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Flexispot GoRiser Portable Standing Desk Converter
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Flexispot GoRiser Portable Standing Desk Converter
  • Five height settings from 1.8" to 15.9"
  • Contains enough space to place laptop, keyboard and mouse
  • Skid-Resistant Base holds up to 26.4lbs
  • Takes no effort to assemble
  • Perfect for small workspaces
  • 5-years warranty
Flexispot has a great reputation when it comes to quality and their ultra sleek converter GoRiser is another high quality product. This laptop and keyboard riser is one of the most superior on the whole market thanks to its materials and sustainability. It holds up to 17 pounds and has a silicon base to prevent it from scratching or slipping. This is a comfortable item that also predicts problems with arms fatigue after a long day in front of the computer. The adjustable height lets the users find a perfect position which even helps to work remotely. This is definitely the smart solution to all your typing-related problems.
humancentric keyboard and mouse stand
HumanCentric Keyboard Riser
  • Adjustable height from 2.2" to 13"
  • Applicable for keyboard and mouse
  • Embedded comfortable wrist support to reduce joint pain
  • No assembly required
  • Made with premium materials
HumanCentric keyboard riser is a great accessory to your working table since it saves your table space by taking the keyboard, mouse, and some other things if needed. The possibility to adjust the height also makes it a distinctive item from all other competitors. The presence of a wrist rest makes it a great example of users’ health support.
workez keyboard and mouse
WorkEZ Tilting Keyboard and Mouse Riser
  • Type with a neutral or negative tilt
  • Adjustable angle and height
  • A robotic-looking design
  • Several sizes and colors
  • The affordable price along with a high quality
A WorkEZ keyboard riser is one of the most frequent orders in the category and has a relatively high rating. Thanks to its distinctive characteristics, it makes more and more users acquire it and enjoy the brilliant quality and ergonomic design of the product. It is considered to be one of the best tiltable keyboard risers.
Kevin Weaver
Kevin Weaver


Updated: Dec 23, 2021

In the modern world, a working or studying person cannot imagine one’s life without a computer. Regardless of what you usually use: a stationary computer or a laptop, you always care about comfort and ergonomics.

A comfortable working place is a key to productive work. People function in the best way when they have to do it in favorable conditions, but sitting all working day long might be rather exhausting for human posture and back muscles. That is why to support general health conditions; people came up with a standing desk.

A standing desk is an ordinary desk, usually with height adjustment so that people can stand while working. It is proven that such an approach allows people to stay more productive during the day and positively affects back health.

But, besides the back, other parts of the human body deserve ergonomic solutions for themselves. Our arms, wrists, elbows also require support and protection. An inappropriately chosen device (a mouse or a keyboard) without additional accessories might damage the arm and lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

To solve this huge problem, people developed a keyboard stand, or a keyboard tray, or a keyboard riser (alternatives of the solution vary). This device aims at providing a better angle for a keyboard for more comfortable typing. Usually, a keyboard tray is placed on a desk surface and does not require additional installation.

Best keyboard risers
HumanCentric Keyboard Riser

Positive Tilt VS Negative Tilt

You can call it “uncaged ergonomics”, but when people stopped considering the positive angle of a computer keyboard to be a great thing and switched to the negative tilt — everything changed. Such a downward angle allows your wrist not to be overwhelmed during the working process: your nerves are not pressed, your blood circulates well, and your limbs do not get numb.

All of these are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome — a disease especially widespread among those who spend long hours in front of the computer monitor, typing in uncomfortable conditions.

Under “positive tilt,” people usually understand an angle when your wrist with your fingers is hooped to you, and your knuckles “look” at you. The negative angle is the opposite situation: when your wrist is relaxed, and you barely see your fingers.

What Is Wrong With A Positive Tilt?

If your work or study makes you sit for the entire day using a computer keyboard, you might have experienced pain in the upper limbs. This includes elbow pain, which might appear when the angle between the forearm and the shoulder is too sharp, wrist pain, when the angle between the hand and the forearm is too sharp, and many other point pain cases.

