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imovr lander lite carbon gaming desk
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Lander Lite Desk with a Carbon Fibers Desktop
  • Fast assembly of the desk
  • Can be synchronized with smartphones to enable remote control
  • Durable, reliable, and certified ANSI/BIFMA X5.5-2014
  • The perfect balance of usability and cost
  • Broad customization options
  • Built-in Health Coach
The gaming desk is designed and manufactured in the USA, which is in itself a valuable note. This gaming standing desk boasts its true American quality, complete quietness of its work and reliability, as well as intuitive height control and exclusive desktops 3–D laminated to provide more convenience and usability to customers. You can choose the appearance and functionality of your Lander Light Desk, including keyboard trays, monitor arms, standing mats, and add wheels to increase mobility. With its adjustability, it can fit any office or room at home, and two whisper-quiet motors will ensure the stability and longevity of its functioning.
Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk
Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk
  • Curved ergonomic desktop
  • Carbon fiber textured table top
  • One-touch automatic adjustment
  • Anti-Collision safety function
  • Affordable price
The gaming standing desk embraces ergonomy, sustainability features, convenience in use, and features professional look together with outstanding sturdiness to provide an aesthetically great and comfortable gaming experience.
vivo electric standing gaming desk
VIVO Electric Sit-Stand Gaming Desk
  • Built-in LED lights
  • 47” desktop that embraces ergonomy
  • Sturdiness enough to withstand 176.4 lbs.
  • Fast and easy setup
  • A three-year warranty from the manufacturer
This gaming standing desk is a great choice for those who are looking for the ideal gaming table setup. It can handle many a task, is height-adjustable, and you won’t need to worry about cable management either. The ergonomic and stylish design of the gaming desk provides the best opportunities for gaming.
Kevin Weaver
Kevin Weaver


Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Gaming has long been a popular activity. Previously, it was only teenagers who loved to spend their free time playing computer games. Now gaming is a hobby that has become the real profession of many enthusiastic adults. Of course, when spending almost all day at the computer, it is extremely important to maintain your health and mobility. Fortunately, developers of modern desks for long office work or gaming are doing everything possible to ensure the correct and comfortable position at the computer.

Reasons To Shop For The Best Gaming Standing Desk

It is no secret that a sedentary lifestyle has a bad effect on our health, well-being, posture, and joint mobility. Often, after a whole day spent at the computer, we feel terribly tired even though we have been sitting all day. Doctors have already proved that it is necessary to change the sitting position to a standing one.

A standing desk is a great solution for gamers. In this article, we will tell you about the best standing gaming desk, as well as about various devices for your monitor, footrests, and modern chairs, which are recommended to maintain correct posture. A computer desk for a gamer is a place where they spend most of the day, so it should be as comfortable as possible.

gaming standing desk
Autonomous Corner Smart Desk

What is the Best Standing Desk and Why You Should Have it?

A standing desk helps to achieve proper ergonomics of the workplace and provides a comfortable gaming experience while sitting and standing. According to the opinions of doctors, it is extremely important to periodically change the position when spending long hours at the computer, so you need to alternate sitting with a standing position.

In addition, if you do not have enough room to accommodate all the equipment, then we will recommend purchasing a height-adjustable gaming desk to place all your gaming gear under the desk.

Best Gaming Standing Desks Choice and Testing

How do we create a list of the best standing gaming desks?

We take into account several criteria at once:

  • The quality of the materials of the standing desk and the entire gaming setup;
  • Design. We take into consideration all the details such as a tempered glass top, RGB lighting, l shaped desk, metal frame, or a solid steel frame;
  • The safety. Is there a beveled edge on the gaming desk?
  • How much space there is under the desk for legs and gaming equipment;
  • How noisy the electrical height adjustment mechanism is;
  • How big the whole desk is, whether a desktop PC, a large monitor or two, a keyboard, a mouse mat, and computer speakers fit on the substantial surface;
  • The rating of standing desks;
  • Memory settings that make it easier to switch between a sitting and standing position.

Some Things That You Should Know About Height Adjustable Desks in Advance

The most important thing you should think about in advance is your gaming habits and how much desk space you usually use. Do you need a desk with a fast lifting mechanism since you spend extended periods standing? Perhaps you need the largest desk on the market with more than enough space for the equipment. Maybe you need an extra-large mouse mat since you often use it when playing. Think in advance about the output of wires and the presence of extra USB ports. This is relevant both for office workers and for those who are fond of PC gaming. Think about all these details in advance to find the perfect gaming battle station.

Different Types of Height Adjustable Gaming Standing Desks

Before choosing a certain model of a standing desk, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all types of desks with adjustable height for gamers. In general, there are four main types:

Manual adjustable gaming desks

Those desks are named like this since you need to adjust their height manually. It is not surprising that it will definitely take a lot of effort and attention. In addition, it takes a lot of time, which is usually not suitable for gamers who want to change their position right during the game.

