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Updated: Apr 13, 2021
Varier Move Standing Desk Stool
wood base, fabric seat, 100% post-consumer recycled plastics
Minimum Height
19.25” with a short pneumatic cylinder
Maximum Height
Colors Available
wood base - natural ash, black ash, grey, white; cylinder - black, grey, white; seat - 17 colors available
Weight Capacity
250 lbs.
Where Produced
7 business days from warehouse in Germany
7 year warranty on the wooden base, 5 year warranty on the mechanism and cylinder

To make the greatest effort of your standing workplace, you should consider relieving the muscular stress in the body by adjusting the height of your stool. You may want to change your position from time to time while working at home or in the office, and a regular office chair becomes irrelevant in this case. Height adjustment is crucial when we talk about pairing your standing desk with a stool. In the article below, we’ve made a quick review of the tilting saddle stool made by Move and Varier.

Brand History

Per Oie is a Norwegian designer that made the Move stool happen. He presented this design in 1985. The roots of the design decisions used in the making of the Move stool are in another Norwegian furniture company. Stokke AS is a company that is widely known for children’s furniture and especially for high chairs called Tripp Trapp. Now the Move brand is produced by Varier company. The company is set to be to make ergonomic furniture that makes you move more. Remaining active is the main goal for Varier, and they invest a lot in new technologies of chair manufacturing. Many of their products are totally unique and are protected with a patent.

varier move standing desk stool

Functionality and Design

You don’t need any extra tools to assemble this stool together. This chair has soft round edges and a rounded base to allow you to move as much as possible. This is a truly Scandinavian way to create things where design is defined by functionality and simplicity, and the design of this chair embodies this principle particularly. This is a totally new approach for a modern workspace. The test by Mayo Clinic proved that you could reduce extra weight by just changing your chair to Move stool. A semi-sitting position lets you move more while working. Simply shifting the gravity center of your body to your feet by putting them firmly on the floor could relieve stress from your back and your shoulders. This sit-stand chair could also make you breathe easier, and your blood circulates better. 

Modern Workspace

Today, there’s a lot of standing chairs on the market, and you may choose pretty much everything you want specifically. In that case, we should mention that Move stool differs from other items in stock, which are made for daily use 8-12 hours per day. The construction of this chair avoids the back and armrest or lumbar support. The main thing about this chair is that it makes you move more while you sit. This endless motion will help to ease the stress, strengthen your muscles and reduce overall body tension. 

Unlike many other chairs that you may use for work, the very important thing about this stool is its portability. The Varier Move stool is pretty lightweight. You can easily carry one around with only one hand. This chair is also a very good solution for a workplace with limited space. It has a slim profile, which makes the storage of this stool more convenient, and you can place even numerous Varier Move stools in a very tiny storage room. Also, it has a rubber stopper under the seat with which you can hang it on the table to clean the floor easily.  

Height Adjustment and Range of Motion

The motion of this chair is provided by the rounded bottom parts. This feature allows you to wobble the chair in any direction. Other chairs of this type on the market differ from the Move stool because of the design of its base. It’s flat. This surely takes away some range of its motion but makes it much more stable than other standing chairs. If the flooring you have has a slippery surface, you may consider having a rubber mate to prevent it from sliding. The triangular shape of a seat makes three points that held your body in the position needed to balance your back. Try to change your position from sitting to semi-standing and almost standing position throughout the day. 

The simplicity and ergonomic specifications of the Varier Move stool make further adjustments unnecessary, except for one. For standing chairs like this one, you’ll need the height adjustment pull. This is a very important option for this kind of item. Changing the height of your seat can help you to change the way your back works. The range of this adjustment is another bonus to this chair. It is constructed long enough to suit almost everyone, even if you’re pretty tall. This may help you to relieve stress and increase your productivity. Also, Varier Move is NEAT certified. The NEAT stands for “non-exercise activity thermogenesis,” and the research by Mayo Clinic shows that using these chairs increases the usage of energy in your body and makes your muscles work without any sports exercises.

Made in Europe

You always want the perfect quality to the things you use at home or at work. Varier and Move make their products in Europe. As we mentioned before, this stool is totally a product of Norwegian design. All the parts are made and assembled in Poland, except for the cylinder, which is made by Stabilus GmbH to keep the built quality on top. Varier Move tried hard enough to make a durable product. The only thing that could be changed before that time is the upholstery. The positive thing about this is that you can choose the color of your seat.

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