The reasons for such unpleasant situations might be different. However, the real problem that lies on the surface is the positive tilt — an inappropriate angle.

Nowadays, more and more people, caring about their wrist health, choose a negative tilt while working. However, an ordinary laptop or computer keyboard cannot provide such a comfortable angle; that is why users prefer to obtain an ergonomic keyboard tray to enhance convenience.

Ergonomic Tilting Keyboard Stand

A tilting keyboard keyboard stand is a portable accessory with the help of which you can adjust the angle of a computer keyboard for comfortable typing. Very often, such a keyboard stand also provides a place for the mouse, thus creating a holistic construction. With a keyboard riser, users can establish a comfortable height for a computer keyboard — it is often made adjustable because the standing desk you use might be too low to stand and work simultaneously.

Such a keyboard tray is a nice solution that fits various types of keyboards: be it a classic computer keyboard, a typewriter keyboard with separate keys, or a wireless keyboard.

People continue choosing such keyboard stand options because these devices improve the general ergonomics of the working space. Even if you have a monitor on the appropriate height and distance that reduces the eye strain, and even if you obtain a standing desk converter for more convenience, without a perfect keyboard position, these ideas are not that effective. Thus, getting a keyboard riser is, first of all, the question of your comfort and overall well-being.

Best Keyboard Riser Options

In this section, we will consider the best ergonomic keyboard risers and keyboard stand options for laptop and computer users. Here, you will be able to find the “perfect match” that will satisfy all your needs.

Flexispot GoRiser Portable Standing Desk Converter

Flexispot GoRiser Portable Standing Desk Converter


Flexispot GoRiser is one of the most laconic and good-looking laptop and keyboard risers. The characteristic which makes it notable in comparison with many other similar products is the adjustable height and easy using mechanism. There is no need to think of how to assemble this riser since the usage is intuitive and requires no effort at all. The stylish and minimalist design also makes it very desirable among those who are worried about improving or transforming their home or office interior. 

The coverage space of this riser is big enough to place any size laptop, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and mobile phone! Thus, it saves the place of the working table and helps to place all the needed materials right there at the tip of your tongue.

The Flexispot laptop and keyboard riser is also easily foldable, compact, and is made from a lightweight material which makes it easy to take it with you. This easy transfer allows you to take the riser with you from home to the office and vice-versa.

The price is affordable, and the quality is guaranteed high and worth trying.

humancentric keyboard and mouse stand

HumanCentric Keyboard Riser


Similar to the previous product, HumanCentric keyboard riser has even more tempting characteristics for advanced users. First of all, there are more adjustable features, including several options for the height control that let the user practice active sitting or use the standing desk.

One of the most important features of this product is the presence of the arm stand that decreases the chance of wrist fatigue along with the risks of joint disease in a long-range perspective. The materials with which it is made (including steel, aluminum, and high-impact resistance MDF) cool the skin in the contact area, which also decreases the strain. It all makes the usage extra comfortable. A security lock is also present there in order to not let the construction fall because of the huge pressure.

One could think of acquiring a HumanCentric keyboard and mouse riser as a gift to a person who spends whole days in front of the computer and complains about the feeling of constant tiredness. 

However, the price for this accessory may not be very pleasant. But it is definitely worth it, thanks to the used materials and proven health benefits.

workez keyboard and mouse

WorkEZ Tilting Keyboard and Mouse Riser

Uncaged Ergonomics

WorkEZ tray is considered to be the most comfortable keyboard riser for the standing kind of office work. While you are standing along while using the keyboard, you need to have a negative tilt of the keyboard in order to let your fingers vessels have a sufficient blood supply. Whereas the keyboard riser has an adjustable angle, the part dedicated for the mouse has a constant horizontal slope (parallel to the table surface). It provides you with comfortable computer usage during the whole day without making you feel tired.

The mouse pad can also be transferred to the right or the left of the keyboard pad. So, this item is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. The lip which is placed on the edge of the panel will not let the keyboard slip off from the riser.