Pneumatic gaming desks

For those who prefer to constantly change their position without looking up from the game, we recommend buying a hydraulic standing desk. The lifting mechanism that is installed in desks of this type is the most reliable and silent in comparison with other desks.

Electric gaming desks

Many gamers prefer to use electric desks because you only need to press one button to adjust the height of the gaming desk. In some models, there is a memory technology. Thus, you do not need to manually select the height every time; the desk itself will rise to the level that you usually use. When choosing electric models, pay attention to the speed of lifting and the noise.

Converters for gaming desks

You can pay attention to converters for desks. You can add some extremely useful features to your already existing desk. The indisputable advantages of converters are the low price and the possibility of remote control using an application on the phone.

What Are the Health Benefits of Standing Desks for Gamers?

In order not to be healthy and change your position while working, you can order a standing desk. You will immediately see how your well-being improves. We have collected for you some positive aspects of height adjustable gaming desk:

  1. Improve your cable management and remove everything unnecessary from your eyes;
  2. Put the monitor at the level of your eyes and do not spoil your eyesight;
  3. Do not let your joints get tired in one position;
  4. Eliminate the possibility of heart problems;
  5. Get rid of constant pain in the neck, back, and legs;
  6. Add a treadmill to your gaming desk and walk the required minimum of steps without leaving your PC gaming spot.

The most ergonomic and comfortable sitting & standing height

The required height of the best gaming desk depends on your height. When choosing a height of a gaming setup, consider two important rules: your arms should be bent and create an angle equal to 90 degrees. At the same time, the monitor should be raised to the level of your eyes.

How to Choose the Right Electric Standing Desk for Gaming?

In order to choose the best gaming standing desk, pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • High lift capacity;
  • Stability and size;
  • Memory settings.


In order to make your gaming desk as comfortable and minimalistic as possible, we recommend purchasing a few things. The cable management system is extremely important for the gaming desk since nothing should interfere with you when using the keyboard.

To make cable routing easier, you can purchase magnetic cable anchors, a cable tray, and a power strip. In addition, manufacturers of standing tables sell monitor arms. A monitor arm is often used for rocking multiple monitors at adjustable height. A mouse pad surface is also a useful accessory.

Best Gaming Standing Desk Competition: Our Personal Favorite Runners-Up

Finally, you can become acquainted with the list of the best options on the market. We strongly recommend choosing the best gaming desk from those that are mentioned above.

imovr lander lite carbon gaming desk
1 Best quality of construction

Lander Lite Desk with a Carbon Fibers Desktop


The Lander Lite Desk with a Carbon Fibers desktop is among the best choices of gamers worldwide due to its outstanding features.

The height adjustability is easy and intuitive. The desk also features an opportunity to control it via a Bluetooth controller. The motors are genuinely quiet, the sturdiness and stability are beyond expectations.

You will get the desk almost completely assembled, which makes it easy to set up. The certification and warranties are aboard, too. Also, you can upgrade and customize the desk’s features, such as color, material, and size.

For the best gaming experience, gamers specifically favor the Lander Lite Desk with Carbon Fiber lamination. The carbon Fibers lamination is extremely popular among automobile and aviation professionals, as well as with gamers worldwide. The lamination increases the durability of the table and gives it a super-stylish look.

Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk
2 Great desk and value

Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk


This gaming standing desk item comes as a whole-piece desk. The dimensions of the desk make it possible for gamers to put two monitors and a laptop on the tabletop.

The height of the desk is electrically-adjustable, which is convenient and can suit many a gamer, according to their preferences and features.

The desk has a solid construction made from industrial steel. This fact allows the desk to withstand around 110 lbs without compromising comfort and ergonomy.

This desk was specifically designed and built for working from home. However, gamers worldwide appreciate the features and convenience of gaming at such desks.

You will receive the item in two different packages. The setup procedure may require using a drill. The item comes in a variety of styles and features, so you can choose the best options that would suit your particular needs.

vivo electric standing gaming desk
3 Sturdy and stable gaming desk

VIVO Electric Sit-Stand Gaming Desk


This gaming standing desk is a perfect choice for those who are looking for the ideal gaming setup. It is greatly sturdy and features multiple outstanding functions with stability and convenience of use.

The most hard-working gamers will appreciate the features of the VIVO sit-stand desk, as it has a positive impact on the state of a gamer’s back, arms, and feet. The desk is pretty easy to assemble, and the LEd lights add a special touch to the desk’s design, as well as provide more usability and comfort.

Together with the spacious tabletop and simplicity of its appearance, the VIVO sit-stand desk boasts a high level of durability and can fit any space perfectly.

