iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Workstation Review

//iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Workstation Review
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iMovR Lander treadmill desk workstation

iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk offers a sturdy design that can even help to avoid spills and other issues, such as wobbling, at the maximum height of the desk. The product includes both a treadmill and a desk that is used simultaneously, creating an active workstation that allows the user to work while they are walking on the treadmill. Since the design of the workstation separates the treadmill from the desk, the user is also able to easily switch from walking to standing, or even sitting if they prefer to do so.

This is definitely one of the higher-quality options out there, and the product comes with the same treadmill as can be found with the iMovR Cascade Treadmill Desk Workstation. Both the desk and the treadmill that are part of this workstation offer an outstanding performance compared to some of the alternatives we have taken a look at – all of this at a price that is quite competitive in today’s market and the industry in general.

  • Price: $2,648
  • Lift Type: electric
  • Sizes Available: 41” x 30” / 47” x 30” / 53” x 30” / 59” x 30” / 65” x 30” / 71” x 30” / 77” x 30” / 83” x 30”
  • Colors Available: Solid, Nebule, Wood Grains, Carbon Filter
  • Weight: 176lbs
  • Where Produced: United States
  • Shipping: free within the United States. Various options are available for international shipping, which will incur additional charges.
  • Warranty: The steel frame comes with a lifetime warranty. Certain parts of the desk are under protection for ten years. Maximum warranty on components of the treadmill is three years.
  • Rating: 4.0/5.0

Pros And Cons Of iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk

iMovR Lander Treadmill Pros

  • iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk is a complete active workstation  that combines a table with adjustable height features with the Thermotread GT office treadmill. This creates a solution that allows the user to determine when they wish to walk, or when they want to stand still or sit down while they are getting their work done.
  • Even though this desk may be on the pricier side, it would be hard to find a treadmill desk at a similar price that can provide the same experience in terms of quality, durability, stability, and overall design that the iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Workstation can offer.
  • There is a lifetime protection on some of the components that are part of the desk, along with limited warranties on additional parts. This helps to ensure the customer who decides to purchase the product is adequately protected for a significant period.
  • The fact that the desk features an electric height adjustment system makes it much easier to set the height to a level that is most desirable to the individual who is using this powerful workstation.
  • iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Workstation comes pre-assembled. It comes from the box 98% ready to be used.

iMovR Lander Treadmill Cons

  • Since the desk that is part of this package is made according to the customer’s order, shipping times are a bit longer on this product compared to some of those that have already been developed. It may take up to 12 business days before the product will arrive at the customer – and this only accounts for customers who reside in the United States. International deliveries may take even longer.
  • While there is a variety of desktop widths that the customer can choose from, the desk is only available in one desktop depth. Some users may require an extended depth for specific purposes.
  • A height extender needs to be purchased by tall individuals.

iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk Review

iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk combines the effectiveness that a standing desk presents with the physical activity that can be offered by a treadmill. This product includes the Thermotread GT office treadmill and the Lander standing desk. Both of these products work together to help the user keep active, especially in cases where their job may require them to sit in front of a desk throughout the entire day.

Standing Desk Design And Specifications

iMovR Lander Standing Desk features a speedy electric height adjustment system that is used to modify the height of the table on 1.6″ per second. This ensures anyone who wishes to utilize the table adjust specific height that suits them the most. The height of the table top can be adjusted from a minimum of 24.5 inches, up to a maximum of 50.5 inches.  An additional height extender can be added to this table, increasing the maximum height by six inches. The maximum weight capacity of the desktop is 360lbs.

Treadmill Design And Specifications

The Thermotread GT office walking treadmill was designed with a maximum speed of 2.5mph. This is not an exceptionally fast speed, but certainly offers a good place to help keep the user’s muscles moving. The speed can be easily controlled with the Bluetooth-enabled LCD Touch Paddle provided with the workstation. The treadmill has a maximum load capacity of 400lbs, ensuring larger individuals who might be struggling from obesity can still make use of the treadmill during their working hours.

The treadmill has a built-in 3.0HP motor with a 4000RPM rating. This is quite powerful motor and it has a very low noise signature, ensuring the noise from the treadmill will not interfere with the user’s ability to concentrate on their work.


Both the desk and the Thermotread GT office treadmill come with their own specific warranty periods that should be considered. iMovR Lander standing desk has an extended protection compared to the treadmill, but both warranties play an important part in ensuring the product can be repaired at the manufacturer’s expense in the case where the user may detect faults that are due to the factory and manufacturing-related issues.

iMovR Lander standing desk comes with the following warranties:

  • Lifetime warranty on the desk’s framework.
  • A five-year protection on the desktop itself.
  • A 10-year warranty on the electronics, as well as the moving parts that are used to adjust the height of the table.

Thermotread GT office treadmill comes with the following warranties:

  • The three-year warranty period on the motor of the treadmill.
  • A two-year protection on the electronic parts of the treadmill.

Additionally, customers also get access to a one-year labor warranty. After the first year, the customer will be responsible for paying any labor charges issued to them in the case where a repair is needed to the desk or the treadmill.

The Bottom Line

Overall, we find that the iMovR Lander Treadmill Desk is a product worth investing in for anyone who wishes to buy a high-quality active workstation. The package comes with two products included, which consists of both the desk and the treadmill. The separate construction allows for the treadmill to be set aside in cases where the user no longer wants to continue walking during the day.

The product may be a little expensive for some people, but the benefits of the package should definitely be compared to the cost. The desk that forms part of the package is available in various sizes to suit the specific needs of each customer interested in the desk.