame which is about five minutes each hour. The main aim of the treadmill weight loss plan is to lose weight. Therefore, one can practice the above plan. If that goes well, one can continue to increase the length of time on the desk treadmill.


Krista Bugden
Krista Bugden worked as a Rehab Exercise Expert at a physiotherapist clinic in Ottawa, Canada for 4 years. She has an Honours Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa. She uses her extensive knowledge in this area to educate others through well-researched, scientific, and informative articles. Her passions include helping others and inspiring each person she meets to get the most out of their life.