A fancy design makes this product attractive for many users. Just imagine supplying your office with such robotic-looking risers! Also, thanks to the foldable design, this accessory will not take a lot of place on the table while it is bent.

esc pro keyboard stand

ESC PRO Keyboard Stand


This ergonomic and compact desk accessory can be simply added to any working table surface regardless of its coverage material and square. Thanks to the small size of the item, it can be almost unnoticed visually, although the difference in comfort is felt instantly.

This small helper gives the keyboard a correct tilt so that the created angle does not let your wrists exhaust easily. Also, thanks to the nylon details, the legs of this riser will not slip off, causing discomfort in the working process. 

By an easy adjustment, you can specify the height, length, and angle of the riser. The intuitive usage will not frustrate you. Moreover, there is no need to assemble the ESC Flip PRO stand since it is just an addition to your keyboard. It means that right after you receive it, you can start working in more comfortable conditions.

The minimalist design of this accessory provides a large space for its usage for many people – from office workers to gamers! The main distinctive features of this product are that it is small, ergonomic, and easy to use for all types of users.

esc flip keyboard stand

ESC Flip Keyboard Stand


The next product we recommend acquiring from the same producer is the GPG2 ESC keyboard stand. It is a little bit different from the previous one since it gives more control over the angle and height of the keyboard. It means that this riser is more adjustable. In this case, you can choose one from the three possible levels of setting. The assembly is very easy, so you will not waste a lot of time figuring out how to do it.

This stand comes in one size (8.87 x 1.87 x 0.5 inches). However, you should not worry about its applicability to your device since it has a gluable placement area (which you can effortlessly restore by rinsing), so you can locate it on the back of the keyboard by yourself. It is how you can regulate the possible height of the keyboard above the table.

The compact and lightweight design of the stand allows taking it with you during traveling. The appearance also generates a laconic shape of the device. Thanks to the materials it is made of, the stand will not let your device slip or fall. As with the previous products, it provides a noticeable decrease in tension on the hands.

esc keyboard stand with pads

ESC Keyboard Stand with Grip Pads


Another product from the same brand is applicable not only to the keyboards but also to laptops. It widens the range of possible users. There are two sizes of stands present when ordering the item, so everyone can choose what is more comfortable and suitable for them and their devices. This pluralism helps to use any type of mechanism with the stand.

The easy usage and no assembly required provide a beneficial time-saving feature of the product. All you need to do is just attach the micro-suction grip pads placed on one side of the stand to the reverse side of the laptop or keyboard. The thing to pay attention to here is to place the pads and the stand to the needed part of the device. The height and the angle of the device depend on the pads’ location. The pads can be re-glued to different parts of the stand, if necessary. Thanks to the small size and the possibility of re-gluing, you can bring the stand with you wherever you would like to.

Thanks to the stand material, it will not slide on the surface of the table and will not come off the keyboard’s or the laptop’s back. Most importantly, this stand can reduce the wrist strain caused by the incorrect angle of arms placement on the keyboard. The price for this wonderful product is very affordable, so even the pupil or the student can purchase it for themselves.

refrze computer keyboard stand

Refrze Computer Keyboard Stand


The Refrze keyboard stand is Amazon’s Choice in the keyboard risers category and has almost the maximum possible customer rating. But why is it like that?

To start with, the price of this product is ideally available, and the quality of usage is high. The materials of this stand are not only cheap but also lightweight, which provides an easy replacement and comfortable employment. So, the main stuff of the riser is durable acrylic, which means you can also write notes and delete them on it.

The shape of the stand is universal and lets you attach it to any keyboard, tablet, and laptop. The rubber back and front strips on the bottom of the keyboard riser will not let it slide on the table’s surface. Even though the angle and height of this stand are not adjustable, it is already correctly regulated for the human’s hands (made for an average height and length of the palm).

The parameters of the Refrze stand are universal (17 x 1.2 x 5.5 inches), so you can use almost any device with its help. You can also find three different colors of this keyboard lifter for different prices. Consider buying this product for the school or university student to increase the health of their wrists joints.