The warranties from the manufacturer provide extra safety, and responsive customer support will be there for you should any troubles or questions occur.

autonomous smart desk corner gaming
4 Perfect balance between tech and price

Autonomous Smart Desk Corner


This gaming standing desk can boast exclusive features, making it stand out from the competition. As to the major advantages of this gaming standing desk, customers favor the spaciousness, strong and reliable motor, and enhanced user convenience attained by the implementation of a comfortable keypad and the sustainability of the desk.

The features of this convenient gaming standing desk provide users with an outstanding gaming experience, while the ergonomy makes it possible to use up the space of your office or room at home more economically without compromising the desk’s functionality.

autonomous custom gaming standing desk
5 Designed by gamers for gamers

Custom Gaming Standing Desk Autonomous


The stylish black design of this gaming standing desk will be appreciated by keen gamers.
As to the other distinctive features, the desk is easily height-adjustable and features four programmable settings. The sturdiness of the desk is beyond doubt: it can withstand around 265 lbs, while the Pro version can sustain up to 310 lbs. The frame of the standing desk is reliable and strong, as it is made from solid steel. As to the motors, there are two of them featured by the desk. Another perk is that the tabletop is scratch-resistant.

This standing desk provides utmost comfort while gaming and can serve well for many a year, with the five-year manufacturer warranty. The design and distinctive features of the gaming standing desk will increase the enjoyment of the gaming process and keep your posture right, as well.

eureka ergonomic gaming standing desk
6 Sturdy, good looking, and affordable

Eureka Ergonomic Standing Desk 61"


This reliable gaming standing desk features two motors that make the height adjustability easily performed. There are four memory buttons that you can use to make the desk convenient for your personal needs.

The construction, including the legs and desktop, is solid and sturdy. The desk can sustain 330 lbs, and the top is so spacious that you can place all the gaming setup on it.

With this desk, you will get a lot of legroom, as well, and your back will be in a perfect state. As to the customer service, they are available 24/7 online. The guarantee lasts three years.

The L-shape will make the dest suitable for even small rooms without compromising its capabilities.

Mojo Gamer Pro-Standing Gaming Desk
7 Great range and stability

Mojo Gamer Pro Standing Desk


If you are a pro gamer, this gaming standing desk is right what you need. By the way, it was specifically designed for eSport gamers. You can program the position of the desk using four settings. The desk will be a perfect choice whether you prefer to stand or sit at the desk.

Besides, you can order all the needed accessories to expand the desk’s space options and keep everything in order. The desk features a soft-touch surface that is loved by gamers worldwide, for it provides the precision of mouse moves, minimizes bleaks and distracting reflections on the surface. By the way, the surface is scratch-sustainable.

Among the top features of this gaming standing desk, we can name the safety and stability of work. The steel frame of the desk makes it completely sturdy. All the materials used in the design of the desk have undergone testings and are completely safe and durable.

Since the desk is manufactured in the USA, the gamers appreciate the quality of the desk. Customer support is ready to help you Monday to Friday, 8 am— 5 pm.

A Standing Desk: When Do I Buy One?

You will need a standing desk if you are a gamer who spends most of the day at the computer. You may feel tension in your muscles, joint pain, and blurred vision. In all these cases, we recommend that you consider standing desks and choose one for yourself.

Gaming Standing Desk Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a gaming desk?

Firstly, a standing gaming desk allows you to move more during the game, and you get rid of back pain, reducing the load on the joints. Secondly, you solve problems related to the organization of space. Now you have more

What desks do pro gamers use?

Of course, professional gamers who care about their successful career and maintaining their health choose the best gaming desks on the market. Now the Arozzi Arena desk is extremely popular among professional gamers. The Mojo Gamer Pro and Lian Li DK are other rather expensive desks. Those desks, however, are worth the money, as many gamers say.

How much weight can a gaming desk hold?

The weight that a standing desk can withstand depends on the specific gaming setup that you choose. Many manufacturers indicate that their standing desk can hold no more than 220 pounds. However, some models can withstand a maximum weight of approximately 350 pounds.

Is 120cm enough for a gaming desk?

The height of many gaming desks is 120 cm. In general, this may be enough for gaming setups. However, the height of the desk depends on your height and, therefore, is not universal. Therefore, we recommend choosing desks with a wide variety of adjustable heights. Good lifting capacity will make your gaming practice match more comfortable.


Kevin Weaver
Dr. Kevin Weaver has been practicing physical therapy in the orthopedic arena for close to 30 years. He graduated New York University’s Physical Therapy program with a BS in Physical Therapy. He also received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Temple University, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists, and a Master’s degree in Ergonomics and Biomechanics from New York University. He is a Board Certified Ergonomist receiving his Certified Ergonomic Associate (CEA) from the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics and his Industrial Ergonomist certification (CIE) from the Oxford Institute. He's been providing ergonomic consultation to medical institutions, non-profits, private industry and individuals for over 2 decades.


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