Jennifer Rothman
Jennifer Rothman

Jennifer Rothman is a copywriter and columnist, specializing in delivering informative content you can trust.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020
Young man working on his computer at home

Working from home is the new trend in society. According to еру article in Forbes Magazine, about 30 million Americans work from home at least once a week. Its number is expected to rise by 63% in the next 5 years. Although this being a positive venture for people who need a more flexible timing, it could also lead to health-related problems to people who are not careful enough. Find out the 10 ways one can stay healthy while they do their jobs and projects at home.

Tip 1: Use a Treadmill Desk or Under-Desk Bike

Health benefits of the treadmill desk are unlimited. Treadmill desks are just a combination of a standing desk and a treadmill base. Treadmill workstation can cost about $2000, but this is a high-tech device that keep you healthy and helps to lose weight. According to research done in the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, it was found out that employees using treadmill desks also experienced increased productivity. While treadmill desks are expensive and may not be an option for everyone a more affordable alternative can be a desk cycle which one can use to replace the treadmill desk and train lower limbs.

Tip 2: Try a Standing Desk

Asian woman typing on laptop at DIY stand-up desk

Since we mentioned treadmill workstations earlier, it would be unfair if we didn’t talk about the health benefits of standing desks. Stand up desks like desk converters are used to turn your sitting posture to a standing one. It may look uncomfortable at first, but the benefits of standing while working definitely outweigh sitting. Due to various research, it has been found out that using a standing desk can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer and Obesity. You can simply start with finding the appropriate surface at home, where you can put a laptop and work in standing posture.

Tip 3: Eat Healthily

Since individuals work from home, the hardest thing to avoid is eating junk food especially when they are stressed. One is advised to dispose of all junk meals and replace them with healthy meals and snacks. Fruits with high water contents, protein-packed trail mix, and veggies that are easy to prepare can act as alternatives to junk foods.

Tip 4: Drink a Lot of Water

Feamale is pouring water to the glass

One of the tips to stay healthy while working at home is to stay hydrated all day. Eight cups of water every day is a great way to stay hydrated and also reduce the desire to eat junk meals and snacks.

Tip 5: Don’t Work in Your Pajamas

Getting dressed every morning can help promote overall mental health and boost productivity. One should always dress like they are going to the office instead of staying in their pajamas all day. Although this is not a requirement, individuals who practice this tend to be dedicated while increasing their level of attention.

Tip 6: Working From Home Must Be Scheduled

Man is creating a working schedule for himself

Routines and schedules are a must when an individual work from home and also if one plan on achieving goals set unless one might end up on the couch watching Netflix all day. As a work-at-home individual, one has to adopt a schedule or daily routine to avoid being distracted by other things. One of the benefits of freelance work is the ability to create one’s schedule while making it flexible to adapt to their daily lifestyle. Having a scheduled day will not only keep one on top of their task but make them productive and at the same time feel good of themselves. A schedule-achieved work = a happy individual.

Tip 7: Take a Walking Break

Taking a walking break at intervals can help lose up to one’s muscles, especially if they are sitting while working and also help them refocus on their work, especially when they just hit a dead end. Home workers can take 10 minutes walking break around the house or up the street. Going outside can produce a positive impact while increasing brain creativity and functionality. It is essential that people who work at home should take hourly breaks to stretch themselves.

Tip 8: Exercise While Working

One of the essential tips to keep being healthy while working at home is by exercising. One of the benefits of working at home is the ability to be flexible with this feature. One can choose when to exercise either before work, during breaks and also after the job for that day. Apart from the versatility of Exercising, research shows that a regular workout can help you stay focused, disciplined, can help lower your stress levels and at the same time increase your energy. The key to achieving this is to include it in your schedule the same way you schedule appointments. One can also use a standing balance board while standing to increase their core stability.

Tip 9: Maintain a Healthy Work Environment

Comfortable workplace with laptop at home

One of the most important tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working at home is to maintain a healthy working environment. Having a dedicated workspace or office is crucial if an individual wants to work at home, have a great schedule and achieve virtually everything they set their goals to do. A personal office is what separates one’s work from their private life. Having a part of their home dedicated as their workplace not only associates that specific room with work only but also opens up the rest of the house for relaxation and comfort.

Tip 10: Create a Support System

Working from home can sometimes look boring because one is being separated from the real world. Without regular interactions form coworkers, this can affect the mental health of a home-worker. The idea here is for one to develop a support system of family, friends, and coworkers probably in the same field as you are. You can chat with them online or call to discuss work-related issues and minor setbacks.


Jennifer Rothman
Jennifer Rothman is a copywriter and columnist, specializing in delivering informative content you can trust. Since graduating from Villanova University, she’s worked with top brands across the fashion, beauty, and health and wellness space to reach global audiences. Eager to share her expert knowledge of the wellness industry, Jennifer continues to craft reliable content that engages readers through the art of storytelling.