Additional Accessories

Such a keyboard stand, whether with a curved edge or not, aims at providing maximum comfort and ergonomics of the working and studying space. And though it is extremely useful for the abovementioned reasons, it is not the only accessory that people use to increase overall productivity while performing everyday tasks.

Besides a keyboard riser or a keyboard tray, you can also think of the following attachments to your space:

  • A monitor arm

A monitor arm is a construction that holds your monitor fixed in a certain position. Just like keyboard stands, monitor arms might be height changeable — you can establish the screen on a height comfortable for your eyes and under the angle convenient for working.

  • A standing desk

If you want to keep relatively fit and take care of your muscles without much exercise, you might consider getting such a desk. These desks make their owners stand as much as they sit during the working day. The blood starts circulating better, the skeleton gets trained, and the posture improves. More and more people nowadays switch from ordinary tables to such desks since they are proven to improve productivity and better task performance.

  • A standing chair

A standing chair is a complement to a desk since standing for the entire day without taking breaks is as harmful as not standing at all. This is a special chair that keeps you in a half-standing position, letting your knees and lower limbs get some rest before the further “exercise round”.

  • A standing mat

A standing mat is a sort of carpet that people use to stand on during their working days. If you already have a corresponding desk with a corresponding chair, obtaining a mat is obligatory. It reduces foot pressure and helps your legs feel more relaxed.

  • Cable management

If you have a place where you spend 8-10 hours every day, you definitely seek comfort and cleanness there. Having a mess of cables right in front of your eyes is rather demotivating. You often want to give up on your responsibilities and switch to figuring out the best location for each cable, especially if they all are intertwined like a snake ball.

Having special appliances to keep your cables in the system means taking care of your nerves and increases the overall orderliness. So, if you face this problem frequently, you should consider getting these accessories.

  • A lamp

This might sound strange or obvious, but having a high-quality lamp is essential. If you do not want your eyes to be destroyed by the stress, they face every day, get a lamp — do not work in the dark conditions. Do not forget to place it in the appropriate place: not too close and not too far. If you are right-handed and have to write sometimes, place it on the left.

Keyboard Riser Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my keyboard higher?

To make your keyboard higher, we recommend you check various keyboard tray options available on the market today. These ergonomic stands allow your keyboards to be placed in a certain way to enhance comfort and let your hands rest even while working or studying. To place your keyboard higher than usual, you should get a height-adjustable standing for a computer keyboard or a laptop.

What are keyboard risers?

Keyboard risers are special devices that serve to make their users experience convenience and comfort while working in front of their computers or laptops. Such a riser changes the angle of the keyboard, thus facilitating typing and keeping your wrists protected. If you spend a lot of time standing or sitting in front of the computer or a laptop, you should definitely consider getting such a riser for yourself.

What can I use to tilt my keyboard?

If you want to tilt a keyboard, we recommend you get a corresponding tray or riser for that purpose. These devices might lift the front edge of the keyboard to provide a negative tilt of the latter — this manipulation will protect your wrists from numbing and extra-pressure. Try not to experiment and do not use improvised means: they cannot fix the keyboard position. Thus, it will be easily movable and not stable at all.

Is the height of keyboards adjustable?

To change the height of the keyboards, you can use a riser or a tray, or a keyboard stand for. Ordinary keyboards do not have adjustable height — they are simply constructed flat, so to change the angle or to change the height of such a keyboard, you might need the device that was specifically developed for that purpose.


Kevin Weaver
Dr. Kevin Weaver has been practicing physical therapy in the orthopedic arena for close to 30 years. He graduated New York University’s Physical Therapy program with a BS in Physical Therapy. He also received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Temple University, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists, and a Master’s degree in Ergonomics and Biomechanics from New York University. He is a Board Certified Ergonomist receiving his Certified Ergonomic Associate (CEA) from the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics and his Industrial Ergonomist certification (CIE) from the Oxford Institute. He's been providing ergonomic consultation to medical institutions, non-profits, private industry and individuals for over 2 decades.


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