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Updated: Dec 2, 2021
Ergoal Office Chair
breathable mesh, steel frame and piston cylinder
Minimum Height
Maximum Height
Colors Available
Black, Light grey, Grey, Blue, Red, Orange with Black or Grey base
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
Where Produced
Free shipping in the USA by USPS, UPS, Fedex, 2-5 working days from purchase. Other locations currently not offered.
3 years limited warranty

Let us consider the top features of the Ergoal Office Chair.

ergoal ergonomic chair review

Ergoal Office Chair to Embrace Comfort and Health

As to the seat material, it is a breathable mesh (in Ergoal Comfort Plus, a foam cushion is available). The frame material is the same — breathable mesh. The chair can suit the needs of customers of different weights: its weight capacity is up to 300 Lbs.

The seat height is really convenient: 17.91″-21.85″ (Ergoal One), 16.90″-20.00″ (Ergoal Comfort Plus). The size of the seat is to promote comfort during work or studying hours: (W)20.87 ” * (D)17.82 “(Ergoal One), (W)19.50″ * (D)20.50” (Ergoal Comfort Plus)

The Backrest Height is amazing and comes in two variants: 26.38 “(Ergoal One), 24.80″ (Ergoal Comfort Plus).

The package dimensions are (W)29.53″ * (D)13.39″ *(H)20.87″ (Ergoal One), (W)28.40″ * (D)12.60″ *(H)24.40” (Ergoal Comfort Plus).

The assembly of the Ergoal Chair is simple and takes a few minutes, while the weight of the item is rather medium: 45.03 Lbs (Ergoal One), 39 Lbs (Ergoal Comfort Plus)
The available shipping method is UPS / FedEx, and the warranty on the product is 1-year (basic) and 3-year (extended).

Lots of people nowadays suffer from spine problems. Back pain, poor posturing, and so on. This list can continue for a long time. What’s the culprit? Many doctors are sure that office chairs are to blame. Unfortunately, the majority of them are made without any regard to ergonomics. As a result, they are often really uncomfortable and unhealthy. People who work in offices or at home get many issues with their backs and with their health in general because, in our body, everything is connected.

Ergoal Office Chair Pimary Characteristics

Here are the primary characteristics of these chairs:

  • Seat height: 17.91″-21.85″ (Ergoal One), 16.90″-20.00″ (Ergoal Comfort Plus)
  • Lots of adjustment points
  • Main material – breathable mesh
  • Lumbar support

Healthy Work and Study

Ergoal One and Ergoal Comfort Plus are special therapeutic office chairs in which everything to the last detail is designed to keep your spine healthy. They will not let your head bend over the table till your neck and back hurt. Unlike most chairs, they will hold your spine in its natural position, just like you are standing straight. Their Lumbar Support Element is perfectly positioned to keep your lumbar in the right place. It adapts to your spine just right to give you the necessary amount of support.

But these chairs will not only make your spine healthier. They’re also extremely comfortable. Their ultra-ergonomic design will help you stay relaxed and energized through your workday. The Ergoal chairs will protect you from tiredness and increase your productivity. They have a Full Reclining Function that will make your relaxation much easier. Also, these chairs are equipped with a headrest and armrests, both of which are highly adjustable.

The headrest can rotate in any direction, which will allow you to place your head and neck in any position that is the most comfortable for you. It’ll help you to avoid additional pressure on neck disks during a long workday.

The 3D armrests can move in every direction too. They will support your arms comfortably, no matter in which pose you’ll be sitting, and help you relieve stress even more.

Other Useful Functions

The functions of the Ergoal chairs aren’t limited to the aforementioned ones. They have much more useful ergonomic details:

  • For example, the Ergoal Comfort Plus chair model has a foam cushion that will adapt to the shape of your body and memorize it, making this chair even more comfortable. 
  • Also, the back of all Ergoal chairs is made of high-quality three-tiered elastic mesh, which will allow your spine to breathe. It will let the air flow freely and cool not only your back but also your whole body. 
  • So, it’ll prevent the accumulation of sweat and high temperature, providing extra comfort for you.
  • Last but not least, the Ergoal chairs are really easy to assemble. You will not need any extra tools for it. 
  • And also, all the screws in the set have additional spare copies in case you lose any of them.


Above all, what can also motivate you to choose the Ergoal One chair is its reasonable price! Besides the quality of production, its appearance will fit nearly any environment due to its modern and stylish look. The delivery options are great, which only highlights the profitability of purchasing the chair. What also matters is its unique portability and ergonomy. The assembly is quick and straightforward, while the availability of various color schemes makes it a still better choice for home and office users!

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