GelPro NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat Review

//GelPro NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat Review
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NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat is a product that has a focus on the health benefits that have been associated with standing during working hours in recent years. GelPro emphasizes on the fact that standing up is only beneficial when the individual who stands has the right posture, and there is appropriate support provided for their feet. This is where their anti-fatigue mat comes in handy.

This particular standing pad formed part of the NewLife Standing Desk Mats range of items from the GelPro brand and was particularly designed for people who are moving to a standing position when they are busy with their work. The anti-fatigue floor mat features a textured surface, can offer the user a massaging effect when they move their feet and includes the addition of a massage ball at the upper part of the surface region.

  • Price: $99.95
  • Material: Polyurethane foam
  • Size: 29” x 17”
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Weight Support: n/a
  • Where Produced: n/a
  • Shipping: Rate for shipping is calculated during the checkout process when the customers decide to buy the GelPro product. The specific rate will depend on the address that is entered during the checkout process. It should also be noted that there are certain limitations in terms of where it can be shipped.
  • Warranty: 3-year commercial warranty
  • Rating: 3.5/5.0

Pros And Cons Of NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat

NewLife Anti-Fatigue Mat Pros

  • NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat comes with a textured surface that helps to stimulate the user’s feet and offer a massaging effect. The angled design also allows the user to easily move their feet in certain positions to further benefit from the massaging features that have been built into this anti-fatigue standing mat.
  • The pad is 3/4 inches thick, providing appropriate support for the majority of individuals who might be looking to start using a comfortable floor mat, such as in cases where the person might be switching to a standing desk in the office.
  • The non-slip bottom of GelPro standing floor mat is another significant advantage. Many competitors do not have this added feature, making them easy to move around on the floor – this, in turn, can lead to safety hazards as the product may easily slip.
  • The surface was made to be easy to clean, allowing the user to wipe this mat off with a cloth easily. There is no need for vigorous cleaning.

NewLife Anti-Fatigue Mat Cons

  • The fact that this product uses polyurethane foam as its core material means it will not offer the same density as some competitor mats that are on the market right now. For some potential users, this material may be too soft.
  • While this desktop mat does come with a warranty, the period in which the GelPro product will be protected against factory defects is quite limited compared to some of the alternatives on the market.

NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat Overview

NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat was specifically designed for people who are moving to a standing position when they are at the office. GelPro, the manufacturer of this desk floor mat, has placed a large emphasis on educating potential customers on the health risks of sitting all day long – and the fact that appropriate comfort provided from standing can bring some health benefits for the individual.

The standing desk mat is made from a quality material that is also durable. It comes with a useful warranty and makes it easy for the user to keep the office hygienic by making it easy to clean this pad.

Mat Size

One area where many customers will likely find an issue is when it comes to discussing the size of the NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat. This particular standing pad is only available in a single size option. The size of the computer desk mat is 29 inches by 17 inches.

While the width of 29 inches, is somewhat appropriate for many people who would like to use one of these floor mats in the office, the 17-inch depth does add some restrictions to the space that will be available for the user to move their feet comfortably.

A lot of people who use standing mats wants freedom in movement. For those with large feet, GelPro product may be too restrictive in this particular department.

Design And Construction

The design of the NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat is one of the best product features. This desk mat has a modern design that will fit into any office.

It has a core density that is ¾ inches thick. This offers an appropriate level of support that will make the majority of people who stand on the pad feel comfortable, without causing them to feel that the product is too thick – nor too thin.

The use of the polyurethane foam, however, may be an unpleasant factor for some people who are interested in giving the product a try. This is a material that is known to be relatively soft – and even with high-density options, the material may still leave footprints following the use of the product for an extended period.


The NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat includes a warranty that lasts for a three years after the date at which the GelPro product was initially purchased. The three-year commercial warranty that comes with the purchase of this standing desk floor mat has some restrictions that the customer does need to take note of. The customer will be able to find a complete list of the terms that are related to the commercial warranty by contacting the manufacturer. Only defects that can be traced to the original manufacturing process of the anti-fatigue comfort mat will be covered.

Customers should also take note of the fact that the NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat does not come with a satisfaction guarantee. This means that the customer will not be provided the opportunity to return the product if they are not happy with the product during the initial period of testing.

The Bottom Line

Moving to a standing desk is certainly beneficial, but also calls for the right anti-fatigue comfort mat to offer support for the individual’s feet during the hours that they will be standing up. NewLife Massage Ball Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue mat is a good option for people who do wish to have a comfortable mat, but also those who want to ensure the product they end up buying is a quality item that will not wear out too fast.

This standing pad comes with a warranty period, but the warranty is a little limited compared to competitor anti-fatigue floor mats that are currently available. This also does not seem to be a good option for individuals who are looking for a standing desk pad that can easily be used in the kitchen and the bathroom, as there are no details provided regarding the pad is waterproof.