Cozy Products Toasty Toes Footrest: Ergonomic Foot Warmer Review

//Cozy Products Toasty Toes Footrest: Ergonomic Foot Warmer Review
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Toasty Toes Standing Desk Footrest

Cozy Products Toasty Toes is a lightweight, durable, and useful footrest that offers features that are often considered unseen in these particular devices. While other footrests emphasize on providing a person with a convenient location for their feet to rest when they are sitting down, Toasty Toes also helps to keep the user’s feet warm by providing a heated pad. This does not only provide added comfort, especially in cold weather conditions but can assist in providing adequate blood circulation in the user’s feet and legs while they are in a seated position.

Customers interested in the Cozy Products Toasty Toes heated foot warmer also comes at an affordable price, making the footrest accessible for the average person who would like to have a footrest that can keep their feet warm at the same time. While a seemingly convenient foot warmer, we did find that there is a couple of factors that should be taken into account when it comes to deciding whether or not this is truly one of the best office footrests and worthy investment.

  • Price: From $36.99 to $66.05
  • Lift Type: none
  • Material: n/a
  • Sizes Available: 18.03” x 12.41” x 1.77”
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Shipping: Shipping depends on the customer’s location. The company does offer international shipping options for customers who are located outside of the United States.
  • Warranty: 30-day warranty.
  • Rating: 4.0/5.0

Pros And Cons Of Cozy Products Toasty Toes

Toasty Toes Pros:

  • Toasty Toes provides two functions in one convenient item – the product can provide a comfortable footrest, while also allowing the user’s feet to be kept warm.
  • Cozy Products Toasty Toes is a cheap footrest, especially when the specific features provided by the footrest is taken into account.
  • Since the built-in heater uses a low-wattage system, this can be a great way of further saving money on energy compared to using higher wattage heating systems in the office or at home.
  • The user can adjust height and position of the Cozy Products Toasty Toes between three different settings, depending on their specific preferences in terms of comfortability.

Toasty Toes Cons:

  • While it is possible to adjust the heat setting of this heated footrest, it should be noted that most people find that there is a little difference between the settings that can be configured.
  • Many of the customers who have decided to invest in the Cozy Products Toasty Toes have found that the foot warmer stops working after just a few uses – the heating pad stops heating up, in particular. This means that a customer might end up with a device  that would only provide them with a place for their feet to rest.
  • The warranty is limited and only lasts for 30 days, which is certainly a disadvantage over alternative options that customers can choose from.

Cozy Products Toasty Toes Review

Cozy Products Toasty Toes is a two-in-one footrest. While the foot warmer does primarily serve the purpose of allowing for comfortable positioning of the user’s feet, the built-in heating pad further adds convenience by allowing the user to have heat applied to their feet while the footrest is in use. While this may not always be a required feature, it can certainly come in handy during cold winter months.

The footrest features relatively sturdy construction and does seem to be a durable solution for many customers, but some of the complaints that we have noted caused some concern regarding the possibility of factory faults that some devices may contain. The warranty does, however, provide an option to get an exchange on the footrest.

The Benefits Of Cozy Products Toasty Toes

One of the major benefits featured by this device would be the fact that it combines the convenience of a footrest, while also provide a personal space heater at the same time. The foot warmer was designed to be energy-efficient – since the heater built into the device is a 105-watt personal space heater, it means much less energy will be used. This is a significant reduction over most alternative personal space heaters on the market, which often features 1500 watts of power.

The heated pad can help to promote improvements in blood circulation while the user is seated. This footrest can assist in reducing the risk of blood pools collecting in the lower limbs of the user. Other issues, such as pain in the feet and legs, can also be effectively avoided with the use of the heated pad.

Even though the heated pad does get warm enough to heat the user’s feet, the manufacturer claims that it is still safe to touch. It should, however, be noted that some previous particular users of this footrest found it became too hot. This can be problematic and might lead to the burning of the user’s feet.

Size And Adjustability

Cozy Products Toasty Toes is a compact and portable foot warmer , which is certainly convenient considering the specific features offered by the device. The product weighs only five pounds, making it lightweight at the same time – this means carrying this heated footrest around, perhaps between home and work, is effortless due to the low weight of the device.

The footrest itself measures 18.03 inches in width and 12.41 inches in depth. The standard height of the device is 1.77 inches, but it should be noted that it is possible to adjust the height of the footrest. There are three different height adjustment settings that the user can choose from, depending on what feels most comfortable for them.


Cozy Products Toasty Toes comes with a 30-day warranty. Customers are allowed to use Toasty Toes for 30 days and return it should any factory-related faults occur. While the fact that the product comes with a warranty is an advantage, it should be noted that the 30-day period may be too short for many people who are looking into buying this heated footrest. Furthermore, there are several limitations placed on the warranty that customers are provided with when they choose to buy this device – these should be considered and fully understood before the customer decides to proceed with their purchase.

A full overview of the warranty terms and conditions is available from the official manufacturer. The customer should read through these terms to understand what is covered under the warranty provided.

The Bottom Line

Cozy Products Toasty Toes is a convenient footrest that helps to keep the user’s feet comfortable at all times, while also featuring a built-in low-wattage heater that can provide some heat to assist in cold weather conditions. The foot warmer comes at a great price, but the pricing of the Toasty Toes is somewhat confusing, as the manufacturer sells this heated footrest for a lower price on Amazon compared to the brand’s official online store.

Toasty Toes does seem to have potential overall, but there are a few complaints from customers who have experienced issues with the heated pad. The majority of customers are happy with this footrest, however. One particular issue that some potential customers may have would be the fact that the product only comes with a 30-day limited warranty – after this period, the product will not be covered against any damage or faults, even when linked to the manufacturing of the heated footrest.